All the Foosball Tables Parts And Accessories Explored

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Table football, also known as foosball, has been around for close to a decade now. The moment you become a fan of this game, you’ll definitely want to own the table. Even before you learn how to shoot, pass, and defend, you should first understand the play tools.

A good foosball table ensures you enjoy numerous quality games for the longest time. So, what should be in a complete foosball table? We will be taking you through the table accessories so that you know what to expect when buying. We will also enlighten you on how to pick the best.

Like every other game, Foosball has accessories that the players use to make it interesting and meaningful. Any seller you intend to buy a table from should also have premium quality foosball table parts. Although you can buy them separately, it’s always better to buy a complete table.

Foosball table Diagram

1. Foosball Rods

Rods are an essential part of foosball. They determine the players’ ability to control the ball, which ultimately affects the speed. High-quality rods do not come cheap either. When buying, always evaluate them to ensure they're not too heavy, as this is what slows down the game.

The experts recommend the steel rods that tend to have some concavity. Controlling a ball with concrete steel rods is the hardest thing. They deter your movement, making the game quite boring. If it doesn’t have a hollow shape, avoid it.

2. Foosball Men

How well you shoot advanced shots depends on the shape of your men (also called guys or players). These players have evolved a lot over the years. Unfortunately, some of the evolutions are quite unfriendly.

Players with round, smooth toes may look beautiful, but they will disorient you a lot. Instead, look for cone-shaped toes and cross-hatched feet. They offer the best ball control experience.

3. Foosball Balls

The game cannot be complete without a ball. If you’re anticipating an engaging and exciting game, you must buy balls with a good grip. They roll easily, thus giving the players a good play experience.

The lustrous plastic balls you see are the worst parts of a foosball table. They are not the best for the football guys to pin against the table. The good news is that you have several other alternative materials, including cork and conventional soccer balls.

4. Foosball Handles

Handles are also a very significant section of foosball table parts. They are the parts you use to control the rods. If your handles lack a good grip, your game will be the most boring. For effectiveness, your handles should respond to your grip because it gives them direction.

When you control the rods using handles, they then control the guys, who, in turn, steer the ball. Your handles must be solid and non-slippery in order to complete the task effectively. Wooden or rubber handles offer the best grip as they do not trigger a slip-off on your hands. 

5. Foosball Bearings and Bumpers

Bearings are the designated section where rods transit through the holes in the tabletop. The in and out rod movement can be hectic, and this is where the bearings come in. They minimize the friction, allowing flawless gliding of the rods. In the process, they protect the table from unnecessary wear and corrosion.

The bumpers, on the other hand, offer cushioning between players and table walls. They regulate the players’ movement to ensure they maintain the right space on the table. You should position them adjacent to the rods for optimal performance. Some tables come with a spring instead, but their quality is low.

6. Foosball Tubes and Wrappings

Foosball is all about a good grip and proper ball control, and this is what tubes and wraps are all about. These are foosball parts that every professional must use, especially during contests. Failure to have them would mean difficulties in your ability to control the players and ball.

Most people rarely pay attention to the essential parts when buying a foosball table. But, the tubes come in various thicknesses and colors. Whether you choose tubes or wraps, your objective should be to get a better hold of the handle. It helps a lot, especially with pull and snake shots. 

7. Foosball Score Keepers

No competitive game can be considered complete without scoring units. Every table must come accompanied by this element. You will find many designs in the market. It’s upon you to evaluate them and buy the best.

The typical design involves sliding a bean when one scores. When the bean crosses to the other side, it keeps the scores. The contestants never have to keep count because it happens automatically.

8. Foosball Cup Holders

These cup holders are not mandatory, but you had better buy them because they influence the game. Sometimes you may want to take a break during the foosball match. A glass of cold juice will come in handy, and that’s when you use these holders.

Although you could place your glass at the edge of the table, it’s riskier while there. It greatly minimizes the chances of spillage. You normally pin them outside the play area to maintain your tabletop in good shape.

9. Foosball Table Light

Lighting is an important aspect of foosball. If you have shadows forming inside, they will distract your views, causing distractions. It may look like a small aspect until a sightline distracts your offending or defending skills.

But, you only buy these lights if your table does not come with any. Some models come with inbuilt lights and the quality is usually good. If not, you can decide to customize your lighting.

10. Foosball General Accessories

These are highly recommended foosball table parts that enhance your game, though they are not obligatory. The table covers, for instance, fall under this category and they shield your table, keeping it in perfect shape longer.

The other item is a silicone lubricant. Apart from using it to keep your rods oily, you can also clean the table with it. It does a perfect cleaning job while maintaining your table in perfect condition.

Choosing An Ideal Foosball Table

Choosing An Ideal Foosball Table

Addressing the foosball tables parts is not enough if we cannot tell you how to select one from the pool of options in the industry. The truth is that if you go to a store today, you’ll get overwhelmed if you do not know what to look for. Below are features you will find useful in your quest for a good foosball table.

1. Table Size

First, you need a table that fits your play area. A standard foosball table size measurements is 56 inches, so prepare an area that accommodates such a table. But, if you don’t have it, you can always find a smaller foosball table to avoid disappointment.

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2. Material of the Foosball Table

When buying a table, do not merely focus on good appearance. You'll find tables made from natural wood, chipboards, and composites. Chipboards are relatively cheap, but their resilience is questionable. Wood and composites are a better fit, but the cost is higher.

3. Table Legs

Legs should always be thick because they hold your table. They will also withstand the pressure longer, allowing you to use them to capacity. Tables with thicker legs help you improve your shooting and enjoy better performance.

4. Height Adjustment

What you are likely to find in the market are 36 inches high foosball tables. While it may be an ideal height for grown-ups, your smaller kids are unlikely to enjoy the game. If the table is meant for family plays, ensure you can adjust the table height.

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5. Goalie Configuration

Your choice of goalie configuration mainly depends on your preference. Single-goalie, for instance, is for highly agile players who want to enjoy greater space control. Tri-goalie, on the other hand, is for people who are more into teamwork.

Above are not the only features to consider when buying a foosball table. You can narrow it down further, especially if you are a professional. The secret is in understanding what you want for you to compare the available options effectively. If you’re buying it for the first time, first assess a foosball table parts diagram to get a clear picture of what you’re budgeting for.

The End

If you do not have a foosball table in your game room, it is about time you acquired one. You can tag your entire family to the showroom for an easy selection. If everyone understands what the game is all about, deliberations will ease your purchase. We are telling you this because we know how confusing it can be to choose from scores of choices.

Apart from a good table, you must also assess all the parts and ask relevant questions. Like, the rods should only be hollow but not curved. If warped, they will impact your play, necessitating replacement. You must also confirm that all the players are secure on their rods before leaving the showroom.

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