The 7 Best Value Foosball Tables Reviews and Buying Guide for 2023

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Who says you have to spend a fortune to buy a foosball table for your game room?

Today, there are plenty of soccer table manufacturers, and they are introducing different variations. So, there’s an option to find the best value foosball table.

While shopping for a budget soccer table, you need to consider some important aspects like the construction, durability, stability, design, and so on.

Lucky for you, we have done all the groundwork to devise the best budget foosball table list. The result is 7 top-notch soccer tables currently on the market. Read on for a detailed analysis of each product and its distinguished features.

If you’re in a hurry, just take a look at the quick rundown on the 7 budget Foosball tables we are reviewing here. Hopefully, this section can help you understand why we have picked them.

"The Sport Squad Fx40 can deliver great value for money. It's a good board that can appeal to people of any age with a fast-paced gaming experience with a solid and quality build. Overall, it far exceeded our expectations even after being a budget option under $100."

2. Best Sturdy & Heavy Duty: Rally and Roar Mini Foosball Table

"This mini foosball table comes within a reasonably affordable price range. Yet, it has multiple features like a smooth surface, solid build, and strong legs to withstand tactical and fast pacing games."

"Giantex 3-in-1 is a perfect choice as a multi-game arcade. Anyone can use this multi-functional table. Not to mention, the metal and PVC construction makes it a durable and budget option that can last a lifetime."

4. Best for Versatility: Best Choice Products Combo Game Table

"The Best Choice 10-in-1 is made for versatility. You can play 9 other games aside from foosball. Just flip the foosball base and switch to another game. So, the product saves you space. Also, there’s a safety lock so that the whole table stays stable while playing."

"Unlike other foosball tables, the Best Choice 4-in-1 is one of the easiest tables to play with. Starting from the setup to the gaming experience, this value foosball table can make your family nights exciting."

"The Goplus looks more like a pro foosball table. You can easily use it for any family gatherings or occasions. It is sure to make your gathering exciting. Not to mention, the overall features of this table far exceed its price point."

"Usually, you can’t find a foosball table with high-end features like the Playcraft Sport 48-inch foosball table. It comes with some exciting features and all the essential equipment you expect from a professional foosball table. And this table delivers great value for money just under $200."

Reviews of 7 Best Value/Affordable Foosball Tables

Almost every brand claims its products are the best. But whom can you trust? A proper valuation can help you make a smart choice. We have picked 7 products based on different criteria such as overall performance, versatility, ease of setup, and so on.

1. Best Tabletop: Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table

Sport Squad FX40
Product Specification:
  • Dimension: 40” × 20” × 8” inches
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Thickness: Not Specified
  • Color: Red & Blue
  • Material: Metal and Manufactured Wood
  • Rods: Chrome-plated steel
  • Assembly Required: Yes

Mainly it’s a countertop foosball which makes it a portable option. And the height of the product is perfect for perching on a dining table or any other table in your living space.

Even the weight is manageable to carry around with the help of a friend or family member. So, the foosball table won’t take plenty of space. And being a countertop table, it’s easy to fit in any space.

Another thing that impresses us is the quality of this product. Sport Squad used metal to create the base and manufactured wood for the foosball housing. The build is pretty solid and doesn’t feel cheap.

Also, the player rod is made using chrome-plated steel. Add that to the durability list. Now, you need to invest a good deal of your time assembling the foosball table. But once you are done, it’s game on.

The gaming experience on the foosball table is fun. It’s good to see quality blue and red paint style on the table. The aesthetic presentation doesn’t give you a cheap look even though it’s a budget option.

On top of that, you get telescopic rods, a scoreboard and two balls, and two-goal boxes with manual scorers. Moreover, you can adjust different gaming levels, which switches up the game anytime.

Overall it’s a good choice for beginner foosball players trying to get the hang of the game or people who want to add a bit of fun to their living space. The excellent quality of this product far exceeds what we expect from a foosball table at this price point.

What we loved:
  • Easily portable for its lightweight
  • Do not get damaged because of the PVC material
  • You get a manual scorer to count the goal and ensure fair play
  • Easy to assemble for clear instructions
What we didn't love:
  • Not convenient for long time use, because of the cheap quality handle grip

2. Best Sturdy & Heavy Duty: Rally and Roar Mini Foosball Table

Who said you couldn’t get a sturdy foosball table within a strict budget? Have a look at the Rally and roar mini foosball table. The leveled construction of this product is the main highlight. And thanks to the heavy-duty construction, you get a smooth flow to the ball with acceleration.

