How To Make A Foosball Table At Home

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Foosball is interesting because you can play soccer at home technically without any physical labor but just by using your hands and mind. But a foosball table can be expensive sometimes. But building your own table can be the ultimate solution for cash-strapped foosball fans.

That’s why our article will help you in building your own foosball table at home through DIY methods.

Just by using a few scratch materials and equipment, you can have your own made foosball game.

Thus, let’s learn how to make a foosball table. We have arranged the steps neatly for you so that you have no issues following them.

So, without further ado, let’s get the show on the road.

In order to build this table, you first need to have an idea about the materials used, their measurements, and the equipment needed. You must have proper knowledge regarding the step-by-step process that will help you to build this product.


The initial process needs you to sketch the game board or the area in mind and then on paper. Like, how you are going to set the measurements of the table and the various points. This step includes the sketching of three points or parts:

1.  Pole Drilling
2.  Playfield
3.  Goal Cutting (C)

Tools Needed

This step gives you a list of tools that you can use for giving the game a proper physical appearance. You can use any tool according to your convenience.

1.  Cordless screwdriver
2.  Spanner and screwdriver
3.  Manual sander
4.  Plunge router cutter
5.  Table circular saw
6.  Rubber hammer
7.  Orbital sander.
8.  Clamp hook

Tools You Needed To Make A Foosball Table At Home

Materials You’ll Need

In this portion, you need to collect the material you want for your body, legs, and playfield as well as other materials to attach them, like:

1.  Natural wood or cardboard
2.  Gate inside
3.  Table Man Player
4.  Bolts, nuts, screws
5.  16 bushings
6.  Gate outside
7.  Serving hole
8.  13 players in 2 different colors
9.  Rod Lid End Cap
10. A mini football
11. Rod Bearings
12. Handle Grip
13. 8 rods
14. 8 grips
16. 16 rubber buffers
17. Scoreboard

6 Easy Steps To Make A Foosball Table At Home

Here, we’ll detail the step-by-step process on how to make a foosball table out of wood or cardboard at home in the easiest manner.

6 steps of Making A Foosball Table At Home

Step 1: Get the Measurements Right

First of all, when you start building a structure, you need to have a clear idea of the measurements. The dimensions of things used for the playfield should be noted down. You can take 30” and 56” for the width and length, respectively, for the regulation table or the playing surface.

Step 2: Use light material for the structure

It is convenient to use a light material for the whole structure as it will be easy to hold and portable. The walls on the longer sides should be reduced to a length of 52” and a height of 4.5” in order to ensure that the ball does not keep falling off often.

Step 3: Make the Holes

Once you are done building up the wall, start making holes on the sides with a measurement to fix the rods you have bought. The diameter of the hole is equal to that of the rods, with small spaces between the rod and the hole for fixing the small rubber buffers or springs.

Make the Holes of board

Step 4: Cut Borders and Make indentations

The walls on the shorter sides should be 30” long and 4.5” tall. On these sides, you need to cut the boards to make goal spaces.

Make indentations on the opposite section of the goal post to recover the ball after every goal.

Build further indentations below the playing field to make space to fix the poles.

cut boarders for making goal spaces

Step 5: Start placing the rods

Once the walls are built with holes on the longer walls and goal post on the shorter walls, you then start inserting the rods into the holes along with the players and other accessories and parts.

The regulation model should be 36” in height. Which means the legs of the regulation table will be 30” high, and the remaining portions of the table will be around 6” tall.

Start placing the rods

Step 6: Furnish the table

Last of all, furnish the complete space by using the wood lacquer, then sanding it, and finally using oil so that the rods can be easily moved for smooth playing.

Wrap Up

Hope this article guides you properly through the process of building a DIY Foosball table and pushes you through the amazing journey of carpentry. This in-built method of developing the mini version of football can be a fun task with your family.

And now that you know how to make a foosball table, hopefully, you’ll teach the art to others as well.

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