Best Foosball Table Reviews – Ultimate Buyers Guide 2020

Assuming you are a great soccer fan. But your parents don’t let you go outside and play the game (also accounts for rainy days). They fear about the injuries which a soccer player usually picks up by playing on the field. What can be greater than a table soccer game that you’ll be able to play right at home? A foosball table or a soccer table, you may call it whatever you want. But this is always a great addition to your house & gaming room. Therefore, choosing the best foosball table is as important as it can get. 

If you have kids in your family, they will also feel delighted and encouraged to play the game. Though not sure this will keep them quiet given the enthralling nature of the game.

Figures are fixed on rotating rods. You’re in control of your favorite soccer players. Foosball game is intense but fun time with your family and friends. Battle for supremacy is on!

You’ve wasted enough time by jumping from one site to another. Now, you have just made your entry to the best place to buy a foosball table. We are here to give you some valuable tips to help in making a decision, so that you can purchase a classic sports foosball table for yourself. And we’ve got some exciting suggestions for you!

Best Rated Foosball Table Comparison Chart







Hathaway Playoff

Best cheap foosball table

48" L X 24" W X 32" H

51 lbs


Sport Squad FX40

Best tabletop foosball game

40" L X 20" W X 8" H

15 lbs


Hathaway Primo

Best foosball table for office

60" L X 40" W X 12" H

181 lbs


Warrior Professional

Best buy foosball table

56" L X 30" W X 36" H

215 lbs

Plastic laminate

Carrom Signature

Best affordable foosball table

55" L X 29" W X 36" H

162 lbs

Wild cherry wood laminate

Kick Triumph

Best money foosball table 

55" L X 30" W X 36" H

141 lbs

Particle board

ESPN Arcade

Best home foosball table

56" L X 28.75" W X 34.5" H

92 lbs


Tornado Sport

Foosball table for serious players

56" L X 30" W X 36" H

  205 lbs


Best Choice Foosball 

Best competition size soccer table

48" L X 24" W X 33" H

42 lbs


Tornado Elite Foosball

Best commercial soccer game

56" L X 30" W X 36" H

225 lbs

Victorian cherry laminate

Garlando G-500 Table

Best outdoor foosball table

56" X 30" X 36"

177 lbs

Marine plywood cabinet

Tornado T3000

Best professional tournament foosball table

56" L X 30" W X 36" H

355 lbs

aluminum laminate

Top Rated Foosball Tables Reviews 

If your budget is low and looking for the best low-entry foosball table on the market, then Hathaway Playoff is the foosball table that I should recommend to you.

This is not unknown to anyone that Hathaway has been producing some great game tables for years and they always deliver a decent playing experience. This Hathaway foosball table is quite cheap still very much sturdy, durable and people seem to enjoy playing on this

The dimensions of the playing surface measure 40”L X 22.75”W and table dimension 48.5” L X 24” W X 32”H. the table is made of using MDF engineered wood which is CARB certified. It might not be the best material to use but considering it’s price this is simply outstanding

The Hathaway Playoff soccer table features chrome plated steel rods and ergonomic grips which ensure fast and competitive play. ABS molded players are durable and have grooved flippers for premium ball control.

The table includes some amazing additional features such as automatic end ball return, a sliding score system and many more. It is a three-man goalie configuration

Infact, this is a decent soccer table at such an affordable price


  • Dazzling design
  • Chrome plated steel rods
  • Manual slide scoring system
  • ABS molded durable players
  • End ball return

If you want to play a tale soccer but don’t really have the space to get a full-sized table then you should try this tabletop version and start playing wherever you want! It does not really matter whether you’re purchasing for your kid, your grandfather who is on retirement or due to lack of space in your house, small foosball tables like FX40 can provide hours of fun

The dimension of the table measures 40”L X 20”W X 8”H. This is somewhat bigger compared to the most other table top football models. However, you can still store or carry it quite easily

The Sport Squad FX40 foosball table is made of Medium density fiberboard (MDF). Compared to the particle board or other plastic materials, this is way better. Steel rods are chrome plated and with ergonomic handles, they provide power behind your foosball shots.

Players are durable and the table comes with a 3 man goalie configuration. Manual scorer and convenient ball return are other two great inclusions to this quality cheap table top game.

Enjoy fast paced play here on this compact tabletop FX40 foosball table. GOOOOAAALLLL!


  • Compact design requires least space
  • Chrome steel rods with rubber grooved handles
  • Enhanced portability
  • Manual scorer
  • Convenient ball return 

Hathaway is a well respected brand that is known for delivering high-quality tables. They combine classic craftmanship with modern machinery to achieve superior quality construction. Their aim is to manufacture tables that deliver great action and superior play. Everything they sell is designed and engineered in US. And the premium grade Hathaway 56 inch primo foosball table is their highest quality foosball table that is very much affordable as well.

The modern foosball table is constructed of CARB certified MDF materials which are really solid. Gaming table has a stylish exterior melamine design due to durable expresso finish. This foosball table dimensions measure 56.5 inch L X 29 inch W X 34 inch H

Along with leg levelers, there is a sturdy box leg design and cross support to give the table increased stability. There are some other exciting features such as solid stainless steel rods, E-Z spin bearings and ABS counterbalanced players. This Hathaway Primo is a one man goalie table.

Overall, this is a sturdy table that shall provide excellent foosball playing experience. Let me tell you one thing, this is the best quality foosball table under $500

Ready to witness a continuous fast paced action?


  • Slick surface and grassy, soccer like style
  • Lightening fast E-Z spin bearings
  • Independent leg levelers
  • Solid molded soccer players
  • Analog scoring with soccer style balls

Atomic is another brand that is well known for manufacturing awesome foosball tables. Their aim is to manufacture well crafted tables that are reasonably priced. And Atomic Pro force 56” foosball table is no such exception to that. let’s give you a nice little brief why I enlisted this atomic foosball table on the buying guide

Atomic Pro Force foosball table is constructed of using MDF materials. They are quite durable and solid for most usage levels. The table has a stylish looking exterior design thanks to the rich bamboo laminate

Table dimensions are 56”L X 29.5”W X 34.5”H. hollow chrome steel rods come with good quality rubber octagonal handles for better control and precision play. The table also features a manual scoring system and four ball along with a built in ball return. For even playing field, there will be 3.5” leg levelers as well. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the issue of playing in an uneven surface anymore

