Spalding NBA 71562 Hybrid Portable Basketball System Review

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Be it to improve your cardio, strength, muscle endurance, or make a name for yourself in the near future – either way you must choose this substantial Spalding NBA hybrid portable basketball system.

Spalding NBA Hybrid 60 Inch Portable Basketball Hoop

Pro looking 60 inch acrylic backboard along with this sturdy breakaway NBA basketball rim motivates you to keep going after the goal until you have your last breathe. Combination of sand and water forming the ultimate hybrid base shall provide a new level of sturdiness for the easy height adjust system.

Whether you want to work on your bank shots or high flying slam dunks, this Spalding portable unit is designed to stand firm against everything you put on it.

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Compete with great intensity

How long have you been waiting for such a portable hoop that will be suitable to play the game aggressively? Wanna be right in your opponent’s face? Well, this NBA hoop size portable system with a 60’’ acrylic basketball backboard will encourage you not to take a step back and play the game more audaciously.

After all, the blow molded pad offers an extra cushion to the basketball hoop backboard against competitive play.

Simple straightforward height adjust

Wanna transform yourself into a professional NBA player? They often perform their signature shots at various heights and angles. Therefore, you might need to do the same. The Spalding NBA portable hoop gives you the freedom to play the game according to your strength and potential.

With the U-turn lift Spalding basketball system, you are allowed to adapt your shots at different heights, and by doing so, you can inevitably improve your game a lot.

Hybrid base: set the tone like never before

Combination of sand and water? Have you heard anything like this before? Sounding a bit surreal? Well, in the past, you might have faced bigger confusion about which one to go with- water or sand?

With this Spalding NBA basketball hybrid base giving access to both sand and water, you can be more than 100% sure that you will not be caught in two minds anymore. So, let this exclusive feature contribute to the newest level of steadiness for your driveway basketball hoop.

A Breakaway Rim – got your wish?

If you want to throw down thunderous dunks shots one after another – a sturdy heavy duty rim is necessary. The importance of having breakaway basketball rims can not be described in words as it can do bend downward while dunking and go back to the horizontal position when the shot is released.

Moreover, you shall be allowed to dunk without shattering the regulation basketball backboard. Not just that, but also NBA basketball rims greatly reduce the possibility of wrist injuries. So, it won’t be a wise decision to miss out on this Spalding hoop.

What We Liked

  • Steel framed acrylic backboard with aluminum trim
  • An adjustable basketball goal ranging from 7.5’’ to 10’’
  • The Ultimate hybrid base can be filled by 200 lbs of sand or gravel and 19 gallons of water. Having a removable lid with this driveway basketball base makes it simple to store
  • A 3 pc, 20 degree angled 3.5 inch round steel pole
  • The Front cover acts as a rebounder during the game with 16’’ board offset

What We Didn't Like

  • In some cases, customers have complained that the Spalding hybrid basketball hoop's instructions are not that easy to understand. Therefore, we recommend following the Spalding basketball hoop instructions closely and looking at the pictures in the box. After all, this is a 60’’ Spalding NBA hoop, and you might need a second guy to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. We have had a couple of portable hoops in the past. All those height adjusters tend to get jammed after using for 3/4 months. What about this one?

Answer: No, never. People who bought this NBA basketball hoop have not had any problems regarding this.

Q. Can I assemble it all alone?

Answer: You can assemble by yourself based on the instructions. Otherwise, use the assembly service to get the job done.

Q. What do I do with the front cover?

Answer: Works as a rebounder while playing.

Q. What is the color of the net?

Answer: This NBA basketball net shall be white.

Final Verdict

Spalding the NBA hybrid portable basketball system ultimately tells you that success results from perfection, hard work, and learning from failure. Getting a 60’’ backboard hoop as close to any professional basketball hoop is undeniably the perfect way to start your career.

This Spalding acrylic portable basketball system with its new ultimate hybrid basketball base and simple height adjustment feature brings the arena to your driveway. So, let’s get this straight whoever wishes to have this extra-ordinary incomparable Spalding 60 acrylic portable basketball hoop in his armor, this journey is surely gonna be exquisite.