Silverback In Ground Basketball System Review – SB54 Or SB60?

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Do you regularly play basketball at the gym? Now that your family will be moving into a new location where it would be tough for you to get into the gym, what should you do then? Can’t think of playing hoop with other than a gymnasium-style goal? Just because you are used to, Are we right?

Then comes Silverback in ground basketball system (SB54 or SB60) that Silverback manufactures to meet your demand. It comes in two different sizes, SB54 and SB60. Both sizes are also ideal for families looking for some recreational enjoyment along with healthy competition.

This glass basketball hoop is the leading basketball system going around the web. Tempered glass-reinforced backboard and powder-coated steel pole shall offer no less than a gymnasium-style gaming experience to you.

Even if you need to shift into another new place, you can simply de-assemble and then relocate your system thanks to the anchor bolt mounting system.

Constructed of high quality steel materials alongside pro-style breakaway rim and padding system, Silverback basketball hoops are built with great rigidity and safety. It has the capability to combat if the competition grows intense.

Since 1927, Escalade Sports have been delivering quality sporting goods at a reasonable price. By installing it onto the ground, now you can enjoy some tough battles with your friends because of the unique design, durability, and unmatched stability you get.

With a thickness of 5/16”, the tempered glass backboard shall provide a sturdy enough surface to sharpen your skills and work on the techniques. Glass backboard combines with an aluminum trim frame to provide the truest rebound of all backboard materials. DuPont powder coating on the 4 inch square 2 piece steel pole indicates that it can resist even in the harshest of weather conditions.

Using the crank actuator technology, you can adjust the goal from NBA and NCAA regulation height of 10 feet to safety-approved height of 7.5 feet. The breakaway rim shall protect the integrity of the backboard and prevent the players from any injury.

Moreover, the Silverback SB54 hoop comes with a backboard pad to offer protection during dunking activities. Meanwhile, the Silverback SB60 basketball system features a pole padding system to create a soft cushion when one player contacts the pole. However, there is a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty included in both items.

Silverback SB In Ground Hoop

Product Specifications:

  • Backboard Size dimensions: 54", 60"
  • Height adjustment: 7.5' to 10'
  • Pole: 2 piece 4” x 4”
  • Overhang: 2.5 feet
  • 2.5 feet
  • Warranty: 5 Years

Highlighted Features At A Glance:

  • Tempered glass backboards available in two sizes 54 and 60 inches
  • Concrete anchor system
  • Dupoint powder coated steel pole
  • Pro-style breakaway rim
  • Height adjustability actuator works between 7.5 to 10 feet in 6” increments
  • Includes backboard pad and pole pad
  • Backed by 5 year limited warranty

You need to have a strong backboard to resist high intensity play. And tempered glass is one of the toughest materials to handle rough abuse by players. Glass boards look fascinating and offer true rebound action.

The backboard is incredibly durable and safe during play with a thickness of 5/16 inches and an aluminum trim frame. It does not matter how hard you throw your shots on the backboard; there is very little chance of shattering.

SB54 features a backboard pad to protect players when they try layups and jumps to catch rebounds. While this hoop is available in two backboard sizes of 54 and 60 inches, 2.5 feet overhang shall offer plenty of play underneath the hoop. In short, this in ground system has a higher quality hoop, and the quality of the backboard is great especially at this price point.

Simple Height Adjustability

You should love the height adjustment mechanism here. Adjusting the height of the rim is a simple task. Due to having a crank actuator, you can adjust the silverback basketball goal between 7.5 feet to 10 feet in 6 inch increments.

You can constantly raise and lower the hoop height depending on whether the younger or older kids are playing, and this is very much easy and adjustable. Your children will certainly grow with it, and you don’t need to purchase another basketball system for him thereafter. Now, everyone in the family can get in!

Pro-style Breakaway Rim

This Silverback in-ground basketball system with tempered glass backboard has a pro-style breakaway rim. Much like the professional style rims, this spring-activated rim shall also flex under pressure when someone dunks. It lessens the impact on the rim, and therefore it is considered an important performance feature.

Dupoint Powder Coated Pole

4X4 two piece steel pole wobbles occasionally, but that hardly affects the gameplay. The steel is covered in Dupoint powder coating for ultimate rust and UV protection. Therefore, the performance and appearance of the hoop remain the same even after using it for so many years.