In short, with solid construction and beautiful design, the Atomic Proforce table should fit right into the professional office environment or gaming room of your house. Check out our Atomic proforce foosball table review


  • Robot style players
  • Hollow chrome steel rods with rubber octagonal handles
  • Stylish bamboo laminating design
  • Leg levelers
  • Manual scoring system, ball return, angled buffer

The Atomic Gladiator foosball table measures 56”L X 31.25”W X 34.75”H inches. The table is constructed of solid MDF materials with ½” MDF surface resists warping. Solid steel rods with easy to grip wooden handles shall give you perfect control

There are three and half inch leg levelers for making sure you get to play in an even playing field. Internal ball return and entry shall enable both you and your opponent to get back into the action as soon as possible

If the game grows into a tensed situation, you may need to keep yourself hydrated by having some drinks. Therefore, Atomic Gladiator has built-in cup holders for your convenience. With solid wood abacus scoring, you can easily keep track of the match situation. This is a 3 man goalie table

Bottom line is that Atomic Gladiator is a reliable game table with some excellent features and they offer a great value for money


  • Steel rods with octagonal wood handles
  • Internal ball return system and ball entry
  • Leg levelers
  • Integrated cup holder
  • Abacus scoring system includes 4 balls

Warrior Professional foosball table is a tournament size table recognized by both USTSF and ITSF player organizations. This tournament foosball table dimensions measure 56” L X 30” W X 36” H and weighs more than 200 pounds which make it ideal for players of all ages

You will get a far more advanced gameplay on this warrior professional table at such an affordable price. Compare with any other regulation foosball table in this range, difference is very much visible. Infact, the durability, high performance and superb quality with which Warrior Pro comes, it’s worth spending your every penny on it

Assembled men on rods shall make you finish the installation quite fast. Uniquely designed swivel base is ready to make leveling on uneven surfaces. This will also prevent from any unwanted movements while playing

Counterbalanced foosball men will have high performance split bearings along with ridged feet. They allow faster and more powerful shots. It also accounts for excellent ball control. This Warrior foosball table is a one man goalie configuration

Rod guard system shall act as an ideal shield for both kids and adults. It helps to prevent from any accidental injury for fast moving rods

This includes a new arcade style ball return. Balls will be sent to the center of the table without any pipeline. As a result, you will get a more consistent and faster ball return

A perfect combination of class, longevity, advanced game control and excellent playability. How much praise we do, it often seems less. Infact, we can’t recommend this highly enough.

Install this premier soccer foosball table in your gaming room and you’re guaranteed to get tournament grade gaming experience in the years to come

With more information, we’ve prepared a detailed warrior foosball table review for you.


  • Tournament certified table
  • Rod guard system for safety
  • Pro quality split bearing
  • Foosball men with ridged feet
  • Arcade style ball return
  • Warrior Tournament ball

Kettler Weatherproof soccer game table is an excellent option to choose. The table is completely weatherproof with high speed glass playing field. That looks great and will last for longer period. Overall, dimension of the table is 58”L X 46”W X 35”H

When it comes to construction, the table is made of high quality laminates and weatherproof resin to form a strong and durable cabinet. This is a single man goalie design table

Telescoping rods are treated with anti-rust chromium plating for all weather resistance and sturdiness. Players are unbreakable and molded to rods quite securely to avoid future loosening.

Their innovative side and corner rails eliminate any threats of dead spots on the field and ensure a non-stop gameplay. With integrated ball drop feature, it provides a fair ball drop at the beginning of each round leaving no scope for anyone to complain

Each leg comes with built in floor levelers and resin score counter shall let everyone know who’s winning. It also includes an integrated ball box for simple ball retrieval as well

All in all, Kettler Cavalier covered foosball table is a good fit for everybody


  • High quality laminate & weatherproof resin made construction
  • Sloped side & corner rails
  • Integrated ball drop and ball box
  • Built in floor leveler
  • Resin score counter
  • Comes with outdoor cover and 5 foosball balls

Anybody looking for a soccer table to have fun with the whole family at an affordable price should know that Carrom Signature model is a serious contender then. This signature table is their most famous and affordable one. Besides, Carrom is one of the top foosball brands going around the world right now. So, you know you’re making a quality purchase

Carrom’s signature foosball table just got better day by day. It comes in three different types of finishing materials: Burr Oak, Moroccan and Wild Cherry. You can choose any of them as they all have the same features and specs. The dimensions of the Carrom foosball table are 55”L X 29”W X 36”H

Carrom Signature has got all the premium features that make this a favored game for any family recreation room. A smooth finish in the playing surface and thickness of 1” shall allow players to play a thrilling fast moving game

There are some other great features such as leg levelers, hollow steel rods for quick play, wood bead scoring system and high quality materials. You can choose from one man and three man goalie configuration. The table is manufactured in USA

Bottom line is that Carrom Signature is an excellent demonstration of sturdiness and awesomeness both at a reasonable price. In terms of family fun, this will be a great investment. Price is not that high and you shall be able to spend some quality time with your family for several years


  • Made using highest quality materials
  • Passed durability test
  • Thick playing surface with enamel screen-printed graphics
  • Heavy leg support
  • Premium bearings with wood beaded scoring system

Tornado Sport foosball table is one of the best recreational soccer playing tables currently on the market. As we all know, Tornado always delivers world class foosball tables

This Tornado Sport might be their cheapest model to introduce into the game but yet it’s way better than most other soccer tables on the market. Tornado Sport has a premium look to impress your friends thanks to the beautiful mahogany melamine finish. The table comes with the following dimension 56”X 30”X 36”

Remember this is 3-man goalie sport foosball table. Telescopic rods are perfect for quick play. There are height adjustable legs with boot levelers as well. 1 inch thick cabinet comes with SureGrip black plastic handles and end ball return for convenience. This classic sport foosball table is made in USA, if that is important to you

All in all, Tornado sport foosball is the perfect table for both starters and the more experienced players. As evident from the above, Tornado manufactured the best competition foosball table on the market


  • Thick and sturdy cabinet with Mahogany finish
  • Height adjustment with boot levelers
  • Easy grip hexagonal handles
  • End ball return
  • Score counter

Kick Triumph is designed for foosball enthusiasts who don’t want to go for high end tables but still want a premium level experience in foosball. This is actually a miracle from the manufacturer. They have done a superb job. Kick foosball actually has built a reputation for bringing on high quality tables that are affordable to most people

Elegant looking chrome detailing against black color of table make it stunning. The dimension of the pro Kick foosball table measures 55”L X 30”W X 36”H and it weighs 141 pounds. You can choose between 1 Goalie and 3 goalie design. Besides, there are two chrome cup holders and that is optional installation, if you don’t want to attach it, you don’t need to

Sturdy leg levelers provide immense support. There will be ball return on each side. So, ball is never out of play. Foosball men are counterweighted. They are quite durable and chrome plated rods have wooden handles for better grip and control.

