How Many Games Are There In An NBA Season?

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The 2019-20 NBA season has just started. It is the 74th season of the National Basketball Association (NBA). So, how many matches will team Boston Celtics play in this season? We know you’re a basketball freak. So, answer me. OK, let me ask you relatively an easier question. Do you know how many games are there in an NBA season?

NBA is a collection of 30 teams. All 30 teams are divided into two conferences with three divisions apiece. Each division consists of five teams. This means you get 15 teams in each conference.

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1. Pre-Season

Actually, this season is regarded as practice games for the teams. This is the time when players try to get in shape and prepare themselves ahead of the season. Thus, teams are given an opportunity to showcase their potential and analyze their playing strategy once more. There are eight preseasons games for each team.

2. Regular Season

How many games are played in the NBA regular season? During the regular season, all NBA teams play as many as 1230 games between them.

Why are there 82 games in an NBA season?

-In a regular season, each team plays 82 games. Among them, they play 41 at home and the remaining 41 games away. The NBA schedule allows each team to play with each other at least once.

A single team will face opponents in its division four times a year (4 X 4=16 games). Then, they will play with 6 teams from the other two divisions of its conference four times (6 X 4=24 games). After that they play with the remaining 4 teams from its conference three times (4 X 3=12 games). Finally, they go on to play with all the teams in other conferences twice apiece (15 X 2=30 games).

In February, the regular season gives a break to celebrate the annual NBA All-Star game. Two teams are formed. Each team consists of a 12 player squad. Fans give their votes. The top vote-getter in each conference is named captains. They also get to choose the rest of the All-Star starter. Coaches decide the remaining 14 All-Star players.

Generally, NBA regular season begins in the last week of October and ends up around the middle of the April.

3. Post Season

The All-Star game features best players from the league. It’s a mix of the league’s star players. This is actually done to regain public attention to the league. Fans select the starting lineup, and coaches choose the reserves. There is also a trade that happens shortly after the All-Star break.

So, now the regular season is over. And in this period, the voting starts for individual awards and selection of the honorary, league-wide & post-season teams.

4. Playoffs

The playoffs begin in April. Regardless of divisional alignment, the top eight teams in each conference compete for the Larry O’Brien Championship Title. Here the playoffs follow a tournament format. Seeds are awarded to teams in strict order of regular-season record. The first seed plays against the eighth seed, the second seed plays the seventh seed, the third seed plays against the sixth seed, and the fourth seed plays the fifth seed.

Each team plays in a best of seven series. One team advances to the next round and the other team are eliminated. So, here we get four teams in a single conference. They are engaged in the semifinals before the actual semifinal. So, four becomes two. Then of the final two, one team emerges as the winner of that conference.

5. Final Season

The final playoff round is also a best of seven series between the victors of both conferences. This is famously known as NBA finals. It is usually held in June. So, two teams can play up to 110 games if they reach the finals.

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