Spalding Hercules 54 Inch NBA Portable Basketball Hoop System

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It does not matter if you want to reach your NBA hero Michael Jordan's career height or for some refreshment away from the tiresome life. This epic acrylic portable hoop of Spalding shall let you fascinatingly explore the game. The Spalding Hercules 54 Inch NBA Portable Basketball Hoop is absolutely made for bold and dynamic play because the graphic backboard pad encourages you to do so.

A slam it breakaway rim with height adjustments rather conveniently adds an extra value to it. A durable water filling base will support this mammoth structure to stay upright on its ground. So, let the Spalding NBA Hercules portable hoop system change the perspective and way you play with it.

Spalding NBA Hercules 54 inch Portable Basketball Hoop
  • Acrylic backboard size: 54 inch X 32 inch X 4 mm
  • Steel frame: 1’’ X 1’’
  • Offset backboard: 16’’
  • Pole: 3 piece, 3.5 inches thick and angled at 20 degrees
  • Base: 37 gallon and 2 wheels

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#1. Incomparable for bank shots

If you are looking to purchase a portable basketball system with fast rebound action off the backboard, this Hercules portable basketball system shall come very first on your mind. Thus, Spalding truly a decorated basketball game manufacturer includes a portable hoop system with a 54 inch acrylic backboard.

This acrylic hoop offers resistance to tough play, thus using it to great effect for bank shots and forward play. Though the acrylic backboard hoop won’t provide you with the same animated ball response as glass backboards, the backboard shall hardly get affected by your continuous throwdowns. So, nonstop action and loads of fun are waiting for you.

In terms of rebound, acrylic is the closest you can get to glass without spending a lot of cash.

#2. Fully adjustable exact lift height adjustment

There may be some gossips about the guys who are a touch short in height are not meant to play basketball. Not true at all. Every basketball hoop comes with an adjustable height feature to accommodate players of all ages and skills nowadays. What really matters here is how much hassle you need to go through while doing this height adjusting.

There comes Spalding with an easy height adjustment mechanism from 7.5 ft to 10 ft to fulfill all your demands. This Spalding 54" hercules acrylic portable basketball system comes with a screw jack lift system where you can adjust the NBA basketball hoop using a lone hand. This Spalding NBA hoop is designed for all age groups. You will surely enjoy your game on the court.

#3. Unsure about playing underneath the hoop? No way!

A sturdy and well balanced hoop is something that everybody wishes for. Spalding the renowned manufacturer of this sports basketball, has come up with a mighty backboard structure of 54 inch. What are you thinking about now? How much strong the footing is where this gigantic hoop unit stands on?

Make no mistake about one thing, Spalding never compromises with the quality of the product.

And this time to provide the maximum amount of stability, the Spalding NBA Hercules portable basketball hoop has got a 3-piece steel pole. The thickness of this muscular hoop pole is about 3.5 inches. Because the pole is angled and a long pole is used here therefore, the weight is distributed equally among the units.

Furthermore, the Spalding angled 54 inch portable acrylic basketball hoop pole provides a little more room to play with.

#4. Herculean base with trouble free movement

Less chance of getting toppled over and simple moveability- these are the two facts you can’t overlook when you are in the shop to buy a portable hoop.

Yes, the Spalding portable basketball system comes with an enormous 54’’ backboard made of acrylic material. This 37-gallon base portable hoop needs to be filled with water to achieve the much needed stability.

Do not worry about any kind of leakage in the base. Because Spalding always delivers their best product to their customers around the globe.

However, we would suggest you to purchase "BaseGel Basketball Goal portable Base, Polymer-16 ounce", mix it with water and then fill up the base. There won't be any leaks or freezing in winter. So, there is no way the base can crack. Instead, it makes your goal base heavy and gives strength to withstand some heavy winds.

The next thing is portability. To shift this unique designed portable hoop all you need to do is roll along the ground with two attached wheels. By doing so, you can move this portable one in a particular direction at anytime. The substantial base will take care of the hoop's balance so that it does not get tipped over easily.

#5. Hard work pays off

Make no mistake. This may not be the easiest of assemblies, but the end result is a substantial basketball hoop. Yes, you need some assistance, 2 people. Have some patience, follow the instructions and clearly understand what's written. This will make the process so much easier than you are thinking.

Good Sides of Spalding 75746

#1. 54 inch larger backboard means you have a bigger surface to aim at. To protect you from causing several injuries, you will find a steel frame attached to the backboard.

#2. For competitive play, 16’’ backboard offset shall give you enough support.

#3. Easy height adjustments from 7.5 to 10 ft in 6 inch increments.

#4. Strong base but easily transportable to any place.

#5. Breakaway rims are always handy. Thus a quality performance is assured.

Cons with Solution

#1. The customers Spalding NBA 54 angled pole backboard system review suggests that the box does come with insufficient packaging. So, whether any parts are missing or not, be the first to double check everything. Also, be patient and after having collected all the parts and tools, you just need to assemble a Spalding 54 acrylic portable basketball system once. After all, this is a quality product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I move the Spalding NBA 54 angled pole backboard system? Is it necessary to empty first?

Answer: No, it does have wheels attached to roll the hoop. But if you want to move an empty base, you are welcome.

Q. Can someone provide me the information about the size of the rim?

Answer: This is a standard size rim approximately 18”.

Q. Can I dunk on it?

Answer: Yeah you can. Breakaway rim will take care of it.

Q. What can be the approximate weight for the Spalding NBA Hercules product?

Answer: It is somewhere around 100-105 pounds.

Q. Which is better for portable hoops, angled poles, or vertical?

Answer: Angled pole is better compared to a vertical pole. It gives you protection & eliminates the risk of injuries.

Q. How can we lower the goal?

Answer: Operating with an exacta height lift system is simple. To adjust the backboard's height, simply remove a pin from the handle and then pull it down.

Wrapping Up

With the NBA Hercules portable hoop of 54’’ acrylic backboard, spalding is going to turn your residential basketball court into a serious playground. Pro slam breakaway rims are designed for heroic level of play with height adjustment from 7.5 to 10’. Slam, dunk and enjoy the game without any boundaries and heavy duty base with solid steel pole is going to take care of the rest.

With the NBA Hercules portable hoop of 54’’ acrylic backboard, Spalding is going to turn your residential basketball court into a serious playground. Pro slam breakaway rims are designed for heroic level of play with height adjustment from 7.5 to 10’. Slam, dunk, and enjoy the game without any boundaries and a heavy duty base with a solid steel pole is going to take care of the rest.

After going through this Spalding NBA Hercules review, surely you are not gonna thinking about anything else. Don’t make a blunder. Thus it can be a costly miss. So, hurry up and dive into the mind boggling features of this massive NBA portable hoop unit of Spalding Hercules 54.

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