It includes 2 Kick premier and 2 soccer balls. And you’ll get a lifetime warranty on all parts


  • Elegant and sturdy
  • Durable playing rods with NoSlip wooden handles
  • Counterbalanced men
  • Cup holders
  • Ball return on each side
  • Lifetime warranty

If your budget is low and want to have a decent foosball table, the American Legend foosball table shall do quite nicely. It offers some basic features at a low cost

This is a well built table with solid square legs. The table features a light oak finish, chrome hollow rods and cross bar support for added strength. Non slip grips are great for power shots. This is a one man goalie configuration

The table measures 53.5”L X 26”W X 34”H. MDF playfield resists any kind of warping. Internal ball return system and abacus style scoring provide an action packed playing experience where there will be no halt during play

American legend charger table is a perfect fitting product for family fun. Kids shall have plenty of fun playing on this table. Even for a beginner it’s a great medium to learn some basic skills in foosball.

The foosball table comes at a price well under $500 and shows true value for money


  • Hollow rods with chrome finish
  • Solid square legs
  • Cross bar support
  • Internal ball return
  • Abacus style scoring

EastPoint Sports 54 inch Newcastle foosball game table is built for most competitive of players. Eastpoint foosball is an official foosball table size and that is exactly what you need to complete your gaming room

This official foosball table is a sturdy construction and luster long finish resists wear and tear for several years. Durable robo style players can generate maximum power behind your shots. There are quality rod bushings which spin and slide quite easily and you get a thrilling game on your hands thanks to the Eastpoint Newcastle foosball table

Leg levelers ensure you get an even playing surface and there is a bead style scoring system to keep track of the action. All these includes 2 foosballs as well.

For people with tight budget, Eastpoint sports foosball table is a decent enough table that has a solid construction and comes with number of good features that everybody adores


  • Official tournament sized table
  • Steel rods with robo style players
  • High performance rod bushings
  • Bead style scoring
  • Leg levelers

Pay attention to the Playcraft Sport, a sturdily built, feature rich table that is designed to offer both kids and young adults a decent foosball experience. This won’t be a bad choice either for parents who are searching for a perfect gift for their children

Constructed of MDF materials, the table comes with a thrilling soccer field deign. Besides, mesmerizing graphics of crowd section make the game more realistic. The dimension of the table measures 48” X 24”X 31”

Unified leg panel feature provides the ultimate stability to the table. Chromium rods are lightweight and come with slide bearings for fast and smooth rotation. You will have ball serving cups on both the sides. This is a 1 man goalie configuration

There are few other good features as well. Playcraft sport 48 inch foosball table comes with internal ball retrieval, plastic manual slide scorer and leg levelers. It also includes 2 foosballs

All in all, quality of Playcraft table is quite excellent, looks fascinating and has number of good exciting features. Therefore, anybody looking to purchase a table for their kids or casual play, this 48” Playcraft sport foosball table will be a great prospect.


  • Easy leveling
  • Steel rods with slide bearings
  • Unified leg panel design with leg spanners
  • Ball serve cups
  • Manual slide scorer

ESPN Arcade foosball table comes with excellent quality features and awesome design that makes it a perfect product that you might be looking for. You are getting true value for your money

ESPN foosball table is made of MDF materials and comes with a PVC laminate finishing. It boosts the lifespan of the product. Furthermore, rods are chrome plated to increase the durability. The ESPN soccer table has got an overall dimension of 56”L X 28.75”W X 34.5”H, further indicating the fact that it fits in almost any game room

Leg levelers ensure it stays tall even when the competition grows tough. Players are hand painted which makes it more fashionable and appealing to everybody. On these ESPN foosball tables, there are side ball returns for simple ball retrieval and a traditional scorer to keep track of the action as well

Good quality table, nice instructions, simple assembly and price is quite good by considering all these things. Spending quality time with your family and friends can’t get much better than this


  • PVC laminate finish
  • Hand painted players
  • Traditional bead scoring system

Best Choice products 48” foosball table has a low friction playing surface built with medium density fiberwood. Customers also praised about this product. They had a fantastic playing experience

The table comes with a great design as well. Wooden finish shall make it look pretty in almost any environment. Comfortable grips allow the players to control the ball better and rather efficiently. Your hands won’t get tired even when the competition heats up

To stay hydrated during a game, you need a convenient placement of drinks. And there is a cup holder at either end of the table ensuring there is no drop of intensity

The table dimensions are 48”L X 24”W X 33”H. This is a 1 man goalie set up. It also includes a manual scorer and two balls

Consider the playing experience that you’re going to get along with quality build and low price, surely you won’t get a better foosball table under 100 dollars than this


  • Competition sized foosball table
  • Player friendly design with cup holders
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Durable composition

Tornado Elite has a solid construction, beautiful design and all the other exciting features that it needs to be the best premium foosball table. Undoubtedly, this is simply the best professional level table available for your home

The dimension of the Valley tornado foosball table is rather tournament sized 56” X 30” X 36”. The table uses wood as the construction material and cabinet has a Victorian Cherry laminate finish. Telescopic steel rods are lightweight, easy to control, provide brisk playing speed and most importantly safe to use

Natural solid wood handles shall give you superior control over rods. Besides, Tornado’s patented split bearings provide faster rod spin. The Tornado valley foosball table is made in USA, so you know you’re getting a quality table

Tornado elite foosball table has a three man goalie set up. Foosball men are counterbalanced. Solid legs come with leg levelers to adjust the height of the table. All these include dual ball return and high quality foosballs

Overall, it’s a top notch quality table with durability at it’s best. If you ever go to buy a foosball table that will last for years, then this is your pick. Absolutely no hesitation


  • Victorian Cherry laminate finish
  • Commercial grade leg levelers
  • Patented split bearings
  • Abacus scoring
  • US built table

The 55 inch Ambassador foosball table is yet another testament to the fact that Kick always manufactures high quality tables that are affordable to most people

