Goalrilla GS54 In Ground Basketball System Reviews

Do you want to shoot basketball hoops in your small driveway? Then we present to you the best available option till date, Goalrilla GLR GS 54 basketball system. Compared to the regulation size 72 inch backboards, this might be a miniature basketball system yet sets high standards. With this compact basketball hoop, there won’t be any shortage of pro quality game play. You will find, many in ground systems need large driveways or courts to get things started. However, this one would be a good fit for a home court of any size. Even if you want to save some space out there, you can do so with this goalrilla gs54

When it comes to manufacturing top notch basketball hoops, Goalrilla basketball hoops is often compared with some other popular brands such as Lifetime and Spalding. They started their journey back in the early 1990s and have never looked back. Whenever, I think of a Goalrilla basketball hoop, three words come to my mind: quality, sturdiness and reasonable price. This is of no surprise why it has grown into such popularity in the recent years

This budget friendly goalrilla hoop gives you some high end features that you should be proud of. A 54 inch backboard is constructed of 3/8 inch thick tempered glass. For small driveways where two cars fit in nicely, this hoop will be suitable. With tempered glass adding 10 time more strength, there is very little chance of backboard being broken down due to hard hitting shots. You know what, high schools, colleges and NBA arenas all use the same kinda material. Therefore, it is no wonder why you’ll feel like playing in a NBA arena with this hoop. You’ll get the best rebounding experience as the ball will bounce off the backboard quite nicely. Plus, you get a clear view of your backyard

In terms of sturdiness, the general theory is to get a wider pole and confirm minimal vibration. With this goalrilla gs 54 basketball hoop, the one piece support pole is 5x5 inches, further proving the firmness of the base. 2.5 feet offset from the pole gives you plenty of room to play under the basket

Like the most high end hoops, this in ground goal features a concrete anchor system that makes installation/leveling an easy task. And if you ever need to change homes, there is an unbolt option to take the hoop with yourself. Rebar rods lay a solid foundation as well. With a crank actuator, you can rearrange the height of the hoop between 7.5’ to 10’. Pro style breakaway rim flexes when someone tries to dunk or put pressure. Now aggressive players can match their skill level or playing style more than ever before

Powder coating ensures rust resistance and longevity of the hoop. Assembly is very much straightforward and instructions are easy to follow. Moreover, the buyers are extremely pleased with the purchase and the seller

Goalrilla GS54 In Ground

Product Specification

Backboard Size dimensions


Height adjustment

7.5' to 10'


1 piece 5"X 5"


2.5 feet

Shipping weight

330 pounds



LIfetime warranty


Without further ado let’s take a look at the features, pros and cons of the Goalrilla GS54 in ground basketball hoop


Tempered glass goalrilla backboard

The Goalrilla basketball goal features a 54” X 34” backboard with a 3/8” thick tempered glass. When it comes to backboard materials, tempered glass is the chosen one. Only tempered glass backboard offers gymnasium like rebound for it’s incredible durability. They play like a regulation goal and it is so much better than acrylic/fiberglass. Whereas acrylic and polycarbonate materials may haze or fog as the days pass by but this clear view tempered glass Goalrilla goal shall hardly show any signs of it

There is very little wobble of the backboard when playing. This Goalrilla hoop stays still and true. Besides, you will be getting a fairly large backboard for home usages. Also add to this a 2.5 feet overhang underneath the goal system. Want to transform your backyard into a NBA-vibe arena?

Height adjustability actuator

Any height adjustment that is smooth and easy for youngsters to adjust ultimately means you didn’t make the wrong choice. This Goalrilla GS54 basketball system uses a simple adjust actuator to rearrange the hoop from 7.5’ to 10’. All you need to do is simply turn the handle. Don’t forget there is a height indictor for you to show the exact height of your goal. This certainly makes it easier for players to know which height they are playing at. Therefore, players now can easily adjust the goal to a higher setting or lower it depending on their skill and height requirement

There won’t be too much of time wasting. They can utilize their practice sessions more effectively than ever before. Moreover, the adjustment mechanism includes a lifetime warranty making sure your kids will get so much time on their hands to work on their own game

Pro style flex rim

Dunk lovers enjoy dunking. Hardcore players love to put their full weight onto the goal or throw hard hitting shots. For this kinda abuse, you need a breakaway rim. This means it’s made to be dunked on so that it can “breakaway” from the backboard and not damage the glass

This Goalrilla basketball hoop includes a medium weight flex rim that tailor made for slam dunking. The rim Goalrilla use is certainly one of the highest quality breakaway rims you’ll get to see on the market. The flex rim is suitable for at home goals. When somebody hangs or dunks on the rim, it flexes and eliminates all the uncalled pressure from the anchor system. This is how it also protects the glass backboard from being damaged by competitive play

Powder coated one piece pole

There are hoops that use 2 piece poles and even multi section poles. But you can’t be 100% sure all the time that you can play dunks or hard shots with those. Frankly speaking, they are not so great for dunking and aggressive playing. They are not strong enough to withstand regular, rough abuse and can become cracky over time. So you will be looking for a replacement after sometimes of using it

If you’re an aggressive player from the childhood, what would you do then?

