Spalding NBA In Ground Basketball system Reviews

When it comes to manufacturing quality sporting goods, Spalding is the undisputed leader. They are certainly one of the top basketball brands around the globe. Spalding has been running the game for many decades. As a proud official sponsor of NBA’s balls, they are certainly not going to put their name on some cheap, low quality products. Spalding NBA in ground basketball system features a NBA logo on it’s tempered glass backboard and has all the attributes of a quality in ground hoop, thus proving my aforesaid words right

Why this spalding in ground basketball hoop is one of the best selling in ground hoops going around the world right now? Because, this is a good quality hoop, comes at a price which is affordable to general people. It gives you good value for your bucks

It comes with a solid and sturdy tempered glass backboard that offers good rebounding experience during play. Compare NBA glass backboards with those polycarbonate and acrylic ones, the different in quality of play is quite obvious. Glass backboard hoops tend to offer more bounce and you’ll get a feel of playing in a gym quality hoop right in your backyard. Plus, you will have the option to choose from two backboard sizes; 54 inch and 60 inch

Besides, the backboard comes with a good backing. There is a pro image breakaway rim that is quite flexible & capable of handling competitive play. It literally gives a nod to the adults they can dunk without fearing about any injuries

For maximum amount of sturdiness and stability, there is a two piece, four inch diameter steel pole that is mounted in the ground quite securely. Ground sleeve anchor system is included with this spalding in ground hoop to make the installation easier. It might take you a while but most buyers have expressed their satisfaction with it

You can rearrange the hoop between 7.5 and 10 feet. Credit should be given to the user friendly U-turn lift system. Besides, two feet offset from the pole shall give you plenty of room underneath the basket. Overall, this is a great basketball hoop that will ensure a long period of basketball fun. This will fulfill your expectation, you won’t regret after purchasing it

Spalding NBA Aluminum Trim In Ground

Product Specification

Backboard Size dimensions

54", 60"

Height adjustment

7.5' to 10'


2 piece 4"X4"



LIfetime warranty


Let’s take a look at the features, pros and cons of this Spalding Aluminum Trim Glass In-ground Backboard basketball hoop


Gym quality experience

Tempered glass backboard is commonly seen in advanced basketball hoop systems. This NBA Spalding basketball goal also uses tempered glass. As a result, you get a touch of professionalism with it. Besides, the glass is about ¼ inches thick. As both 54 and 60 inch backboard are available as options, this might not be a regulation size hoop but this is the closest you can get in this price range

Simple Height Adjustability

Comfort of players depends on the ease of height adjustability to a great extent. Spalding in ground basketball goal uses U-turn lift system, an advanced technology to rearrange the hoop height. You can change the height from 7.5 to 10 feet according to your height and skill level. This is an effortless job. Overall, it’s a great hoop and people of all ages can raise or lower it easily

Pro image breakaway rim

When choosing a basketball hoop, you must not forget what is the most utilized part of it? Yes, you guessed it right, the rim. You can’t really compromise with quality of the rim. Because, if it is off poor quality, there is a greater chance of breaking the rim and players can get hurt badly

By keeping the safety as the first priority in mind, it comes with a pro-image breakaway rim alongside all weather nylon net. It gives the backboard hoop enormous support when it is exposed into a healthy battle between players. In other words, here the rim is of good quality and the cover for the breakaway spring is made of steel rather than plastic. Therefore, it looks very much professional as well

Two piece pole design

The stability of the whole structure depends on the pole design. You need a solid, sturdy pole to ensure maximum safety for the players. This Spalding NBA backboard comes with a two piece 4 inch square steel pole. These steel made poles are considered best for strong connection. And the 4” square pole is a significant step up over comparable hoops that use round pole

The first piece of the pole makes the connection between anchor system and the hoop. And the remaining one forms the internal connection. Hence, the pole is quite sturdy and suitable for most aggressive games. You get highest amount of sturdiness and stability at your side. Besides, the glass backboard maintains a two feet distance to the pole and offers decent under-the-hoop play

