Lifetime 71522 54 Inch Acrylic Portable Basketball Hoop Reviews

When it comes to choosing the best robust and durable acrylic portable basketball hoop system, you must consider this Lifetime 71522 54 inch portable basketball hoop with full attention. Lifetime 71522 basketball hoop is highly appreciated for it’s superior strength to stand firm in case of rough and tough play 

The 54’’ heavy duty steel frame acrylic backboard having double compression springs with the bounce back action certainly gives you the feeling of playing with a real NBA basketball hoop. Moreover, easy height adjust mechanism along with the eligibility of playing in all weather always attract the customers. You can see this is why everybody gives a positive review about this new, innovative designed model of lifetime portable basketball system

Lifetime 71522 54 Inch Acrylic Portable Basketball Hoop

Why you’ll find it interesting?

Play like pros

There is a hell of a difference between a professional and part timer guy. If you ever wish to become a full timer on this game, you must get in touch with this phenomenal unique features of this lifetime 71522 portable hoop

This 54’’ durable Lifetime basketball backboard system not only just has a professional look but also known for it’s perfection to play the game more competitively. That heavy duty steel framed acrylic Lifetime basketball goal shall ensure you play the game the way it is meant to be.

Ready to take a beating

Every NBA player dreams of pleasing the crowd by a slam dunk and the crowd cheer for him. Wanna see yourself on that position? But there might be a big question mark crossing over your head- will the rim be able to hold it’s ground?

There comes Lifetime 71522 54 inch basketball hoop with a solid steel slam it rim putting an end to all your topsy-turvy moments. This lifetime backboard rim is meant to take body blows for durable compression springs along with noteworthy wrap around brace feature. Never mind slamming this acrylic backboard rim as hard as you can, eventually lifetime rim will settle down itself

Smile more, worry less

One of the key benefits of using the height adjustable basketball goal is, you are allowed to adjust the height of basketball rim and backboard depending on the age and skill level what you possess

Even, if you have got kids, they shall also have a chance to go at it. Moreover, you can even get a realistic feeling about how a professional NBA guy plays with a regulation size basketball hoop. This power lift height adjustment mechanism allows you to adjust the height of basketball goal from 7.5 to 10 feet to make room for everyone

Well balanced base underlines the score

Your slams must be causing a bit of joggle for the basketball hoop backboard unit. Tensed? Therefore, we advise you not to take any stress at all as the heavy duty 35 gallon portable base supports the three piece round steel pole quite well

Another, notable thing to mention here, this is a free standing basketball goal. So, no need to use cement here. By virtue of this decent solid portable base system, you can keep your lifetime basketball hoop right in place

What people like in it?

  • Steel framed 54 inch basketball hoop backboard has Y extensions arms which are really effective for quality rebound and playability
  • UV protected inks are used in graphics so that the color does not fade away very easily
  • Professional slam it rim with double compression springs and welded net hooks
  • An all weather net
  • There is a 5 year limited manufacturer warranty

What people dislike?

  • Thus far in some rare cases, customers have complained about the box does have some parts missing. Solution- that is very few and far between. Although, we suggest you to double check everything.
  • In some instances, people criticize about this Lifetime basketball hoop assembly manual saying that is not up to date. Solution- We recommend you to go through the manual with a close attention and youTube videos are there to help you out. Overall, customers are pretty much pleased with the installation procedural.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I move the basketball system especially when it is filled with sand?
A. It does have wheels to roll. Make sure you use smooth surface to do it

Q. I want a clarification. Tell me if this is really an acrylic backboard?
A. Yeah, absolutely. This Lifetime basketball 71522 has an acrylic backboard and offers better rebounding experience compared to polycarbonate

Q. Can I replace the rim with another one?
A. No, you can’t. to do that, you must replace the whole lifetime adjustable basketball hoop unit.

Q. What about the dimension of the base?
A. This is 48 inches long and 32 inches wide

Final Verdict

A rock solid driveway basketball hoop with a steady stable base and easy height adjust- what do you need more if you are willing to pursue your career in the basketball game? Lifetime 54 inch 71522 acrylic portable basketball hoop’s latest unique features won’t leave you short of any aspects in this game. With a fade resistant graphics and all weather basketball hoop pole, you are allowed to enjoy even in windy conditions as well. So why waste time?

As we are finishing on this Lifetime 71522 review, I must say this to you. If you are really in love with the basketball and want to have a pro looking 54 inch portable basketball hoop in your driveway then this lifetime 71522 54 inch portable basketball hoop for it’s flamboyance should be on top of your priority list

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