Rally and Roar Mini Foosball Table
Product Specification:
  • Dimension: 40 x 20 x 9 inches
  • Weight: 16.06 lbs.
  • Color: white, blue, & orange
  • Material: Wood, Alloy Steel
  • Total Rods: 6
  • Assembly Required: No

Most value foosball tables lack the durability of different parts of the product. Some products have problems with the legs, and we often hear them complaining about the construction material.

The good thing about this mini foosball table is the sturdy construction. First of all, the base and frame of the table are made using alloy steel. That’s why you get a leveled surface.

We are incredibly impressed with the build because it positively impacts your game. Most foosball tables have cheap quality table legs. On the other hand, this product equips good quality legs. Also, the table legs are covered with safety foam so that your floor or surface area stays safe from marks.

Also, the player rods are made using chrome-plated steel. We are happy to find an ergonomic shape on the grip. Playing high-paced games is not stressful anymore. Not to mention, even kids can enjoy a safe match.

Setting up the foosball table is just as easy. You don’t have to assemble the piece. So, that saves you the time from figuring out how the table functions.

We are happy to find a heavy-duty foosball table like this one. Even professional players can use it to try out their tactical skills. If you always spend time with your dear ones playing foosball, this one can withstand action-packed games all the time. And you can improvise stability while playing.

Good Sides:
  • Integrated abacus scoring system for convenient gaming
  • It last for a long time of its durable materials
  • The compact and small-sized table doesn’t commit a lot of space
  • Has a padded base so your floor doesn’t receive scratches and does not slip
  • You don’t get a user manual so installation gets confusing

3. Best 3-in-1: Giantex 48 inch Multi Game Table Combo

If you are a huge fan of combination gaming, the Giantex multi-game table is the best product in the price range of under $300. You get the opportunity to play soccer, billiards, and glide hockey. This is a good option for family members to enjoy their time on any family occasion.

Giantex 48 inch Combo Game Table
Product Specification:
  • Dimensions: 42 x 22 x 5.9 inches
  • Weight: 45 lbs.
  • Color: Green, Black, Blue
  • Material: Metal & PVC
  • Total Rods: 8
  • Assembly Required: Yes

Just like most budget foosball tables, this one is made of a combination of metal and PVC. Now, PVC is an excellent material to last a long time. Still, we were concerned about the quality of the materials.

It turns out the construction material is quite challenging. Also, they scratch proof. Although we know over time, the product is bound to catch stains. Then, we had to cross-check whether the PVC material was harmful.

No need to worry - because the outer plastic material is non-toxic and safe. It means even kids can play with it. The product is available in multiple colors, including green, black and blue.

Playing experience on the combination table is top-notch. Basically, the weight distribution is decent. That’s why the balls won’t tip over while you put force on strike.

Yes, you have to assemble the table first to use it. But that’s pretty easy if you follow these instructions. And you can set it anywhere. The table won’t take plenty of space.

Switching to another game is easy. The package includes an Allen key and net so that you can adjust the table for any game. All the parts and accessories are there to ensure a versatile gaming experience.

Overall, this is a great combination of gaming for family occasions or kids. If you are bored with one setup, there’s room for switching up the game to a new one.

What we liked:
  • Easily switch to different games by flipping the board
  • Sturdy, durable construction and scratch-proof exterior that ensures long-lasting
  • Non-toxic plastic material for health safety
  • You get a crystal clear user manual for easy assembly
What we didn't like:
  • It May feel odd while playing for the short table legs

4. Best for Versatility: Best Choice Products Combo Game Table

Just as the name suggests, it's the ultimate choice for versatility. This combination table empowers you to play ten different games, including foosball. What's more, you can buy this product at an affordable price tag.

Best Choice Products Combo Game Table
Product Specification:
  • Dimensions: 48 x 24 x 30.5 inches
  • Weight: 57 lbs.
  • Color: Red, Blue
  • Material: Wood & Plastic
  • Total Rods: 8
  • Assembly Required: Yes

When we say versatile, we don't refer to how many games you can play. For our value foosball table review, we focus primarily on foosball. You don't want a combination foosball table that messes up your space. 

And this is where the Best Choice 10-in-1 shines the most. There's the option for keeping the different game surfaces between the billiard board and foosball base. This way, you don't have to waste space.

But if you stack up all the extra game surfaces, will it affect your game? No. It's because the four legs on the table are sturdy enough to keep the base balanced. And, we like the zero-slippage design on the legs. Also, you get a safety lock on the table so that there's no chance of an accident.

