How To Move A Foosball Table: With And Without Dissemble

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Foosball is a trendy indoor sport, also known as table football or table soccer. Moving its table from one place to another is not an easy job.

Have you ever had such a question about how to move a foosball table? There are two ways of moving a foosball table from one place to another. They are picking it up whole or disassembling it and transporting the parts in smaller chunks.

Whether you're moving the table to a new home or want to rearrange your game room, here's how to do it without damaging the table or injuring yourself. Read the article thoroughly.

Whether or not a moving foosball table will fit through a door depends on the table's dimensions, the size of the door, and how long you want to keep the table in place. There are two methods to move a foosball table.

The first one is for a short distance. Here you can move the table as a whole without disassembling it. Moreover, most foosball tables are about 29-36 inches wide, which means they should be able to fit through standard 36-inch doorways with no problem.

The second one is for a far distance. Here, you have to disassemble it and move all the parts even though the big door size is. After transporting, reassemble them following the instructions.

However, if you have a particularly small doorway or want to keep the table in one spot for an extended period, you may have a narrow table.

Now, when it is about by picking up the foosball table as a whole to move from one place to another, you just need to be cautious. That's because a regular foosball table's weight is around 300 pounds. So, call for labor to complete the job.

But when you are disassembling the table into pieces must check all the parts. After taking apart the table, carefully accumulate all the accessories - men, rods, ball, bolts, legs, handles, bearing, tubes, and others. 

Moreover, after moving these parts, reassemble accordingly. In the latter portion, you will see a step-by-step process of taking apart a foosball table. 

How To Take Apart A Foosball Table: Step By Step

how to take apart a foosball table

Not all brand tables can be taken apart. But all the table is moveable as a whole if the doorways and location allow.

However, we recommend moving the table after disassembling if possible. It's because it won't break the table and other accessories.

In addition, the disassembling process is easier to move the top brands' foosball tables like Tornado, Garlando, Kick, and others

Moreover, if you know how to move a tornado foosball table, you can also move other brands' tables. All the processes are the same. But how?

Step 1 : Separate the playing Rods

The first thing to disassemble the foosball table is separate the playing rods on which men are hanging. It will reduce the weight and width of the table. Besides, it will allow removing the rim of the top playing area safely. Now, to separate the rods-

  • Unscrew the bearing
  • Pull the rods out. 

Step 2 : Remove the Men

When you separate the playing rods, you can see the men are connected. There are 8 rods. Men are attached to each rod. Using a hammer or pin punching tool, you can remove them.

  • Place the punch pin at the pinhole of the men.
  • Hammer on the punch pin gently.
  • Remove the bumpers of the rods’ ends
  • Slide out the men.

Step 3 : Detach the standing Legs

Once the upper area is removed, you need to remove the standing legs of the table. To do so,

  • Pull up the table
  • Unscrew all the nuts.
  • Detach the standing legs

Step 4 : Uninstall the base rim

Now you have the box/rim of the table with the playing surface. To uninstall the rim-

  • Unscrew all the bolts carefully.
  • Remove the field surface. 

Step 5 : Accumulate All The Accessories

Now accumulate all the parts and accessories like bolts, dummies, rods, screws, bearings, legs, etc., and store them in the box carefully. Don't miss to make a count. You may check the manual to match that all items are appropriately accumulated.

Finally, you have completed the disassemble process of the foosball. Now, move the table to your destination and reassemble all the parts in reverse of the disassemble process. 

Final Words

Hopefully, you know how to move a foosball table from one place to another. In this article, we have accumulated all the processes you need to know before you start moving it.

Try not to miss any steps in practical. And for better help, you may follow the product manual, which will help you to make the job easier.

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