How To Lower A Basketball Hoop: Adjustment & Brand Based

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There is a need to lower the basketball hoop for various reasons. Generally, for tournaments and championships, the standard height is about 10 feet. But, for beginners and kids, sometimes it requires setting the height of the hoop at a little lower level. But how to lower a basketball hoop?

There are different types of hoops for basketball. The process to lower them is not the same for all. Moreover, it actually depends on the lifting mechanism. 

In this article, you will learn about lowering those hoops regarding these mechanisms step by step.

It's time to lower the basketball hoop. The process of reducing the basketball hoop depends totally on the system you have installed. Needless to say, there are fixed height model basketball systems in which you may be unable to lower the hoop.

The process of lowering a basketball hoop is sometimes common for all. In this portion, we will learn about those adjustable hoops and the process of lowering them.

Mostly there, we found two categories of height adjustment for the basketball system.

1. Infinite Adjust: Most of the designs come with this adjustment system.

2. Preset Adjust: In this category, manufacturers customize the whole mechanism. Some mechanisms are patented as well.

In the latter portion, we will discuss some of the best height-adjustment mechanism types that top basketball system manufacturers provide.

1. Crank Handle Mechanism (Infinite Adjust)

In this mechanism, there is a height gauge in the system attached to the crank. To lower the hoop in this mechanism, you just need to rotate the crank clockwise or anti-clockwise, as referred to in the manual.

2. Stick Adjust Mechanism (Preset Adjust)

It is an ancient type of height adjustment mechanism that is still alive. It is also known as - Broomstick Adjustment, InstaJust, and Pole Mechanism regarding the manufacturer. To lower the basketball hoop in this system, there is an adjustment portion just behind the ring. You just need to-

  • Insert the pole or stick into the adjustment area.
  • Place the end of the stick into the release latch or cup.
  • Push the stick up.
  • After that, lower the hoop all the way to the lowest position.
  • Now place the stick at the bottom of the backboard and push it up to set the height.

3. One-Hand Adjustment Mechanism (Preset Adjust)

This mechanism is just one step up from the Stick Adjust Mechanism. It comes with an integrated handle to adjust the height. So, you don't need an additional broom or pole to raise or lower the system. If you want to lower the hoop, you just need to push the handle upwards, and it's done.

4. Screw Jack Lifting Mechanism (Infinite Adjust)

In the Infinite Adjust category, this mechanism is old enough. This system comes with a pre-built tool in the pole. By rotating the screw handle, you can easily raise or lower the hoop. You may find it just like the crank mechanism. But there is a difference. The crank handle is removable, but the screw jack is attached to the system.

5. Telescope Mechanism (Preset Adjust)

This mechanism is the new version in the Preset Adjust category. And the main part is that different manufacturers modified this mechanism on their own. They have customized the system. Some attached a tilting mechanism to complete the process of adjusting the height. In most cases, to lower the hoop-

  • Simply find the joint of adjustment.
  • Remove the nut and bolt.
  • And telescope the system down.

6. Powered Lifting Mechanism (Preset Adjust)

This mechanism is a patented mechanism by Lifetime Basketball System's manufacturer for adjusting the height. It is also known as the "Infinitely Adjustment System."
This system comes with gas spring features. Its additional leverage and strength allow it to adjust the height effortlessly. To lower the hoop, you have to raise the leverage by pushing it up.

7. Exactaheight Lifting Mechanism (Preset Adjust)

This mechanism is developed with a pin with a spring counter. The pin works as a stopper or locker for the height. Here to lower the hoop-

  • Slide or remove the pin.
  • Gently push the handle upward, and the rim will go down.

8. Trigger Glide Mechanism (Preset Adjust)

This mechanism is a comparatively new concept for basketball height adjustment. It requires you to do nothing but hold the handle and move it up or down using the trigger to get the position. To lower the hoop in this mechanism, you need to raise the handle, and it's done.

Lowering A Basketball Hoop: Manufacturer Based

So far, we have known all the available adjustable mechanisms for the basketball hoops. Here, you will see which brands' systems follow which mechanisms and their lowering processes.

How To Lower A Bison Basketball Hoop

Bison is one of those companies with both fixed height and adjustable basketball playground systems. In the line of the height-adjustable system category, it has followed 2 mechanisms.

The first one is the Crank Handle Mechanism, which requires rotating the handle clockwise to lower the hoop. And the second one is the Stick Adjust Mechanism, which requires a broomstick or a pole to raise or lower the hoop. 

How To Lower A Goalsetter Basketball Hoop

Among different models, Goalsetter has its Adjustable In-Ground category. And the best part is that almost each and every model in this category are manufactured with a Screw Jack Lifting Mechanism.

So to lower the hoop, you just need to rotate the screw handle, and it's done.

How To Lower A Lifetime Basketball Hoop

The Lifetime basketball system has a huge variety in its adjustable height category. In this category, there are 4 types of mechanisms that are common. They are- Telescope Mechanism with a tilting system, Stick Adjust Mechanism, One-Hand Adjustment Mechanism, and Powered Lift Mechanism.

In our previous heading, we have discussed all these mechanisms. Check out that portion to know how to lower the hoop regarding these mechanisms. 

Top 5 Lifetime Adjustable Basketball Hoop Recommendation:

How To Lower A Huffy Sports Basketball Hoop

Most adjustable huffy sports basketball hoops are manufactured following the ExactaHeight Lifting Mechanism. You need to slide the pin and move the handle upward to lower these basketball systems' hoops.

How To Lower A Spalding Basketball Hoop

Spalding basketball system manufacturing company is well known for its different height adjustable basket playground systems. This company has a wide variety in this adjustable system category.

Screw Jack Lifting Mechanism, ExactaHeight Lifting Mechanism, Telescope Mechanism, Stick Adjust Mechanism, Trigger Glide Mechanism (Pro Glide Advanced Basketball System) - all these systems are integrated with different models.

In our previous heading, we have discussed these mechanisms broadly. Check out that portion to know how to lower Spalding basketball hoop regarding the mechanism.

Top 3 Spalding Adjustable Basketball Hoop Review:

How To Lower Goalrilla Basketball Hoop

For the Goalrilla basketball system, Screw Jack Lifting Mechanism and Crank Handle Mechanism are common in the adjustable system category. In both mechanisms, you have to rotate the handle as referred to in the manual to lower the basketball hoops.

Best Goalrilla Adjustable Basketball Hoop Review:

How To Lower Little Tikes Basketball Hoop

Apart from other professional basketball systems, the Little Tikes system is designed for kids. This easy-score basketball set comes with a height holding switch.

Now, a little tikes basketball hoop how to lower? 

  • Pop the switch by pulling it out.
  • Choose your desired height by moving the inner pole. To lower it, just let it go inside.
  • Lock the switch back to the holding point.

How To Lower Basketball Hoop In Gym

Actually, it depends on which types of mechanisms are present in a gym basketball system. 2 types of systems are mostly found in the gym.

They are- the Crank Handle Mechanism and the Screw Jack Lifting Mechanism. Now, basketball systems following these 2 mechanisms are so rough and tough. That's why such systems are installed in the gym.

As mentioned before, you just need to rotate the handle to lower the hoop for such mechanisms. Apart from these systems, if you find other mechanisms, then check our previous discussions. We have discussed almost every type of mechanism.

Ending Note

Now you know how to lower basketball hoop regarding the adjusting mechanism. We have discussed almost every type of system available out there. Beyond all these, if you have seen any other basketball system, let us know.

After all, if you find any complications with lowering your basket hoop, check its manual. There must be a guideline for you if it is adjustable.

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