The dimensions of the Kick Ambassador are as follows: 55”L X 29”W X 36”H. it features mahogany finish and a ½” thick playing field. The playfield stays nicely balanced thanks to the sturdy leg levelers. The Kick foosball table weighs approximately 126 lbs

Whether you will go with 1 goalie or 3 goalie, it certainly depends on your playing method and style. Certainly, you have the ball in your court to decide. Note that foosball men are counterbalanced

Players are durable and nicely secured to the rods. Chrome plated rods have NoSlip black handles. Therefore, it is ideal for precise player control and dribbling

It includes ball return and slide scoring on each end as well. Like other Kick foosball tables, Ambassador has also got lifetime warranty on all parts, further indicating customer satisfaction is their primary goal. Overall, a solid and durable table, that is a good fit for everyone


  • Leg leveler
  • 1-goalie or 3-goalie
  • Counterbalanced and uniformed men
  • Ball return and slide scoring system
  • Lifetime warranty

If you don’t have too much space in your game room to play table soccer, a folding foosball table will be the right choice for you going ahead. You may find a lot of folding models on the market but don’t really know how many of them are capable of competing with Garlando Open Air folding foosball table

The dimensions of the Open Air table are as follows: 56” X 43” X 35”. The table is constructed of weather resistant materials which make it suitable for outdoor use all year round. Thick cabinet is reinforced with fiberglass for outstanding sturdiness. Note that this is a 1 man goalie table

There is plenty to like about these Garlando foosball tables. It features unbreakable moplen players and rust-resistant telescoping steel rods. Leg panels fretwork enhance the table stability. Besides, there are steel roller bearings that greatly improve the game speed.

In short, of all the folding foosball tables this is the best folding option you’ll ever get. Folding legs are ideal for reduced storage space and allow transportation quite easily. Overall, it is durable, solidly built and you can expect plenty of good years of play from it


  • Weatherproof cabinet
  • Folding legs
  • Anti-rust chromium plating rods
  • Steel roller bearings
  • Abacus scoring
  • Unbreakable moplen players

Want the best professional foosball table? Trust me your long wait is over. Tornado tournament 3000 is the competition table that has tremendous strength, longevity and quality everything in the mix. This is a table built for competitive play

The dimensions of Tornado Tournament 3000 table are as follows: 56”L X 30”W X 36”H. Thick commercial grade cabinet boosts the lifespan of the table. Leg levelers ensure maximum stability when the match grows competitive

This is a 3 man Goalie set up. Foosball men are counterbalanced. These Tornado counterbalanced men come with redesigned feet which tend to give precise control. Hollow steel rods with easy grip handles are quite good as well. And this is a tournament choice foosball table

There are some other good features such as ball return system and an abacus style scoring unit to keep track of scoreline. Some handy accessories will also be provided along with the table. Tornado tournament table includes a 1 year manufacturer warranty

A fast paced gameplay is eagerly waiting for you!


  • Official game table of TNT, TNFL, ITSF
  • Lots of extra accessories and balls
  • Professional quality and sturdy
  • Abacus scoring unit
  • Counterbalanced men
  • Leg levelers

Must have heard about the saying ‘’beauty with brain”?

And the American Heritage table is quite identical to what I meant to say. This is the prettiest foosball table you’ll ever see. At the same time, it is well constructed with durable materials and quite heavy as well. The heavy weight speaks for it’s sturdiness and you’ll need assistance to lift it and even getting into your house. However, the instructions are very much clear and assembly is not too difficult

The American Heritage foosball table blends nicely with any decor. It won’t look like that you’ve placed a gaming table out of position. You will get a classic Parquet playing surface that is ideal for serious competitions. Foosball men are counterweighted and they allow players to shoot without other rods blocking their shot. It is a 3 man goalie set up

Adjustable leg levelers transform the rough surfaces into an even field. It comes with a pair of center ball return on either side and 4 foosball balls included. Don’t forget the cabinet has got trimmed espresso finish which is another demonstration of tournament quality craftmanship from American heritage billiards carlyle foosball table


  • Classic Parquet playing surface
  • Dual scorekeeper
  • Adjustable leg leveler
  • Counterbalanced men
  • Ball return
  • Stripped rugby competitors with 3 man goalie system

If you’re in search of a very much sturdy, high quality professional grade table then Garlando G500 will be a great addition to your home, garage, office or gym. This is a solidly built table which will endure all weather without showing any signs of warping

The overall dimensions of Garlando G500 weatherproof outdoor foosball table are 56” X 30” X 36”. The cabinet has a quality construction made of marine plywood. Telescopic steel rods are lightweight and safe for kids to use.

Table components are waterproof. Incase, you want to clean the table, it is washable. The playfield features highly resistant plastic laminated plywood.

This is a one man goalie table. Players are durable and permanently molded to rods. It comes with heavy duty nylon leg levelers to make the floor well-leveled. It includes a vinyl table cover and all the necessary playing accessories

The instructions are quite good and assembly is easy. Garlando g 500 is a sleek design that will look great in your home and everybody can take their part in this foosball party!


  • Thick construction with marine plywood
  • Waterproof playing surface
  • Nylon leg levelers
  • Anti-rust hardware
  • Simple instructions, vinyl table cover and all accessories

Best Selling Foosball table Buying Guide 2020 - How to choose a foosball table

Foosball is purely one of the most addicting games that you’ll ever come across. And once you start playing foosball, it will really difficult to stop. Because, such competitiveness and greater level of intensity are required to enjoy the game. You shall never get bored of playing foosball. Foosball also helps to reduce stress. It adds some fun to day to day life

Whether you’re looking for best foosball tables for your home, workplace, pub or bar, it doesn’t really matter. You’ve come exactly at the right web address. And buying foosball table is always a great investment.

You probably don’t know where to buy foosball table. And this is also very true that there are number of different foosball table brands and options available in the market. Anybody can be overwhelmed. I get this point.

Because, even I had been at the receiving end couple of times. Though that time I had just started to learn the game. So, didn’t know too much about foosball table. I didn’t have any idea about which are good products and which are not.

Therefore, that setback was coming but now I am bit a more experienced. I am playing this game for a little over 7 years. So, I decided to make a foosball table buying guide from all my experience to help you out.

This is all about choosing the right foosball table that will meet all your needs and preferences. I spent almost 50 hours on researching, reviewing the top foosball table products & gathering all the information you need to know before making a decision.

