SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop System Reviews

If you are really looking to prepare yourself for a competitive game or growing up your kid in a healthy lifestyle from a tender age, this SKLZ pro mini basketball hoop is a must. Not just that clear cut polycarbonate built backboard, but also sturdy steel pole is gonna add a significant amount of safety to your pool party. Thus, this practice of 7’’ mini basketball with a professional grade breakaway rim surely will have a beneficial reflect upon your game. Who hates this kinds of fully adjustable hoop which are easy to use? For the maximum stability the heavy duty basketball base needs to be filled with sand or water. In few words, this long lasting basketball hoop shall help you to develop as a player and keep you interested to thrive for excellency almost everytime whether on the home, outside or in the pool does not really matter

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop System

Why you’ll find it interesting?

Ultra durable and pro grade looking backboard
In a heated game one team is trying to play in a hard and tough way and the opposition too does not want to give it up too early – this is what might have influenced you to fall in love with this basketball. If you are an aggressive player by nature, you must take a look at this exclusive SKLZ pro mini hoop 7’ adjustable basketball system. This mini basketball hoop system becomes sturdy with 33’’ X 23’’ shatterproof backboard attaching to the solid steel pole. Infact, the clear cut polycarbonate does not just enhance the robustness but also make it ideal to tackle powerful shots

Hone your skills with breakaway rim
In case you have not figured out the value of breakaway basketball rims yet, let us explain. Two notable advantages you are gonna have are- added safety and less delay during match time. With the sklz pro mini hoop system offering a breakaway rim, it gives you absolutely little to ponder about getting wrist injuries while dunking. This unique hoop rim will bend downward to accommodate the pressure you would apply on that. Whenever the pressure is released, the portable basketball rim shall go back into the horizontal position through the action spring. Ask every basketball lover about this soft touch of the compression springs, they always adore it

Kids gonna grow up
Whether you are looking for a height adjustable portable basketball hoop system for your outdoor, indoor, courtside or poolside game play, sklz 7ft basketball hoop is a great choice. In the meantime, you are probably thinking then you have to purchase another one for your sweet little kid. Say a big no to this line. By adjusting to 3.5 ft, you can definitely turn this hoop into your kid’s favourite basketball hoop. As they grow up in future, you can adjust the driveway basketball hoop according to their height. By doing so, they shall get the feeling of playing with real NBA hoop

What people like in it?

  • The mini sklz basketball hoop is a complete package with height adjustable backboard, rim, pole and base with wheels. Getting such a quality sports equipment which shall last in the years to come, you are guaranteed to have hours of fun by growing strong and healthy
  • 7’’ rubber basketball is another demonstration of sklz brand’s dedication to make you feel like you are an NBA professional
  • Sklz pro mini basketball system comes up with a well balanced weighted mobile base unit. The actual dimension of the base accounts for 31.6 X 20 X 6.3’’. you are required to fill the base with water or sand while completing for the glory
  • Built in wheels- that means you can easily roll this best mini basketball hoop to your desired location
  • Another significant advantage with this sklz pro mini hoop ball is you can play anytime, anywhere. You can choose from outdoor, indoor or poolside play as your wish
  • A portable basketball system for all weather
  • 14.5’’ diameter breakaway rim with spring action capability shall raise your game a level up

What people dislike?

  • Customers have said in their review that the hoop starts to bend downward a little due to the fact that kids continuously throw down their favourite dunk shots. As long as kids are slamming onto the rim it is OK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.My kids love to hang on while playing the game. Will this break the rim?
A. No. it won’t. infact, this portable hoop comes with a breakaway rim which is flexible enough to sustain pressure by your kids

Q. What is the highest setting of this driveway basketball hoop?
A. It is 7 ft for courtside play and 3.5 ft for junior or poolside play

Q. Can I use men’s size basketball?
A. No, you should use mini balls only, as men’s size will be a little too big

Q. Can anyone answer me how difficult it is to assemble?
A. Assembly is very simple really. You might need at most half an hour to put it together

Final Verdict

SKLZ pro mini basketball hoop system is guaranteed to keep you focused all the time and clearly there won’t be any lacking in terms of excitements- all credit must be given to the impressive features it has come up with. This pro looking shatterproof polycarbonate made backboard with breakaway rim is reckoned to be tough enough for enterprising play. Forget the adults even your sweet lovely kid can adjust the height of the rim easily and speaking of the highly appreciated mobile base, wheels make it relatively much easier to transport. By judging all the aspects and advantages, you can evidently see why this sklz pro mini basketball hoop is one of the top rated portable unit in the market

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