Silverback NXT 54” Portable Height Adjustable Basketball Hoop Reviews

Silverback NXT with it’s staggering and miraculous series of features is ready to write a new chapter in the history of basketball game. Whether you are a professional or just want to have some fun, Silverback NXT 54 inch portable basketball hoop is one of the top notch outdoor basketball hoops available right now. Infinity edge backboard brings to you the awesome experience of playing with a real NBA hoop. The extraordinary ergo-move wheel barrow design is another example why we rate this outstanding silverback basketball hoop somewhat different than others. The easy installation procedural is warmly welcomed by the customers around the globe. So, what are you waiting for? Just set up this exceptionally good NXT silverback basketball hoop 54 inch and practice shooting the goals in no time

Silverback NXT 54'' Portable Height Adjustable Basketball Hoop

Why you’ll find it interesting?

Infinity edge backboard

Desperately looking for a substitution for your old fashioned type backboard hoop which are framed mostly by a plastic or metal edge? Who does not want to have a backboard which will have a more modern and clean visualized look compared to other portable hoops? Here, silverback NXT portable basketball hoop provides a playing surface of unparalleled strength with this unique infinity edge backboard feature

We are starting this Silverback NXT portable basketball review with this classic backboard design. The hallmark of these 54’’ edge basketball backboards is that the edges of the backboard are continuously wrapped around to the back of the backboard by materials. This ultimately offers a stronger, solid and stalwart surface to play with. You have to admit this silverback portable basketball hoop is absolutely a perfect match in case you are a big fan of hard and tough play

Stabili Frame Technology- a new era in the making

Most often customers get confused over one thing- the utility of the blow molded basketball goal base as a support structure. However, silverback basketball system NXT with this unimaginable stabili frame tactics shall hardly make you sweat overthinking it’s safety 

Unlike most other portable basketball hoops, the pole is designed to offer equal weight distribution across the base. What makes this NXT silverback different from all others is that the basketball pole connects to the steel frame below the base which eventually strengthens the shape. And you must be well aware of the importance of having a stable and robust basketball pole to execute your skills properly

Ergo move wheel barrow design

Silverback basketball goal another leading manufacturer of the basketball sports is definitely leaving no stone unturned to take this game to a new level. This unrealistic ergo move wheel barrow design shall allow you to move the basketball goal with your partner with minimum effort 

This stand alone basketball hoop is built in such a way that the goal can be tilted backward onto large weighted wheels. Thus relieving the extra amount of pressure which a person can’t handle alone. There is also a rear kickstand which will prevent the portable basketball goal from tipping over

Quick assembly what everyone wishes for

Have experienced assembly of mobile basketball hoop before? Absolutely disgusted about those moveable basketball hoops which demand hours of great attention and hard labour. Well, tell me who does not hate those long assembly sessions?

Silverback basketball hoop NXT comes up with a simple assemble process like never before. With this NXT hoop coming partially assembled with attached hardware, all you need are some tools to attach the major pieces. 90 minutes or thereabouts, yeah you heard me right that is the time span require to assemble your adjustable basketball goal and then you can start playing. Silverback NXT portable basketball hoop instructions are quite good as well

What people like in it?

  • Nobody wants to have dead spots in backboard which tend to give little or no rebound at all. This incredible 54’’ W X 33’’ H infinity edge backboard does not just reduce those dead spots but also creates a stronger face for rebound action
  • In between the steel chassis and main pole there is a connection which will ensure your basketball stay upright into it’s position
  • Easily move the goal with ergo move wheel barrow design
  • Simple height adjustment from 7.5’ to 10’ height in 6’’ increments and 30’’ overhang under the goal

What people dislike?

  • The customers have explained in their review that they needed to have a larger ratchet set to put it all together. So, we suggest you to get one set before buying this hoop. Other than this, this hoop is ultimately ideal for someone who wants to push himself forward in the game every now and then

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How much sturdy the basketball hoop base is?
A. Well, the shape of the base and weighted ballast wheels create an optimal centre of gravity. So, your goal will hold it’s ground nicely

Q. Will the backboard shatter like glass?
A. Though not shatterproof The backboard is made of a very strong polycarbonate material and so does not shatter like glass. Do not worry here at all.

Q. Can anyone answer me what are the dimensions of the base?
A. Silverback NXT 54 portable basketball system is approximately 54’’ X 33’’

Q. Will I need to supply the necessary tools to assembly
A. You just need a socket wrench- that’s it

Final Verdict

Silverback NXT 54’’ height adjustable portable hoop with all those advanced technology and strategic engineering is going to change the game forever by bringing on something new something fresh everytime. It will be of no wonder if silverback NXT basketball hoop becomes the next big thing in portable basketball system. With the infinity edge backboard system, time to start high intensity drills. Superlative ergo move wheel barrow design with stabili frame steel on steel connection allows to give a quick roll action. That is exactly why this silverback NXT 54 inch portable basketball hoop has gained a huge popularity at such a short tenure

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