It’s not based on my personal view either 

I called some of my relatives who are doing business about soccer tables for the last 10 years and discussed with them a lot.

After going through all these, I decided to cover all the best quality foosball table brands, types, budgets to help you make an informed decision. This buying guide for foosball tables has everything you need. We hope this will be really helpful to you. You will get what you’re wishing for. So, without further due let’s dive into this!

What is a foosball table?

What is foosball? Foosball is regarded as the smaller sized version of the world’s most popular sport, Soccer. Some also ask what does a foosball table look like? A soccer foosball table is rectangular. There are lines for goalkeeper, defenders, strikers and in the midfield. So, the shape is very much similar to a real soccer field.

The soccer table game involves figures which are fastened securely to the rods to maintain control. Note that you won’t be allowed to alter the offensive or defensive position of a player’s lengthways on the table. You can only adjust their position widthways across the court.

History of foosball

There are some really interesting facts about the invention of foosball. Infact, the history of foosball is nothing sort of a debate. Many believe Frenchmen Lucien Rosengart invented the sport in the late 1930s. During winter, he wanted to keep his grandchildren entertained by a fun game. Because it was too cold for them to play outside. He named the game “babyfoot” instead of “Foosball”.

Another group defended Thornton as the inventor of foosball. Back in 1921, he decided to create a game that people could play in their houses. He also decided to give his new creation a name “foosball”. 

Then in 1937, Alejandro Finisterre created a game called futbolin when he was getting bored in the hospital.

How to play foosball?

At the start of the play and after each goal, the ball is placed at the center of the table. You need to maneuver the rods to control figures & pass or kick the ball. You can even hold up the play in the same way. Bottom line is you need to score more goals to defeat your opponent.

Types of foosball tables

There are different types of foosball table available on the shop to meet your budget and need. Yes, they do work for different types of settings. But if you know which type of soccer foosball tables will suit you best, then it can prove to be a great asset when you go out to purchase one. Infact, this will come really handy in choosing quality foosball tables that shall give you entertainment for the years to come.

Mainly there are two types: Standard foosball table and Tabletop foosball table. I have included two more on this list for better understanding of you.

1. Stand-alone/ Standard foosball table: 

most familiar type of foosball table. When you hear people talking about foosball tables, basically they’re referring to this regular type of table. As the name implies, stand alone table comes with attached legs that help the table to stand by it’s own. This full size foosball table is rather heavy and expensive due to being constructed of solid wood. They require more space.

Teenagers, adults infact anyone who is dying for a competitive foosball game table, will feel lucky to have this. Though some cheaper models make a combination of real wood and MDF particle board which weigh less. Though they are still heavy. High quality materials enable the standard table to last several years.

Pro tips: if you’re low on budget, pay attention to the foosball table size. There are number of cheap foosball tables which are not full size. Size is definitely an important considerable point when you are looking to assess different brands or models

2. Tabletop foosball tables:

when you hear people talking about mini foosball table, they usually refer to this type of table. People call it a mini foosball table due to it’s small size compared to the stand alone ones.

Unlike stand alone tables, table top models come without any legs. Therefore, you need to put it on top of a sturdy playing surface such as dining room table. Coffee table etc. if you want, you can put them on the floor but don’t think it will be the most comfortable way of playing.

The small size is perfect for people who don’t have enough space for a full size table but still want to enjoy some foosballing. Basically, these table top foosball games are made for the children.

Being said that I have seen guys using this small tabletop version in college as well. The reason why it is cheap because they are made of plastic material. However, this literally means foosball table tops are not as durable as the stand alone tables.

So, your expectation should be realistic. Many parents look for an inexpensive way to introduce the game for their kids before stepping into a larger table. So, it is of no surprise, they prefer foosball table top models for their dear little ones.

Not so heavy and it can be taken to any place quite easily. These portable foosball tables make it absolutely ideal for young kids to play the game without fearing any short of injury or anything else.

3. Multi game/ Combination game foosball table: 

A very good choice for kids as well as people who live in small apartment, don’t have a lot of space but still want to enjoy multiple games on the same table. As the name suggests, you’ll be able to play different types of table games such as foosball, air hockey, billiards, table tennis all in one.

Combination may vary depending on manufacturers and model but all of them are high quality tables.

They can be full size or closer to it. So, as expected foosball combination tables are a bit costly and can last long.

4. Commercial/ Coin-operated foosball table: 

Coin foosball tables are undoubtedly most expensive types of foosball table out there in the market. Furthermore, they are constructed of ultra heavy duty material to withstand any kind of damage.

As it sounds, you will require coins to be able to play the game. You will find this kind of table in businesses like sports bars, normal bar, arcades, club, pool hall or family game room.

Commercial foosball table is becoming very popular these days. Because guys who don’t have access to foosball table but like family gathering or want to hang out with their friends, cousins and colleague will have the fun going which they don’t get to enjoy very often. Once purchased they are cheap to run, take a little space and you only need to change coins every so often, nothing else

What to look for in a foosball table?

We hope now you have got a clear understanding of what type of foosball table suits you best. You have also got your budget ready. Now it’s time to look for important features that you should give a thought before making a purchase. See which ones are more significant to you and shop according to that.

Table size and weight:

At first, you need to measure the free space that is available at your place. Have plenty of space? Then no worries about the size of the table

However, if you’re living at a small place then the size of the foosball table becomes a crucial factor in making a decision. Not just for the table you will also need some space for movements or to stand around the table. Want to play freely & comfortably? Then keep two to three feet extra for movement purposes as maximum 4 number of players are allowed to play at a time

And yes, every foosball table usually comes with it’s measurements. Notably, the standard size for most full sized foosball table game is 56”Long X 30”Wide X 36”Height. These standard foosball table size measurements don’t include fully extended rods. You should also take them into consideration. Having said all that, pro level players always advice to have a playing space of 7 feet by 8 feet for a foosball table.

Standard or full-size tables vary in their weight. Some table may weigh less than 100 lbs while others may be close to 200 or even 300 lbs. However, weight doesn’t affect your table’s overall dimensions. But you should take this into consideration for assembly purpose and durability.

Pro Tips: if you’ve little space, go for a smaller size table or you can even consider a folding table as well.

3 goalie vs 1 goalie foosball:

At the final rod of your defense line, you will have the goalies attached. When comparing different foosball tables, you will find out some are three man goalies and some are single man goalies. In UK, there are single man goalies. On the other hand, three man goalies are mostly found in USA.