Yes, choose a thick and sturdy one piece pole basketball system. And this is exactly what this Goalrilla 54 inch basketball hoop brings to you with a 5”X5” one piece 11 gauge steel pole. Compare to other basketball systems and you will find out eventually that the diameter of the pole is 2 inch larger than other. One piece pole is renowned for longevity and therefore no such thinking of replacing it either in the near future

Worrying about the fact that the pole might get rusted after few days? Then we are glad to inform you that there is Dupoint powder coating on this solid steel pole. So stop worrying about corrosion as it’ll be in the same look and shape after years of playing

Transportability with J bolt anchoring system

Time to talk about another reason to become a fan of this Goalrilla hoop. When you need to move houses, don’t sweat over the fact that you might need to leave your newbie Goalrilla basketball system there. No you don’t. Thanks to this independent anchor system, the transportation is absolutely safe. You can easily relocate your hoop. This is so easy. Just unfasten the hoop from the plate and that’s all required. After that you need to purchase a new anchor kit and then install again

Do you know?

A single J bolt has an estimated tensile strength of 10,000 lbs to make sure your hoops are further strengthened for regular use

Simple assembly but no compromise with sturdiness

Installing a Goalrilla basketball hoop is relatively easier unlike other in ground hoop system. The manual includes all the detailed information that you need. They will show you step by step, each and everything about how to install this goal. For your convenience, there is a diagram added to the manual. This will help you to get a clearer view of what needs to be done and when to do

Due to the fact that this is a single piece pole hoop, there are no activities to collect all the individual small piece and then form one. You also get easy leveling with anchor bolt mounting system. Furthermore, rebar steel rods reinforce the concrete and solid foundation has been laid with almost no shaking or wobbling

All these include a standard pole pad which ensures both safety and presents a stylish look of the hoop. Thumbs up from the serious ballers?

Who would play with this hoop?

Undoubtedly, basketball is for both adults and kids. But there are in-ground systems designed for players who want to evolve as a quality basketball player by playing right infront of their house. This hoop has got all the quality of the world to help them grow as a skillful b-ball player. For teenagers and adults who like to play a few hard battles among friends or neighbors should also enjoy doing this. This is a strong, heavy duty system that everyone can look forward to years of hooping with it

Golarilla GS54 vs Silverback SB60

1. SB60 uses 4 inch square steel pole compared to 5 inch square one piece pole given by GS54. Therefore, Goalrilla gives you more surety for a rock solid play than SB as you all know the kinda stability and robustness one piece pole offers is literally unmatched

2. With SB60 you have the backboard dimension of 60” X 33” with 5/16” thickness and GS54 uses 54” X 34” backboard with 3/8” tempered glass. You might get a bigger backboard with SB60 but at the same time, the thinner glass does not deliver equal quality play as GS54 would do

3. It has mitered & welded arms compared to the SB60’s bent yoke arm. These bent yoke arms do not offer the same strong connection as mitered and welded arms would do

Main Features
  • Tempered glass reinforced backboard
  • Height adjustability actuator between 7.5’ to 10’
  • Pro style breakaway rim
  • Powder coated one piece steel pole
  • Concrete goalrilla basketball anchor system
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Anchor bolt mounting system allows for easy leveling
  • If you move to a new home, your system can move with you
  • Rebar steel rods strengthen concrete base
  • 2.5 feet overhang gives plenty of room for playing underneath the basket
  • Simple adjustability from 7.5’ to 10’ using crank actuator
  • Tempered glass backboard offers superior performance and ultimate strength
  • This is Goalrilla’s most compact basketball system for small courts and driveways


  • This is not a regulation size backboard
  • A bit expensive

Frequently Asked Question

1. Do I need to have grass for installation or can it be installed in concrete?

-It is recommended to dig the hole for the post close to the court edge without making contact

2. How many bags of concrete must I provide when having it installed?

-It will take approximately 10-12 80lb bags. We also suggest you to keep the receipt just in case all are not needed, you can then return the unused product

3. Can you dunk on it?

-This is by far the strongest goal and you can have a party on it if you want. Stable goal as long as instructions are followed, especially for the cemented anchor system

4. Does this product come with the rebar and anchoring system included?

-Yes, rebar and anchoring system are both included

Final Verdict

This is not a cheap knock off. It is well worth the extra money. The rim is very much sturdy and your entire family can play on it. Kids love it and so do parents. There is no rattle after the ball hits the rim and the backboard is as firm as it gets. It feels like a top of the line gym goal. Overall, this is a solid construction and looks stylish

Installation is an easy task with nice instructions being available there. Buyers can have arena quality gaming experience and it won’t even eat too much of space as well. You can easily install it in small courts. This golarilla gs54 is one of the best residential basketball goals you will find on the market that has ticked all the right boxes to enjoy basketball. Your investment won’t get wasted!

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