Lifetime 90073 Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System Reviews

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Lifetime 90073 pro court height adjustable portable basketball system is better suited for kids use and comes with some decent features. No doubt this is one of the cheapest portable basketball hoops manufactured by lifetime. But at the same time, according to the buyers feedback we have found that it tends to serve well for the money

Lifetime is the leading manufacturer of residential and recreational basketball systems. In the past, there were people who dreamed of playing in NBA. But there was no gym nearby their house. They had a tough time in practicing basketball. Then came Lifetime, they introduced portable systems and changed the landscape of basketball forever

Lifetime 90073 hoop has a 44” shatterproof fusion backboard made of polycarbonate. Heavy duty nylon net is perfect for all weather. This basketball system features a telescoping height adjustment mechanism. Besides, there is powder coating which will prevent your basketball goal against rust and scratches. Lifetime shall also offer you a 5 year limited manufacturer warranty with each purchase

Manufacturers have kept it really simple. It looks and feels really nice. It can deal with bad weather. If you don’t have a big space in the backyard, this is the hoop you can definitely consider. It shall allow you to enjoy the game within a limited space

Lifetime 90073 Pro Court Portable Basketball System

We know we’ve kept you waiting a bit. Sorry for that! Let’s go straight into the detailed review of Lifetime basketball hoop 90073 and see what is in store for you:


Lifetime 90073 portable basketball system features a 44 inch impact backboard. The backboard is constructed of UV protected high density polyethylene. HDPE material makes it virtually unbreakable and delivers superlative performance. The graphics won’t fade away with time as they are screen printed with UV protected inks. The classic rim shall allow you to showcase your jump shot skill. Thus, a healthy competition will be created

Convenient Telescoping Adjustment:

Telescoping height adjustment is one of the most innovative and well appreciated features of this Lifetime 44” portable basketball system. It is user friendly & shall allow you to adjust the height quite easily from 7.5 to 10 feet in 6 inch increments. Players of all age and skill level can take their part in the game. 3-piece steel pole is also all weather resistant

Enhanced Stability & Portability:

You need to fill the 27 gallon base with water or sand for maximum stability. No cement is required. This lightweight design has got wheels attached onto it for simple transportation. Now, you can practice basketball at your preferable place. Just fill up the base and start playing

Easy To Set Up:

Installation of this Lifetime 44" portable basketball goal isn’t such a big deal. The instructions are very much user friendly. This whole setup of basketball goal won’t take you long. And anyone who has got some basic knowledge over tools, will have absolutely no problem in setting up the goal

What exactly make this portable hoop different from others?

A perfect piece of sporting good to have in your backyard really. Whenever you’re with your friends, you can enjoy the game and shoot some hoops. Sand and water, you can use any of the two. This is pretty much well balanced. It gives a nice feedback really. It won’t throw the ball all over the court like some low standard cheaper products do. Overall, it maintains the same shape even after years of regular play

Feels Like Playing With A Real Hoop:

44” backboard basketball hoop along with breakaway slam it rim shall give you the feel of playing with a NBA hoop. As the highest setting of rim is equal to real NBA hoop, this is a worthwhile purchase keeping the low budget in mind. Highly innovative height adjust mechanism makes the game comfortable for people of all ages as well

Main Features

1. 44 inch sturdy polycarbonate backboard with screen printed graphics
2. Telescoping pole adjusts height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet in 6 inch increments
3. Classic rim with all weather nylon net
4. Fade resistant graphics
5. 27 gallon base with attached wheels
6. This lifetime 44 portable basketball goal requires no cement; fills with sand or water
7. 5 year limited warranty


  • An affordable piece of sports equipment
  • 44” sturdy backboard is made of using a polycarbonate surface on a solid steel frame
  • It shall let you to work on any aspect of your game
  • Most convenient basketball system
  • Requires little maintenance


  • The size of the backboard might feel a bit too small for seasoned players

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What size basketballs should I purchase for this goal?
- Standard NBA size basketballs will work perfectly in this Lifetime 44” portable basketball hoop

2. Is it regulation height?
- The telescoping pole can adjust the rim height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet in 6 inch increment

3. Will I be able to bring the hoop in and out of my garage?
- It certainly depends on the height of your garage ceiling. Definitely, it permits and you can lower it all the way down and roll it in

Final Verdict

If you’re in search of a less expensive yet sturdiest portable basketball system then this Lifetime 44 pro court height adjustable portable basketball hoop is a must buy. If you’ve got some money saved for a gift or soft corner for the basketball game, then this one will be a decent pick. It is not very expensive and has got some cool features that everyone likes to have. Lifetime 90073 is easy to handle and overall a fitting portable goal system for residential recreation

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