The single goalie tables have corner guards (like ramps) who prevent the ball from getting stuck in the corner. Because the one man goalie won’t be able to reach there

By constrast, the three man goalie set ups don’t have that luxury and so the ball sometimes gets out of play. Note that some high end foosball table with a three man goalie can be converted to a one man goalie configuration. Which style you should go with certainly depend on your personal preference, seriousness for the game and type of tournaments you play.

Pro tips:

1. if you’re looking for a fast paced game then three man goalie is the way to go. This type of foosball table setup is absolutely perfect for most beginners, kids and intermediate players

2. one man goalie is more about control and precision. Advanced/experienced players or anybody who wants to build up skills by making the game harder should purchase this type of foosball setup

Counterweighted Men:

Who wants their shot to be defended by their own foosball men? That is why there is a feature called counter weighted men. It is found in most foosball tables. Pro level skilled players opt for this type of counterbalanced soccer men table.

Because these counterweighted men stay in a horizontal position when you release them. Literally, this kind of foosball table player setup means your forwards are kept out of the way as you take shots from the longer distance.

On the other hand, Noncounter balanced foosmen shall constantly block your shots and passes. This in turn makes the game less interesting.

But with the counterweighted men, now you don’t have to worry about them and all in all you will have a better playing experience

Foosball Men Roll Pin:

Table levelers and adjustable legs:

Most people pretty much do the same mistake by overlooking leg levelers. Want to play the game nice and fair? Then choose a high quality foosball table that has got table levelers.

Just imagine that you have got a table which you can entirely lean. So, there is always a disadvantage for the player who stands by the leaning side.

Therefore, if you want to facilitate fair play on any surface then table leveler is a necessity. Yeah, you may find a few different types of levelers but the basic function remains the same for all of them

With the adjustable leg feature, you’ll be able to adjust the foosball table height quite easily. Without adjustable leg levelers, it can get a bit tricky to find the perfect height to play. Even an inch or two can have such a big impact on the outcome of the foosball games. In case it is placed on an uneven surface, this feature shall enable you to make the position of the table even

Playing rods:

One of the principle keys to ensure you have a good foosball table experience is buy a quality playing rod. Remember, you can’t compromise on the playing rods. You should always look to make sure you buy something that is pretty sturdy and tough to tear apart but you’ll have the better feeling of the ball.

Basically, you’ll find two types of foosball rods in the market and both of them are constructed of steel

1. First type is solid steel rods. You’ll find these solid steel rods in mid-tier foosball tables. They are the strongest of the two types but heavy. This is actually the reason for a slower paced game.

2. Next comes hollow steel rods. Since these rods aren’t that heavy, infact very light. They tend to speed up your game play. They turn really smoothly. this contributes by adding more fun to the game. You’ll find this type of rod in most expensive foosball table. Most high end foosball tables for e.g Tornado does provide hollow rods.

Hence, hollow steel rods are considered best. But there is nothing wrong with those solid steel rods. It can also be a personal choice of yours.

Along with these two, there is another type of rod known as Telescoping rod

Actually, these are designed as sleeves. As a result, these rods can move in and out but unlike solid rods they won’t poke through the opposite side of the table. Foosball telescopic rods are generally expensive but considered as a safer option to choose when you’re intending to buy a table for your family

Pro tips: hollow rods will be the preferred option if you’re looking for a fast paced play. The reduced weight of hollow rods shall increase the pace of your play with super fast shots

Table materials:

How will you differentiate high quality tables from low quality ones? Well, go to shop and you will see that tables do vary based on what types of material are used for their construction. Generally, the three following materials are used:

1.Solid wood
3.Particle board

Particle boards are made with very cheap materials. Over time, particle boards can be weakened. And eventually, they may even breakdown. They are not strong enough so they may warp and fall apart very easily just after couple of games. It weighs more than 70-75 pounds

You might have noticed most expensive tables are made either from solid wood or composite wood

Generally it’s well known that solid woods are the best quality material thanks to it’s durability, sturdiness, attractiveness and top quality playability.

This is almost perfect except one thing- wood’s susceptibility to humidity. If you’re living in a humid climate or keep it in a humid place, this can lead to some warping on the table

However, with composite wood you don’t have to deal with this problem at all. Since, they are more resistant to moisture and humidity, they will be a very good choice if you’re looking for an outdoor foosball table.

But one thing to clarify here, you won’t get the same quality of playing experience that solid wood is probably best known for.

The thickness of the material, is another crucial factor to take into consideration when you’re out to buy foosball table.

A good quality foosball table generally has thick side walls built with quality materials. Generally, ½” thick or over is a pretty much solid foundation to prevent warping and breakage threats.

But the walls at least 1 inch thick or 1-2 inches thick should make it ideal and safe. Anything less than one inch thickness, might just tear apart within months.

Who wants to be a repeated customer? Do you want to go back to the market once again for a new table?

Pro tips: if you don’t have humidity problems at your place then go for wood. For outdoor foosball experience, composite will be the best bet. Avoid buying table that is made of particle foosball board

Wooden Soccer Game Table:

Table surface:

The speed of the surface of the foosball table is also a valid point to look at. A simple plain smooth playing surface is all you need for an action packed game. It is of no surprise that foosball tables with higher thickness level provides a faster ball travel during play. You will notice smooth and hard finish mostly in American foosball tables

Furthermore, you have to be a bit cautious when you want to go for a particle board playing surface. Because they absorb the moisture very easily and get softer. So they tend to lose shape just after a few games

Pro tips:  yes, you do need a surface with hard finishing for a faster game but also don’t forget to have the ball control on your hands. Keep yourself away from those slippery surfaces where it will be really difficult to keep the ball pinned let alone control it

Foosball balls:

The best thing about a foosball ball is it isn’t that costly, infact one of the cheapest parts to get along. You can always purchase a new set of quality balls at a reasonable price but I would suggest you to buy balls that you can effortlessly grip or pin down against the field.

Avoid using plastic balls or those who have a shiny, slick finish. Those foosballs are not just hard to pin. Everytime you play a shot, they make an annoying, displeasing sound to hear

 Foosball Table Balls:

Foosball men:

You will see quite a few differences in the shape and design of foosball player. But you should take a special notice at materials which are used to build foosball players. They are constructed of either steel or plastic. Steel players are heavier and offer you more power when shooting compared to plastic ones.

