Foosball Table Sizes And Dimensions For Beginners

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Among the various indoor games that are popular, foosball is one of them. This is just like any ordinary table game where you have to stand and play just like you would with air hockey or pinball.

If you have ever gone to an old-fashioned game arcade or went camping and had to stay at rest house cottages, surely you will be able to see foosball tables.

What you might not have noticed is that there are many foosball table sizes. Each size is dependent on various factors and environments, which make them unique in their own way. The user type also varies when the size is different. To get a greater understanding of foosball table sizes, all you need to do is stay tuned!

The table size depends on various things. That is why you will see that there are different names for each size of foosball tables. Below these types are given:

1. Full Size Foosball Table

If you want to show off how big of a fan you are of soccer or football and also love playing indoor foosball table games, then you definitely need to get yourself a full-size foosball table. They will light up your game room and make it look more professional and classier.

The measurements for this foosball table are about 2 and a half feet wide, while its length is about 5 feet. In inches, the foosball table dimensions would be 60 x 30 in length and width, respectively. This size is a lot to take in when you consider where to install such a large foosball table.

You can't easily just buy one of these and then place them in an already filled-up game room or ordinary room in your house. You'll need to start your game room plan with the measurements of the full-size foosball table and then prepare your game room to fit this table.

After you have successfully ordered this and installed it in your room, then you can arrange other game equipment around the table. Are you looking for full-size foosball table review? Here you're the in depth review of full-size foosball table - Hathaway Primo Foosball Table.

Full-size foosball table dimension

2. Standard Foosball Table Size

The standard size foosball tables are very popularly used during foosball tournaments. This is not only ideal for official arcade areas outside but also for a home game room that you own.

Now, what is a standard size foosball table anyway? A foosball table's standard size is about 60 inches x 30 inches x 36 inches in the length, breadth, and height measurements, respectively.

These kinds of foosball tables are perfect for a game of two players or four players. The standard size is usually considered the professional foosball tables size.

Its legs are very strong, and the levelers of the legs are oversized for better grasping. These leg levelers are there to make sure you can stabilize them by yourself to make the table remain flat and sturdy throughout the entire game.

And the rods meant for turning the players are made of pure steel and have strong wooden handles so that you can grip with comfort without letting the rods slip. There are good quality bushings to make sure the rods do not slip or spin without your control.

Standard size foosball table dimension
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3. Regulation Size Foosball Table

The measurements for this foosball table of regulation size are 56 inches x 30 inches x 36 inches as the length, breadth, and height, respectively. So, it will be slightly shorter than a standard-size foosball table.

To install the regulation foosball table, you will need to have a large room like a bar or a club room with a lot of empty space around.

Since the foosball table itself is like a large piece of furniture, it will take up a lot of area in a single room. Although comparatively, it is much easier to install a regulation-size foosball table in an empty room rather than in a game room or arcade.

That is because you will need to think of a way to get this table inside the game room by passing it around all the other game equipment. There will have to be enough space for this table while it is surrounded by other game machines.

You also need to remember to keep a lot of space for the players to be able to stand at all sides of the foosball table and play without repeatedly bumping into the other game equipment.

This includes making sure the floor is also clear. Since the players stand up and move around, they could accidentally trip on any cables connecting to other machines. Both legroom and room for movement are necessary. Room for pulling the rods while moving the players on the foosball table is also important.

Regulation Size Foosball Table
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4. Tabletop Size Foosball Table

The tabletop-size foosball table is one of the smallest foosball tables around. The tabletop foosball tables measurements are 38 inches x 20 inches x 9 inches in the length, breadth, and height measurements, respectively.

This type of foosball table is more suitable for children because of how much smaller and shorter it is. It can also be found in lengths of 36 inches or 20 inches long.

No matter what size you are giving to your child, there is no doubt they will have the same amount of fun since the experience is the same and does not depend on the dimensions. The tabletop-size foosball tables are also referred to as mini foosball tables. They have steel rods that have plating or coating of chrome.

There are also small rubber handles fitted onto these steel rods. This helps the children have an easier time sliding or spinning with good control to make the tiny players move so that they can play strategically and make winning goals throughout the game.

Since children are not generally allowed in large arcade areas or club rooms, it is more common for guardians to buy these tabletop size foosball tables for their home. Luckily, the soles of the legs of the table have rubber padding underneath that are nonstick, non-slick, and nonskid.

This prevents the mini table from moving while the children are playing, and it also protects your home's floor from getting any scratch marks because of the soles of the legs.

Tabletop Size Foosball Table Dimension
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5. Foldable Size Foosball Table

This kind of foosball table's size has two kinds of measurements. One is the closed measurement which is approximately 13 inches x 28 inches x 67 inches in the length, breadth, and height measurements, respectively.

And the other is the open measurement which is approximately 52 inches x 34 inches x 28 inches in the length, breadth, and height measurements, respectively.

The reason for having two measurements is because this table is designed to be foldable and adjust its size to different areas and needs. You basically get to have a two-in-one-size foosball table while just having to buy one table.

It is a very convenient foosball table to have if you like switching areas to play foosball. Not only is this foosball table super portable, but it is also great to save up space in your home because you can just fold it and put it away into storage.

Whenever you are in the mood to play foosball again, all you need to do is take it out of the closet, dust it clean and unfold it to whichever size you want. It is very popular in schools for recreational purposes since activity periods or free periods are usually for kids to play games or do other recreational activities.

You can treat foosball tables like board games, take them out, play, and put them back in the closet when the free period is over.

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Final Verdict

So, now that you understand everything about the different foosball table sizes, you can now choose which one will be best for you. Do not forget to consider the sizes of the rooms you will be putting the foosball tables in.

The multiple varieties will help you determine which tables will be best for adults or children or just occasional playing as well. Now you and your family or friends can enjoy a game of foosball in your own home without having to pay a visit to public arcades.

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