Let us remind you that the foosball base is made of wood. But the exterior is made of plastic. However, the exterior feels like wood when you touch it. That's quality construction for you.

This versatile foosball is made for entertaining anyone. You can unlock the safety lock and flip the base to switch to another game. And you have 10 different games to play. If that's not a versatile product, then what is?

  • Easy to switch between games
  • It has non-slip footsteps to stable legs on the tables
  • The exterior design has a wooden finish to give a decent outlook
  • You get safety locks to keep all the game boards in place
  • It’s a little small for adult players

5. Best Easy to Setup: Best Choice Products 4-in-1 Foosball Table

The Best Choice 4-in-1 is one of the best affordable foosball table, perfect for family game nights. Aside from foosball, the table has 3 other games, so nobody gets bored.

Best Choice Products 4-in-1 Foosball Table
Product Specification:
  • Dimensions: 37 x 17 x 7.5 inches
  • Weight: 31 lbs.
  • Color: Red, Blue
  • Material: Manufactured Wood and Plastic
  • Total Rods: 8
  • Assembly Required: Yes

The highlight of this foosball table is the convenient assembly. Most budget tables are not that easy to set up. Not to mention, poor user manuals make it hard to assemble the foosball table.

But assembly on the Best Choice 4-in-1 is the easiest one we have experienced so far. They have included an Allen key and other installation tools to make the process easier. Installation should take around one hour or less. Once you are done, you get an excellent foosball experience.

Now, if you consider the quality, this combination foosball table delivers excellent value for money. They have used engineered wood on the legs. And they can stay stable on any ground. 

On the other hand, the table exterior has plastic. However, when you touch it, it feels like wood. Also, the non-toxic MDF composition can hold against bumps or scratches. So, you don’t need to worry about durability or health safety.

Overall, you can appreciate how stunning the table visually looks. And once you set it up, it stays stable even on action-packed games. So, you can go rough with your tactical skills in a foosball game. 

What makes it special?
  • It’s an affordable foosball table, because you are getting 4 games in it
  • You can easily set it up and store it whenever you want using the user manual. 
  • Has a sturdy and durable design so you can play rough yet it will last for a long time
  • Excellent outlook for its wooden finish
What could be better?
  • The size may seem a little small which is hard to play for adults

6. Best for Occasions: Goplus Arcade 48 inch Foosball Table

The Goplus Arcade is one of the best cheap foosball table for family occasions. Generally, if you don’t play foosball too often and just want to get one for friends or family gatherings, you have to think about two things.

Goplus Arcade 48 inch Foosball Table
Product Specification:
  • Dimensions: 47 x 22 x 31.5 inches
  • Weight: 42 lbs.
  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Stainless steel, Alloy Steel, Engineered Wood
  • Total Rods: 8
  • Assembly Required: Yes

The first one, you need a durable construction that won’t fade or receive damage in the store. And the second one, can the foosball table add a bit of excitement on any occasion?

Luckily, Goplus fulfills all these requirements. First, the table exterior is made of stainless steel, and the base is made using alloy steel. So, it can last a long time, even if you store it outside your living space. We are very impressed with the wood-like finish on the table.

Yes, it looks like a complete wooden table. So, if the color starts to fade away, you can always paint it before any occasion. 

Although it’s more of an indoor kind of table, you can also take it outdoors. Gaming on the table is always fun. The green color on the foosball field has a closure to a real-life look. So, it looks pleasing to your eyes.

Also, the pieces on the table don't look robotic at all. That goes for the looks. What about the in-game experience? Well, the table legs are padded so that it doesn’t slip on any surface.

And the ergonomic handle ensures you get a firm grip. So, you can try out different tactical skills, and the table remains stable every time.

Mainly, anyone can use this table, and anyone can play on it. And the overall design and functionality make it a must-add for any occasion.

What we liked?
  • MDF construction makes it lightweight and durable
  • The outer design has rounded edges to increase playing convenience
  • Track all your scores in the abacus scoring system
  • It’s made to increase comfort while playing with the help of a comfortable handle
What we didn't like?
  • Because of the size and weight, it is not easy to move

7. Best For The Money: Playcraft Sport 48 Inch Foosball Table

Playcraft sport is easily one of the best rated foosball table for the money. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive than other foosball tables on our list. But once you take a look at the features, you can appreciate how much value the product provides.