Their feet are the most important thing to consider here. You should choose foosball men with feet that have rough surface. Because that is the part which controls the ball and provides a very good grip

If you’ve sharp edges towards the end of foosball men, the precision of your shots or passes will be greatly increased

Pro tips: avoid players with round, slick foot design. Their flat surface can worsen ball control capability

Ball return:

Always choose a foosball table with a side ball return. Because this shall allow you to retrieve he ball rather easily. And then you can give your full concentration on the game. No need to worry for anything else. One might think it’s a minor feature. But that’s a crucial one really if you want to enjoy the game at the fullest level


Have you used foosball table before? If the answer is yes then you probably know this. When you purchase a table, it will come with separated parts for easy packaging process. Therefore, you need to start the foosball table assembly from the base.

The table often comes with detailed information and instruction that you will need to fit every single part. You should follow all the instruction to ensure every part is attached properly. Also be patient. Otherwise, it can prove to be a really lengthy period to get the job done

The playing surface should be kept flat. To secure foosball men to the rods tightly, make sure the hammering doesn’t bend the rods. Also the field shouldn’t be too much stressed to cause a crack

Pro tips: if you’re intending to buy a heavy table, then at first choose the location of it and thereafter do the assembly in the exact place. Because it’s heavy and can have a lot of trouble while moving, therefore this will make your assembly a bit easier

Who’s gonna play with the foosball table?

You can’t choose the same type of foosball table for your kid that you have in your office space. That won’t be appropriate either. Based on the user, the choice of a right foosball table can vary a lot. Because a lot depends on your this answer

1. Kid’s choice
A full sized table for a kid who is probably 8 to 10 years old isn’t ideal. Infact, he won’t really enjoy playing in a full size table due to his short height. Why not consider a table top foosball table for him? Afterall, this is the best foosball option to choose. You can simply explore foosball tables for kids through a single click

2. Teen’s choice
Are you thinking of giving your teenager kid a tabletop sport table as his/her birthday gift? Well, first of all don’t even mistakenly think about this again. Because, this will be probably the worst gift for your kid.

Teens at this stage of their life are very energetic and innovative. They watch everyone playing on adult foosball table. So, they want to compete with adults and explore newer things. Competitive mindset makes them eager to play the same game as adults. Therefore, we recommend to purchase a stand alone table for teens

3. Adult’s choice
For adult foosball players, full sized tables are the way to go. It’s beyond any doubt really.

Have you ever seen any adults playing in a miniature foosball table?

Yeah you can but they are very few and far between. However, if you want to play the game more regularly, we suggest you to go for a more expensive professional foosball table.

4. Office/club/recreational place choice
In all the 3 previous purposes, it’s very much certain who will use the table. But here everyday different types of player will come and play.

That’s a whole different thing.

You can’t just think about beginners here, you also need to consider the hardcore players as well. That’s why it is important to purchase a solid table which will survive regular rough play. You may just need to spend some extra coin for this

Choose by your skill level

Choosing the best suitable foosball table may come down to all this, a player’s skill level. Probably the best way to get the right type of foosball table is to shop based on the player’s skill level. Let’s explore foosball table types depending on skill level:

Beginners and/or kids:
everyone kids, teens or adults can be beginners. Adults are may be looking for a break from their regular busy schedule. For a kid who has never played the game before, a table top foosball model will be the best option.

They are cheap, user friendly and unlike standard tables, they are placed at a comfortable height for most kids.

For teens & adults who have just arrived into the game, it is better to use a cheap particle board. You can always purchase an upgraded version later on if you think a mid entry table will be the best suited for your style of play

Here in this category, players are no stranger to foosball. They have got some experience of playing in the foosball table. You can’t satisfy them by offering something of a cheaper model and average quality.
They are searching for a good quality table that can last for a longer period and offers a superior playing experience than before.

If you’re ready to spend $500 then you can get a quality table of solid steel rods with simple smooth movability, sturdy composition of solid materials, a flat playing field and some of more high end table’s features

these serious foosball players want a flawless soccer table playing experience. They have been playing foosball for number of years and will continue to do so. They look for best deals on foosball tables. So, they want something that is capable of withstanding some constant, heavy and rough use.

These tournament choice foosball tables or high end type of tables are made of a durable cabinet, sturdy adjustable legs & smooth hollow steel rods. The playing field is a flat one and it meets all the requirements and standards set by ITSF

What type of foosball table is right for you?

Before you purchase a foosball table, you should know in what field you’re rooting to use it for. Home, family, indoor or outdoor, casual or pro level play- let’s find out what this section holds for you-

1. Home/family use:

Here is something very important to look at. You have to choose a table which can accommodate both adults and kids in your family. To make sure you have family fun at the highest level, you’ll need to go to $300-$500 range.

2. Commercial/college use:

to handle the heavy use done by big guys, you have to purchase a sturdy but low maintenance needed table. Focus to mid level tables which cost around $500-$1000+ price range. Anyone looking for some serious recreational playing table, falls in this category

3.Outdoor play:

if you are intending to take the game outside, then you should look to find a weatherproof foosball table. They usually get a tight seal to withstand the cold conditions

Yeah you can always find a good model under $1000 but if you’re looking to have a sturdy table which includes high quality materials then you have to move up to the $1000+ range.

There are few foosball table manufacturers which have very good reputation for delivering some of the best outdoor foosball tables such as Garlando and Kettler

4.Tournament or pro level tables:

Whether you’re looking to build up a healthy competition among friends or preparing yourself for an upcoming tournament, it doesn’t matter. Then you need to go for professional foosball tables each and everytime.

Furthermore, it will be much better if you develop your skills in foosball by playing on ITSF certified pro foosball tables such as Garlando and Tornado. They produce tables which are used in ITSF Championships.

Want to follow the footsteps of your icon? Then those are some of the brands which you should consider first. Some of these professional foosball table models are in $1000+ range, while few high prices like $2000+ are available there as well

Sportszpro team have written number of foosball table reviews. Go through them and see which one suits you best

Find out whether your foosball table will fit in or not?

We have already mentioned it earlier. Here we are once again giving you some suggestion about the space you’ll need to place the foosball table. It is one of the most important thing to consider. You can determine the space needed by using the dimension of the table or length of the rods.

