JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table Reviews

There are people who live in small apartments and they don’t have good enough space for a full size table tennis table. If you too fall on this category then you definitely need a compact table which is also easy to store. And when it comes to the smaller sized tables, this JOOLA midsize table tennis table is the most popular choice.

The midsize ping pong table has got a unique small size and it is 2/3rd (72” X 36”) the size of a normal ping pong table. And more importantly, this table has got the same height like a regulation size table.

Thus, it is ideal for apartments, game rooms or kids rooms. You can easily fit this table into a medium size closet.

You can also play a variety of games such as cards, board game and even use for other purposes just like dinner after the game is finished. It weighs just over 60 pounds therefore you can conveniently shift from one place to another. The table requires minimal assembly as it comes as 100% pre-assembled condition. You just need to unfold the legs and attach the net.

The legs are attached to the table. It is quite easy to fold up for storage and unfold when it is game time. Plus the legs are connected quite securely to ensure a level playing surface. The table also includes an easily attachable custom-sized JOOLA net and post set

Table tennis players who like to keep it simple with easy set up and storage facility, this will be a perfect option for them. Lightweight yet durable construction, ideal for smaller spaces with the 16 mm surface offering decent bounce, you can’t get better than his. Yes, it’s not a full size table.

Nevertheless, it’s a pretty good choice for everyone including advanced players. Their ball control ability will be tested. Now, they can show the whole world why they are called pro!

If you’re a ping pong lover but have a smaller space, then JOOLA midsize is the table that can satisfy your needs. You will be able to fit the table in almost any place. Let’s take a look at the specification of this JOOLA Midsize ping pong table which will give you a better indication of what I am trying to say:

Highlighted Features At A Glance:
  • Size dimensions: L 72" X W 36" X H 30" (regulation size table) 
  • Weight:60 pounds
  • Surface Thickness: 16 mm
  • Design: 2 piece folding design
  • Net: Classic screw clamp design
  • Assembly time: Less than 1 minute (comes as 100% pre-assembled, just unfold the legs & start playing)
  • Features: Separate square halves, Compact storage, Multi use table

Size is probably the most important reason why this JOOLA table is one of the best selling ping pong tables throughout the world. It’s a compact table for home use. Everyone loves the size. And installation is easy.

You can fold it to save some space as well. And this is another demonstration of how much effort JOOLA is putting in to raise the standards of ping pong game.

Now we will review this Midsize table tennis table, will talk about all it’s pros and cons. Hopefully after going through the review, you’ll find it a lot easier to understand what this table offers to you and whether it’s a right match or not.

And if you don’t know what are the things you should consider before purchasing a table tennis table, here is the ping pong table buying guide for you.

But for now, let’s take a look at the features of JOOLA Midsize first.

Made for Small Spaces

This JOOLA table tennis table is 2/3rds the size of a regulation table tennis table. The table can be separated into two equal haves and each half is 36” X 36”. When you join both the half sections of the table, you get a 72” X 36” surface to play. Although the height of the table is the same as a regulation size table at 30 inches.

Depending on the quality of the players, it might take you a while to get used to if you’re accustomed to play on a full sized table. If you’ve just moved into a smaller home or has no room for full size ping pong table, we can’t suggest you a better small size ping pong table than this. Kids can take fun into their gaming room. Adults can also play on it. Not just single one on one games, you can also play doubles here.

Don’t quite have the space to accommodate a standard size ping pong table? No worries anymore.

Surface Thickness

Playing surface has got a thickness about 5/8” (16 mm). it’s a well built table that is made of quality wood. With this surface thickness, it may not suit the professional players but it is quite good for recreational play.

It’s a solid table with best wooden construction. Consider the price you are paying and the quality you are getting in return, you are definitely a winner.

Compact storage

Nobody wants to permanently set up a huge a table tennis table if there is shortage of space in their living house. But now as this JOOLA mini ping pong table can be folded into two halves in 3 feet by 3 feet, it will fit in almost every closet no matter how small your apartment is!

This compact size and foldability gives you simple storage facility everytime you finish the game. Folding the table is quite simple. As the table is only 62 pounds, the lightweight feature makes it further easier for you to move the table.

It literally takes no space, infact you can even place it under beds. For city dwellers, it’s a tough ask to leave a room completely empty for a full size table. Then this compact folding ping pong table is surely a blessing for them.