Furthermore, the pole will be securely fixed onto the ground to provide a vibration-free gaming experience. Plus, in the SB60 model, there is a pole pad for protecting players from accidental injury if they somehow collide with the pole. Thus the risk of injuries is greatly reduced.

Portability Facility with Anchor Kit

If you don’t exactly know where to keep the basketball hoop, then this feature might just work in your favor. Yes, with an anchor bolt mounting system, you can move your basketball system to your preferred place.

This Silverback anchor kit is installed in the ground using concrete and rebar steel rods for superior strength. But if you decide to move into your new home, you can simply dismount the goal from the base plate and take it with you.

Another thing to clarify here, you have to leave the anchor kit there as it can’t move. Therefore, you need to purchase a replacement anchor system at your new home. Don’t worry; the price of the anchor kit is fairly low.

Positive Customers feedback

Overall, customers have responded well to this Silverback professional in ground goal system. According to them, there are several things about the great goal system; the support in the ground, backboard, rim are all made with quality.

The ball bounces off the glass like it’s supposed to do. This is actually equivalent to indoor gym courts. Also, you get an easy adjustment to make the hoop go low or higher.

All the hardware of the system is zinc coated making it durable in every season of the year. Great hoop for the money. Basketball set looks really amazing. This is worth every penny.

Silverback Basketball System Installation Instructions

A. To make sure the actuator functions correctly, a minimum of 18 inch rear clearance will be required behind the pole.

B. Anchor plates should be placed square to your court.

C. Read the manual properly because this will make your assembly job smooth.

D. You can use a rebar and sink it through the base plate to further strengthen the pole.

SB54 Vs SB60 Difference

1. Although, both of them consist of tempered glass backboards but they do differ in backboard dimensions. Silverback 60 inch basketball system dimension measures 60”W X 33”H with 5/16” thickness. On the other hand, SB54 reads 54”W X 33”H with 3/8” thickness. Although the Silverback SB54ig in-ground basketball system is a bit shorter in size, you will get better gameplay because of thicker glass construction.

2. There is another difference between these two silverback hoops that we’ve mentioned earlier. Pole pad is included on 60 inch basketball system, and Silverback 54 in ground basketball system comes with a backboard pad.

What We Liked

  • It offers the performance of gymnasium style goal
  • Anchor mounting offers the strength of concrete and the option to unbolt and move goal
  • Pro style breakaway rim flexes under pressure and it makes the hoop suitable for action-packed game
  • Height adjustability is easy and everyone can play with this goal
  • You get a natural rebound with glass backboard
  • Five years of warranty


  • Few users have complained that the backboard shakes a little, but that does not affect the gameplay. Undoubtedly two-piece poles are less sturdy than one-piece poles. Therefore, if you want to purchase a much more durable & thicker one-piece pole basketball goal, choose Goalrilla FT series in ground basketball hoop

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bolt this to my driveway instead of pouring concrete?

This is a big and heavy backboard. Trying to bolt this to the driveway would be dangerous. It should set in the concrete quite firmly to prevent the backboard from shaking or tipping over onto someone.

How easy is it to adjust the height? Does it take a lot of effort or can a 10 year old do it?

Ans: Yes, a 10 year old should be able to adjust the height. No problems there at all.

Can this system be removed from it’s anchor base? Can I relocate it to a new location?

Yes, that’s what it is designed to do as long as you don’t fill the pole with the concrete, you’ll be just fine. You just have to buy a new base if you relocate.

Is it worth getting the 60-inch backboard versus the 54-inche one?

That probably depends on the age of the user. For example, if your kids are in high school, they’ll get to play in the 72” backboard there.

Therefore, it will be ideal for them to play basketball at home with a backboard closer to 72 inches. If you think in this way, the silverback 60 in-ground basketball system will be a smart pick.

Final Verdict

It has literally everything that you are looking for in a backyard hoop. It plays well, sturdy, and looks great. Assembling and installing basketball hoops in concrete a little work but you’ll understand later it is totally worth doing.

Anyone looking for authentic home basketball practice should know about a couple of things that are required. You need a fixed secure pole for enhanced stability and a tempered glass backboard for the truest rebound.

In this Silverback In Ground Basketball System Review, you get a high-quality basketball system that offers a big thick backboard and greater durability alongside an easy height adjustment feature. Who would want to miss out on this opportunity?

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