Aluminum frame makes a big difference

The quality of the frame attached with the backboard plays a significant role because the long lastingness of the backboard depends largely on it. Many cheap basketball hoops use ordinary frame materials and they tend to fall off after playing for sometime. Therefore, the manufacturer Spalding understands the value of quality backboard and frame. And it is of no surprise why they have chosen to go with Aluminum trim frame which literally wraps up the whole backboard

Easy assembly

Simple installation is one of the key attributes of this in ground goal system. Installing spalding inground basketball system is a breeze. It features a ground sleeve anchor system that will enable you to assemble and disassemble the goal without any trouble

It may take a while but this is absolutely worth it. Take your time to read the whole instructions properly and get a more clear view of what’s written there. Concrete pouring and pole assembly can take couple of hours. The cement curing will take approximately two days. But it is absolutely manageable, no worries

Buyers have appreciated the assembly process because at the end of the day, your pole needs to be secured properly on to the ground and it does

Rust resistance and warranty

You get a weatherproof and stainless pole. Plus, there is an all weather nylon net which helps to show great resistance. It works well against bad weather condition and there will be no rusting or corrosion. And the 5 year limited manufacturer warranty always gives an added advantage, doesn’t it?

Main Features
  • Tempered glass backboard
  • Options available both at 54 inch & 60 inch backboard
  • Steel board frame with aluminum trim
  • Pro image breakaway rim
  • U-turn lift mechanism adjusts from 7.5 to 10 feet
  • 2-piece, 4 inches square steel pole
  • Ground sleeve anchor system
  • Durable all weather net
  • 2’ offset from the pole


  • Glass backboard on both spalding 54 & 60 inch in ground basketball system comes with a NBA logo. In terms of performance, this spalding basketball backboard offers superior rebound compared to acrylic and polycarbonate boards
  • Two piece 4X4 inch steel pole features an anchor system to make the installation easier
  • Aluminum trim frame ensures durability in all weather
  • Super quick height adjustment from 7.5 to 10 feet; handle is detachable
  • Breakaway rim from Spalding is of high quality and good for dunking
  • Solid standing position due to securing the pole into the ground


  • Installation can prove to be a tiresome job
    Solution: reading the instructions properly is a must. Take your time, clearly understand what’s written and then finish the job. Otherwise, there is expert assembly available in amazon which you can purchase
  • There is no padding system around the pole

Frequently Asked Question

1. How hard is it to adjust the height?

- It is not too difficult. Teenagers can handle it by themselves. For younger kids, it will be better if an adult does it for them

2. How far below ground level should the bottom half of the pole be sunk?

- The ground sleeve is 16” in length. 14” of it will be in the concrete

3. Can I wall mount the backboard?

- You would have to make a special bracket for it. It is only designed for the pole. Besides, to maintain the warranty, you require pole

4. How much concrete do I need?

- It depends on the size of the hole that you would dig. As far as instruction manual is concerned, you require 960 pounds

5. Which one should I go with spalding 60” in-ground glass basketball system or spalding 88454g?

- For those who don’t know spalding NBA in-ground basketball system- 54” aluminum trim glass backboard is also known as spalding model 88454g. If your intention is to have some outdoor fun with friends & family then 88454g glass in ground system is more than capable of satisfying your needs

Final Verdict

This is a great system, very solid, looks good when it is up and everything works as expected. You look at as many hoops at this price range, with all the specification and safety features, they are not quite up to the mark. But this Spalding NBA in ground basketball system gives good value for your bucks. For the price you can’t really beat this hoop and assembly is not that tough ask if you’re handy at tools. Getting a quality professional level basketball hoop at a relatively cheap price is something everybody dreams of. Do I need to tell you more why our experts have rated it so highly?

Nevertheless, if you want more high end features like padding on the pole & larger backboard then our suggestion will be to have a look on this Spalding H-frame in ground basketball system

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