How To Play Foosball: Beginners Guide, Tips And Techniques

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Most of us all around the world love playing and watching football. Now, one game that has been made to recreate the same kind of excitement you have when playing football with your friends is Foosball. You get to have fun by tiring yourself out.

Now, some of you might not know what Foosball is, and some might ask how to play Foosball. If you are asking one of these questions, then you have come landed in the right article to find answers because we're here to help you out.

Anyone who is planning to improve their game of Foosball should give this a read to find out all the tricks.

So, let’s get to it, shall we?

The likelihood of someone not knowing what Foosball is very slim. However, if you happen to be one of them, then we are going to explain it to you in very easy words. This game resembles football, meaning there are ‘players’ who pass the ball to their teammates until they are able to score a goal.

Now, the main difference here is that the ‘players’ are actually figures who are attached to a long stick. You are the actual player who will be controlling these sticks, therefore the figures, and score goals.

This game is typically played by two or four players. If four people are playing, then there would be two players on each team. Each player would be responsible for controlling two of the four sticks. If there are two players in the game, then they would be controlling all four of the sticks themselves.

In just words, it might not sound like much, but you will see how intense these games of Foosball get. The person to get to 10 points first wins the game as well as bragging rights. But also, let’s face it, Foosball isn’t a one-game kind of thing; it is most likely to go on till the players experience cramps in their Hans and arms.

What Is Foosball Board?

Before jumping into learning how to play the game, let’s spend a moment on the board. You need to know which is what; once you get comfortable with the board, you will be able to get comfortable playing the game.

As we said before, there are four sticks you have to control, and there are figures attached to the sticks. Now the number of figures on each row is not the same. But they add up to 11, like in an actual football match.

So, on one side of the board is your goal post; one of your jobs is to make sure the ball doesn’t go through your goal post. In front of your goal post, you have three figures to keep the post. On the next row, you have two of your players on defense. Right after that, you have strikers from the opponent.

What Is Foosball and What Is Foosball Board?

Then there are five of your midfielders. After that, there are five of your opponent’s midfielders. Right after that, we have three of your strikers, their defensemen, and keepers. The other job you have is to go through their keeper and score goals.

As you can see, the basics of the game are very much like a regular football match. The main difference here is that there aren’t as many rules, as the figures aren’t actually moving around much. And also, no one is actually running around with the ball.

Playing Method of Foosball

We have done a lot of talking, now let’s finally get to the point you came looking for, how to play Foosball like a pro!

1. Get a Good Quality Table

The first rule of any game is to make sure the equipment you have is good. If you are playing on a bad quality foosball table, then you would be able to play that well. There is also a chance of the sticks and the table not cooperating with you when you are trying to make certain moves against your opponent.

Spend some time figuring out what you want from your table, do some research on different tables, and see what appeals the most to you.

2. Find out Signature Shot

You must know that not all players are great at making all kinds of shots. Don’t use Ronaldo or Messi as an example; they are exceptions in the sport. All players have a signature shot, one they are amazing at playing. You have to figure out what that shot is for you.

You might not be able to make all the shots perfectly. That might be because of your hand movement or even your timing. Whatever the case might be, you need to figure out what is the one-shot that works the best for you. It might take some time to get around the table or even learn what you are better at doing.

Find out Signature Shot

But with sufficient practice, you should be able to make perfect shots with the ball inside the opponent’s goalpost each time.

3. Set Up Your Mind

Most games require skills and talent for sure, but they also require a certain mindset and strategies.

If you are playing with someone better than you, then chances are you will either be very motivated to beat them, or you will have very low morale. So, you have to decide which side you want to be on; it would make a world of difference.

You have to come up with some of your own strategies. Also, you have to know what you are good at doing; if you see that attack is your strong suit, then in the whole game, you need to focus on that.

If you have a teammate, then you need to figure out who is better at what, then decide who should play defense and who should play offense.

4. Perfect Your Technique

Everyone has different techniques they use to play and try to win the game. You, too with also have to develop a personal technique that works best for you. Now you need to figure out your own technique of rotating or pulling and pushing the rod and timing your movements.

We have mentioned before that everyone has their own way of doing things and hand movements are also very different. So find out how it’s best for you to move.

5. Practice Regularly

There is no other way to beat your opponents than to practice till you can play with your eyes closed. You don’t actually have to try and do that, but you know what we mean. Practice perfecting shots, moves, and techniques.

Some Rules To Follow While Playing

Even though there aren’t as many rules in Foosball as there is in football, but there a number you need to follow.

  • Don’t distract your opponent 
  • You can’t touch the ball with your hands while in play
  • You can’t spin the rod to advance the ball.
  • Don’t jar the rods, bang the table, or move it in any way during the game.

Final Thought

If you actually want to learn how to play Foosball, then you need to try out all the tips and tricks we mentioned.

And if you’ve got any questions, shoot them in the comments.

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