Suppose your table’s length is 56’’, width 30” and height 36” then you can calculate the area needed simply by this: make a sum of the length of the table, length of the rods, width of the table and twice the length of the rods

Thereby, you’ll get a playing surface of 102” by 122” which is approximately 9 feet by 10 feet. By this, you’ll get a 4 feet at each end and almost 7-8 feet on each side of the table. It’s big enough space for you to play comfortably and move freely. I hope now you will be able to calculate by yourself.

Pro tips: leave aside everything. You’ll only need a 10 feet by 10 feet playing area for the table to fit easily. Buy foosball tables. It doesn’t matter what your room size is. It’s as easy as it can get

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much can a foosball table cost?

Yes, many ask how much is a foosball table? Well, foosball table price certainly depends on you and your choices.

If you’re looking for a table for personal use, you can find a suitable one in around $500. In the range of $1000, you can get a best rated foosball table for office use or tournament level play. With all being said, if you can’t afford those high end tables then there are some decent foosball tables at a reasonable price range of $200-$500

2. How to recognize a well built table?

What is like a quality foosball table? Look at the table’s construction material, durability of cabinet and consider weight of the product. A pro foosball table is a bit heavier & weighs between 120-200 pounds.

Then comes the cabinet 

Check all the braces, bolts and nuts around all the joints and corners. Everything should be fixed securely. The walls should be thick enough to provide the overall support and solidity to the rods. You can even try to vibrate the table a bit whether it makes a creak or not. Trust me, best tables won’t show any of these signs

3. I am looking for a brand. What are the best brands for foosball table? Who makes the finest foosball table?

Well pretty good question. When purchasing foosball tables, it will be better to take reputation of the brand into consideration. Nobody wants to waste his/her money on a product of unknown brand. Here is a quick look about some of the top brands in the market right now

a. Tornado:
Tornado foosball table has built a reputation for producing tournament level tables, which are the official tables of foosball sport. This is the unsurpassable foosball table brand for a reason. They’re delivering high quality American style tables for the last 40 years. Elite and classic are two of the top models of Tornado

b. Garlando:
Garlando is largely considered to be the best outdoor table manufacturer. With over six decades of experience this Italian foosball manufacturing brand is delivering European table with 1 man goalie system. With Garlando, the fast paced nature of the game includes terrific ball control as well

c. Warrior:
For best American style foosball tables, warrior foosball is a well established brand. The owner of the company Brendan Flaherty, is himself a professional foosball player as well. You’re gonna get top foosball tables

d. Atomic:
well Atomics may not have a rich long history in foosball like it’s competitors but this brand has been delivering quality arcade foosball table and sporting goods for many years. For teens and home usage they will be a great pick

e. Carrom:
Carrom is best known for producing family fun foosball tables. At a reasonable price, they offer foosball products of great quality. They have a wealthy experience of working well over 10 decades in the market

f .Kick:
The Kick shows great commitment to their customer. Their only priority is satisfaction of the customer. That’s why in all of their Kick foosball table, they offer a lifetime warranty. This American foosball table company comes up with cost effective tables featuring old-school or tradition like play

4. I don’t understand the difference between European and American Foosball tables

The main difference between these two types of table is the goalie set up. European foosball tables have one man goalie system while in USA foosball tables you’ll get three man goalie set up

5.What about foosball wraps and scoring units?

Foosball scorekeeper shall take care of the scoring sheet. Choose a table with abacus system scoring unit to keep track of scores during a game. I would suggest you to pick the one made of wood rather than plastic units which can be broken easily. Wraps are one of the most important accessories you must check

To have better control over the players you’ll need a firmer grip on the handles and wraps do just that

Foosball Wrap

6. Why do people prefer laminate over stick on designs in foosball table?

Cheaper tables usually use stickers on the playing surface. Your constant and intense use may cause stick on designs to peel and roll up during game play. So, they start to come off and whenever, you want to roll the ball, there is a problem. This will surely harm the quality of the play and your table might just look terrible.

Also stay away from tables which use stick on field markings as well. To play a real, competitive game you should choose the laminate one.

7. Will it be OK if I start using the indoor foosball table for outdoor purposes?

Yeah you can. But make sure you don’t purchase a normal indoor table and leave it outside. Beware of warp and any kinds of rust. The best will be if you know you are gonna play outside, choose a foosball table meant for outdoor experience. Don’t regret thereafter

8.Do tables come with warranty?

Yes, they do. Most foosball tables come with 1 year warranty, while some cheaper ones offer less than that. Besides, you can even find a bigger warranty in some high end tables. You should consider both the timespan of the warranty and manufacturer conditions.

In some tables, warranty may not be for the whole product. Then you need to identify which parts are covered by warranty and which are not.

Incase of any repairing or replacing the damaged part, you can contact with the retailer or manufacturer. Our suggestion is to go with tables which offer at least one year warranty

9. I am confused, can’t decide on whether to go with full size or tabletop models. Can you give me a solution?

That’s a pleasure to help you out. We recommend to give a thought to the space where you are planning to place it and for whom you’re purchasing table.

For advanced foosball players or someone looking to play competitively and improve their skills, it’s better to choose a full sized table. If your plan is to buy a foosball table which will last for years, then it’s a great investment.

However, for kids or beginners you should consider a small foosball table. Of those, tabletop versions are relatively cheaper so even if children do any kinds of damage, it won’t be that devastating

Therefore, if you’re looking for kids foosball table, you won’t get a better choice than this Rally and Roar Foosball Tabletop Games and Accessories

What’s your budget?

Foosball price certainly depends on your financial ability and how much you can afford. But you can’t overlook the quality of foosball tables.

Nobody wants to be a repeated customer.

For your convenience, we have classified foosball tables according to price and quality. Let’s find out which one falls in your category. Take one of these elite foosball tables right into your home

Cheap Foosball Tables Under $200:

1. Hathaway Playoff

2. Sport Squad FX40

3. EastPoint Sports Newcastle

4. Playcraft Sport

5. Best Choice Products 48” Foosball Table

Foosball Tables ($300-$500):

1. Hathaway primo

2. Atomic Pro Force

3. American Legend Charger

4. ESPN Arcade Foosball Table

5. Atomic Gladiator

foosball Tables ($500-$1000):

1. Warrior Professional

2. Kettler Weatherproof

3. Kick Ambassador

4. Carrom signature

5. Kick Triumph

Professional Foosball Tables ($1000+):

1. Tornado Sport

2. Tornado Elite

3. Garlando G-500

4. Garlando Open Air

5. Tornado Tournament 3000

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