Separate Suare Halves for Multi-use

Each of the table halves has a specification of 36” X 36”, a perfect square indeed. Each table half is free standing means they can be used for various other games. This special feature allows you to do that which is great for kids.

As these days kids want to explore and take fun in every possible way, this will be a great addition in any house. On each corner of the table, there will be a bumper for kid’s safety. Separate halves definitely make the table lightweight. Thus it is ideal for transportation and storage as well.

No doubt, it’s not a full size table tennis table but the kinda unique features it has, you will feel that you’re playing with a regulation table tennis table.

Infact, there are actually many who are playing different types of games on it without finding out the difference. Hence, this further proves how much well designed this mini ping pong table is!

Classic Screw Clamp Design Net

The table features an easily attachable net and post set. It is joined to the tabletop via a classic screw clamp design. The net quality may not be as good as in the professional ping pong tables but considering the price you have to pay, it is quite decent.

Comes in 100% Pre-assembled

The table comes in completely pre-assembled condition. You just need to unfold the legs from 2 separate table sides, bring them together and then attach the net.

In less than a couple of minutes, you’ll be ready to serve the ball first. The set up is super quick and easy compared to other tables. In addition to that, everything will arrive in perfect condition during shipping.

Is it worth the purchase?

This is a ping pong table for small spaces. It is perfect for young and old. It is very well constructed, attractive, quite solid and sturdy. Easy storage and can be shifted from one place to another quite effortlessly. Assembly is quite simple.

This is the best mid size ping pong table. To be honest, this table shall give you almost all the same feature and pleasure that a full size table would provide. The price is quite cheap. .When you are going for a full size table, you are supposed to pay around $500-$600. Therefore, paying well under $200 for this table is more than reasonable.

Brand Value

JOOLA is one of the top quality ping pong table manufacturers in the world. They are known for delivering quality products for kids and adults. After being launched nearly 70 years ago, JOOLA has been the proud sponsor of world’s biggest tournaments including Olympic game.

JOOLA constantly contact with world’s best table tennis players and keep their communication about how they can more improve their gaming equipment. And this is how they’ve created a tradition of coming up with top of the line ping pong table equipment. This world famous manufacturing brand’s headquarter is situated in Siebeldingen, Germany.

Therefore, you need to understand, a reputed manufacturing brand like JOOLA never compromise with quality. And you know deep inside you are getting such a quality table that your today’s investment shall pay dividend for a long long time.

See if there is any screw missing

In any table the first and foremost thing you should check right after product delivery, whether there is any damage or defects. If the warranty expires by the time you inspect the table completely, then it won’t come in any use.

Some users have reported there were some screws missing on one half of the table. Although, you can get over with this trouble by quickly contacting with JOOLA and they always look after their customers.

Meant for indoor use

This wooden ping pong table is designed for indoor use. You can play outdoor for a game or two, meaning you can’t play it in the extreme heat of sun or rain for longer period of time. Because the table may warp, rust and eventually can be completely damaged.

What We Liked

  • Midsize table occupies very little space
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Easy to put together and fold for storage
  • It’s a multi-purpose table
  • Screw clamp net and post set
  • Offers regulation ping pong table height

What We didn't Like

  • Not a regulation size table
  • Although it’s quite good for casual play but serious players won’t enjoy the bounce quality

Who Would Play?

SThough you’ve shortage in space or a tight budget still if you want to play ping pong, then it is the best option till date. It may be smaller than a regulation size table but this is a very good option for adult’s fun and kids can also learn to play. Smaller playing surface shall take a test of the more experienced players.

It is perhaps best suited to kid’s play and family recreational purpose because of the size of the table. Younger players can hone their skills and prepare for the bigger size table. If they want to play the game seriously and more interested to make a career out of it, they can later upgrade to a full size table.

Final Verdict

If you want a mid-sized quality table tennis table for recreational play or to train your youngsters, this table won’t leave you disappointed. Reviews also speak for my words. It’s absolutely fun playing your favorite game on this JOOLA table. This is extremely lightweight and takes little space. You can use it for various other purposes.

This JOOLA midsize table tennis table is very much sturdy and durable. With compact size and easy foldability, you can effortlessly put it up or down when not in use. Above all, the price is so cheap and affordable to most ping pong users.

Or if you’re taking ping pong seriously and want a regulation size table for better game preparation then we highly recommend to you STIGA Advantage table tennis table.

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