How To Install In Ground Basketball Hoop – A Step by Step Guide

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Having a basketball hoop in your backyard is one of the most fun you can have. Not to mention if you have a kid, they can play basketball easily. But here is the thing though, installing an in-ground hoop might not be something everyone knows.

Don’t worry. This will be a complete step-step guide on how to install an in ground basketball hoop. There are just 6 easy steps you need to follow. We recommend getting some kind of help. An extra pair of hands will always come in handy.

Installing an in ground basketball hoop is pretty easy if you just follow the steps. We are going to lay it all out for you simply and easily so you can follow along. Here is what you need to do.

Step-1: Choose the Location

The first order of business is to choose a location to install your in-ground basketball hoop. In-ground basketball hoops are sort of a permanent affair. That’s why you need to be absolutely sure where you want to put it exactly.

Another very important thing is to check the homeowner’s association rules regarding your placement. Also, you should call 811 to see are there any utility lines running beneath your chosen location. 

These precautions will make sure you don't get in trouble later on. It's worth taking extra precautions for the long run. Making sure you don’t break any laws is very important when it comes to in ground basketball hoop installation.

Step-2: Strat Digging

Once you have chosen your location and made the right calls, it’s time to start digging. Depending on which hoop you bought, there should be specific manufacturer instructions on how to dig the hole and how big it should be.

Make sure you follow their guidelines to get the best results. 

Digging with the right equipment is also important. That way you will save some time and also do a better job. We recommend getting yourself a high-quality shovel.

Step-3: Pout Concrete

Your basketball hoop needs to be secured in the ground. That’s where concrete comes in. Once hardened, this concrete will keep it stable and put in place. When pouring in the concrete, it’s always a good idea to poke around with your shovel.

This will get rid of any air pockets that may have formed. Some hoops will just have a single-pole around which you pour the concrete. Get some help when doing this.

One person can hold the pole steady and the other can pour the concrete in. Other and more common is there will be a rebar anchor which needs to be set on top of the concrete.

After pouring the concrete and setting the pole, perform some finishing touches. You will need to smooth out the concrete you just poured. Any excess can be easily cleaned off with a damp towel.

Now, it’s a waiting game. Let it dry for 24 hours or so. We recommend 24 at the very least. A good thing to do is to keep checking the pole. What you should look for is has the pole shifted or not.

If you see the pole shifted, readjust it to center align. This is done earlier on because the concrete is still wet and soft at this point. So, it will be easier to adjust and fix the pole compared to when the concrete is all dry and tough.

Step-4: Raise Pole

Each model of basketball hoop will be a bit different. So, you must follow the specific manufacturer's instructions in this case. If your hoop came with a mounting anchor, you will need to assemble and lift it.

For adjustable hoops, the mechanism needs to be installed at this point too! Remember the pole can be very heavy. It's always a good idea to have someone help you with it.

Step-5: Backboard Goes In

It’s time for the backboard now. Again, follow your manufacturer's specific instructions. Get someone to lift the backboard and put it in place while you can secure and latch it in.

Step-6: Rim and Net

The rim can be easily bolted on the backboard. Some models come with an easy-detach rim. This requires a bit more installation to fit the mechanism in. But it all should be fairly easy if you follow the instructions. Then loop the net around each hook of the rim and voila! You’re done.

Now, you can do some finishing touches on the hoop like install lights or padding for the backboard, if you have any. For adjustable hoops, you can set the right height for yourself at this point as well.

Wrapping Up

What did we tell you? Told you it wasn’t too hard. Now that you know how to install an in ground basketball hoop, you can start getting a couple of games of basketball on.

Make sure to check the hoop has been installed perfectly. Otherwise, it may topple over. But if you follow the simple steps we mentioned, you won’t have anything to worry about.

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