Playcraft Sport Foosball Table
Product Specification:
  • Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 15 inches
  • Weight: 25 lbs.
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Plastic, Engineered Wood, Alloy Steel
  • Total Rods: 8
  • Assembly Required: No

Playcraft left no stone unturned to enhance stability while playing. So, what’s the biggest strength of this table? This has to be a unified leg panel design with leg spanners on each side. Thanks to that, you get remarkable stability from the table.

Also, the foosball field is spacious enough, and even professionals can play with maximum freedom. As a player, you get incredible stability from the table.

What’s more? The chromium-plated steel rods equip side bearings. This is partly the reason why the rods are heavy, but they still offer robustness. As it turns out, the side bearings enable you to rotate the rods faster and with precision.

Another surprising aspect of the table is the leg levelers. Obviously, you don’t get such high-end features from a worthy foosball table. It means you will get stable performance even on uneven surfaces. Not to mention the fact that literally anyone (short or tall) can adjust the table and enjoy an action-packed game. 

The only problem is putting up the table for the first time. Well, we can’t do much about it. However, don’t tighten the support pieces until you put together the whole table. This way, setting up the table gets easier.

Just as we said, at first, the product seemed a bit on the expensive radar. But if you have a closer look at the features, you can’t find a better tablet for the money you spend on a foosball table. 

Good Sides:
  • Superb outlook adds an aesthetic vibe
  • Features a spacious foosball ground for convenient playing
  • Comes with leg levelers to adjust the table height based on your comfort
  • Stays stable even on uneven ground for the leg levelers
  • It has some dead spots due to small size player figures

How to Choose the Best Value Foosball Table

Finding the perfect budget foosball table is not an easy task. There’s a vast sea of products out there. We are confident you won’t regret choosing one from our review list.

But if you insist on finding one on your own, make sure to analyze some key parameters described below:

How Do You Intend to Use the Foosball Table?

When you are looking for a value foosball table, it means you don’t plan on going pro. Most budget tables are perfect for kids. It’s a good option for them to grow a keen interest in the game. But that doesn’t mean adults can’t play on them.

If you are planning to buy a foosball table, you better decide; how you will use it. Do you plan to use it on certain occasions? Are you going to play indoors or outdoors? These are important questions.

It’s because if you want it indoors, you can ask for an aesthetically pleasing wooden table. But if you plan to play outdoors, you better avoid wooden tables. This is just an example. You can guess what we are implying here. 

Build Quality and Stability

Once you decide how you intend to use the table, it’s time to check the build quality. Make sure to check the construction material and the finish. Don’t just go for durable material. Instead, analyze the build quality. Can the design ensure stability while playing? Get a good idea about that.

Playing Surface

Most people are so concerned about the construction material that they forget the crucial part - the playing surface. Well, generally, budget foosball tables indeed have a melamine playing surface.

However, you have to ensure the playing surface is not harmful to your health. Not just that, don’t buy a table with a cheap-looking playing surface. It can ruin your overall impression of foosball before starting a game. 

Playing Rods

How many rods are you getting on the foosball table? Is it eight or four? Playing rods are crucial for trying out different tactics and skills. If you want to try out new skills, you better buy a table that has 8 playing rods.

Now, it’s equally important to get durable and easy to grip playing rods on the table. Different manufacturers have their own way of designing ergonomic rods. It’s up to you to decide which one is more comfortable for you. 

Ease of Setup

We often consider this as a secondary opinion. But easy setup can turn into a deciding factor if you are confused with two similar products. There’s a chance you can get excited to play a game of foosball.

So, it’s important to buy a foosball table that’s easy to configure. 


Here are the answers of the most asked questions regarding the value foosball table. It will help understand getting the right foosball table without wasting your money.

How Much Does a Value Foosball Table Cost?

You can buy a good quality budget foosball table for $100. If you want a bit better, you have to increase your budget to $200-$300.

Is Foosball Still Popular?

Foosball is extremely popular in the USA and Europe. There are some major tournaments where professionals engage in action-packed games. However, foosball is a global sport with millions of players worldwide.

How Do You Move a Foosball Table?

There are two ways to move a foosball table. First, you can carry the table to another place. If the table is too heavy to carry, you can just disassemble it and move it to another place. After that, reassemble the table.

Wrapping Up

That concludes our review of the best value foosball table in 2022. Each table on this list deserves praise as a value for money option. However, Sport Squad FX40 remains on the top as the best value soccer table. It comes at a competitive price tag and delivers some of the best features for enthusiast foosball players.

There is a small chance that you are not satisfied with the products on our list. And if you are still thinking about shopping around for a little bit - our buyer guidelines can help you make a more informed decision.

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