What Is Catching and Passing in Basketball – Detailed Guide

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A team must have a solid passing game to have the upper hand in a basketball match. Without accurate passes, it won't be easy to get scores on the board.

And just like passing, catching the ball is an important aspect. Even with accurate passes, if the players can not catch the ball properly, they will not be able to control the ball.

For that reason, one of the basics that players need to learn is what is catching and passing in basketball. The core mechanics of the act is really not that hard to understand. And if you know the correct method of executing the moves, it will be pretty hard for your opponent to get a hold of the ball.

But what do we actually mean by the "correct" method? Well, if you want to know all about that, you will need to continue reading!

Let us first start with passing. It is basically the quickest and the most effective way of getting the ball from one player to another. And it becomes pretty difficult for the defensive players to get a hold of the ball when the offensive players make more passes in the game.

The defensive players will be pretty much frustrated and tired when the offensive players make successful passes in the game. And that is why coaches train the players on how to execute successful passes before any other skilled techniques.

Types of Passing in Basketball

Though there are different types of passes in the basketball game, players mainly focus on two. Here is a brief description of both:

1. Bounce Pass in Basketball

As the name suggests, a player would need to aim the ball at the floor to execute the bounce pass. In order to perform a successful bounce pass, one should throw the ball far enough out so that the ball bounces on the waist height of the receiver.

Some of the coaches will suggest throwing the ball ¾ of the way of the receiver. And that is a good reference point to learn bounce passing. That said, you would need to do a good amount of experiments with the technique to understand how far you should throw the ball for a successful pass.

2. Chest Pass in Basketball

The chest pass is the most common type of pass in the game. It will generally be between teammates where there is no defensive player in between. To successfully execute the technique, you will need to hold the hand with two hands and keep it at chest height.

You should also tuck your elbows properly and keep your fingers spread around the basketball. However, do not spread your fingers too far because that will restrict you from making a quick pass. Finally, step in the direction you want to pass the ball on and throw the ball.

Catching a Basketball

Now, let us focus on catching. In basketball, this act basically involves receiving the ball and putting it into your possession. And needless to say, you would only catch the ball when a player passes it to you. Like passing, catching is a fundament skill that you need to acquire to get better in the game.

Types of Catching in Basketball

Like passing, there are different types of caching techniques. And among all of them, these are the most common:

1. Two-Handed Catch

In the two-handed catching method, you will need to use both of your hands to grab the passing ball. And to properly execute this technique, both hands should contact the ball at the same time.

Block and Tuck

Unlike the two-handed catching method, players will need to use one hand to grab the ball in this technique. Then, you will need to tuck the ball by getting the other hand into action.

How to Improve Catching a Basketball

Among the two techniques, catching and passing, beginners tend to struggle a little bit on catches. That is why the question of how to get better at catching a basketball is pretty common.

So, how to catch fast passes in basketball successfully? Well, practice will make things easier. And when it comes to practicing catching, you will need to follow the right process.

The correct practice process for catching involves you standing about 12 feet from the wall.

Grab the ball and execute a hard chest pass at the wall. The ball should return back to you, and you will need to catch it. But while carrying out that technique, you should secure it by pulling the ball close to your chest.

After the grab, keep your elbows extended and get a hold of the ball. Practice this method for a while and try to successful execute five catches in a row. Keep your eyes on the ball and try not to fumble in any way.

Then, throw regular passes on the wall. It will make the ball come back to you at a lower height. Practice and execute five successful catches in a row with this method. Mix up bounce passes and chest passe with the help of your friend and try to master the catching process.

Make your friend pass the ball at different angles and at low heights to further enhance your skill. That will allow you to catch the passed ball quickly.

After mastering the 12 feet catching method, step up the practice session and lower the distance to 9 feet. Carry out the same steps of the 12 feet and practice as much as possible.

Final Words

Learning what is catching and passing in basketball is one of the first milestones you need to tick to be better at the game. And regardless of what your form might be, if you practice, you can get good at both techniques.

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