When was the first basketball hoop made?

Do you know when was the first basketball hoop made? Who Invented Basketball?

It was in 1891 when James W. Naismith first invented basketball game. Since then basketball has now grown into one of the most popular sports all over the world. Yeah basketball does have a long rich history. We are going to tell you about the history of basketball. This takes us way back to the late 19th century, when basketball hoop was first invented

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The Invention:

Actually, basketball game was the brainchild of school aged boys. James Naismith, a Canadian guy is the person behind this invention. He was born in 1861. He grew up in Ontario, Canada. He was a physical educator, physician, Christian Chaplain, sports coach and innovator.

After serving as an athletic director at McGill University in Montreal, he joined into an athletic training school, YMCA Spring field, Massachusetts. There he came against a rowdy class which was confined to indoor games throughout the harsh New England winter.

Then Dr Luther Gulick, head of the physical education there assigned him with the task to develop a game that would be playable indoors. But very often student athletes couldn’t really get into their shape as the weather conditions outside didn’t allow them to go out for practice

In December 1891, Naismith created a game where the objective was to throw the soccer ball into the peach baskets which were nailed to the lower railing of the gym balcony. He initially set 15 rules for them. He divided his class of 18 into 2 teams of 9 players each

Each time when there was a point scored, the game had to be stopped to lug out a ladder and retrieve the ball. Though they didn’t need to do this too often. Because the score of the very first game was unbelievably low 1-0

What was the thinking behind creating basketball game?

A simple thought process: tossing the ball into a ring and score points. Why was basketball invented? It could provide hours of fun on a cold wintry day. Naismith did have couple of other things on his mind:


He wanted to make the game interesting where player would be motivated and thrilled. He analyzed rugby, lacrosse, soccer, football, hockey and baseball. He combined the game with elements from these popular games. He made up his mind. It could be a goal-based game where point would be counted if someone scored


He thought bigger softer balls would be the safest compared to the smaller and faster paced balls. So, he decided to use a soft soccer ball


He saw that most physical contacts did occur through running with the ball. So, passing and shooting were the only legal option


To further increase the safety of the game, he decided to place the basket in a position where it would be difficult to defend up in the air

Dr Naismith was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame for his creation in 1959. For being the architect the game was named after him

Evolution Of Basketball:

The First ever basketball hoop Jan 1, 1891

Dr Naismith initially used a broken peach basket to make the hoop. At first, basketball was called as “Basket Ball”. The basket was placed to 10 feet high in the air and then players would try to score

First time backboard added, Jan 1, 1893

2 years later backboard was added to the game to stop the fans from interfering into the game. Besides, without backboard there was no rebound or lay-up. So, backboards were certainly able to improve and enhance the game than what it was before

Box on the backboard, Feb 2, 1893

For the shooting efficiency, a box was put on the backboard. Thus, dunking and bank shots were able to thrive now, two new aspects of the game

New Basketball, Jan 1, 1894

The first ever manufactured basketball was made of leather. Then Spalding started to create new and improved basketballs that what we see today

Trap door hoop, 1895-96

After couple of years of peach basketball there came trap door hoop. To retrieve the ball, the ref needed to pull a string that was connected to the trap door. then the ball eventually came down

Metal rim, Jan 1, 1901

After decade of playing basketball, finally metal rim was added to the game. The net was still closed off. But the basket got more modern look. Metal rim gives support to a backboard. Unlike peach basket, it does not fall over when a player dunks

Wooden backboards, 1904

Though backboards were first invented in 1893, but this time the wooden one became mandatory

Glass backboard, 1909

From here on, glass backboards became a common feature on almost all hoops. Every other backboards that were used in the past actually prevented the audience to see more of the game with the backboard blocking their view

Basket gone, net arrived, Jan 1, 1912

Finally, the nylon nets were used in 1912. The bottom of the net was cut out. This infact allowed the ball to fall through the hoop. the game was now able to move faster and had more scoring opportunities than ever before

ABL hoops 1925-1931

Both glass backboards and metal rims were common feature in American Basketball League. However, they didn’t have the breakaway feature in metal rims.

Orange Ball, 1950

The first ever ball made especially for basketball was brown in color. Orange was chosen to make the game more visible to players and spectators

Modern day hoops

NBA/WNBA/NCAA all have breakaway rims nowadays. Therefore, the rim is flexed when someone dunks the ball. The backboard size is 6 feet by 3.5/4 feet, rim-18 inches in diameter and net- (15-18) inches in length

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