Step2 Shootin’ Hoops Pro Basketball Set – Kids & Toddler Basketball Hoop Reviews

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In search of a kid’s basketball game development set? Want your kid to grow up healthy by keeping him busy & active right from a tender age? Then choose Step2 Shootin Hoops Pro Basketball Set without any hesitation.

Step2 Shootin Hoops Pro is absolutely perfect for growing kids. This adjustable basketball hoop will grow with your kids as the rim can be adjusted from 4 feet to 6 feet. Kids can play indoors at the minimum height. They can play outdoor as well by adjusting the rim at the highest setting. Thus, this is one such sports equipment that will urge your kids to become agile by running, jumping or shooting into the hoop, a perfect basketball goal for toddlers

Step 2 basketball hoop offers a large backboard with an authentic woven net. The base is equipped with two holders for drinks or ball storage when not in use. The reason why shootin’ hoops is getting so much popularity because this toddler adjustable basketball hoop is extremely user friendly, versatile, easy to assemble and within a cheap budget that everyone can manage

If you’ve got kids who are highly interested in playing hoops, this will be perfect for them. Can’t wait to watch your little kids to shoot hoops like a pro?

Step2 Shootin Hoops Pro Basketball Set

Let’s look at the best features from Step2 Shootin’ Hoops Pro basketball set:


Step2 shoot in’ hoops features a large backboard. Larger backboard means shots from your little athletes will find the hoop quite regularly. It will give them a nice feeling and boost everyone’s confidence. It also includes a breakaway rim & a real woven net. This very much ensures that your kids will experience how a real basketball game is played

Height Adjustment:

One of the unique features of Step 2 basketball goal is the height adjustment. There are three adjustable positions; four, five and six feet high. The center pole fixture can be adjusted to a height of 48 inch, 60 inch or 72 inch. Infact, the hoop will grow with your children. Therefore, years of basketball fun is awaiting for everyone

Breakaway Rim:

Yes, you heard me right. Step 2 basketball offers breakaway rim with a real woven net which is ideal for a kid who loves to slam hard on the rim. Whether it is a slam dunk or jump shot, there is no safety concern at all. You can’t really compromise with the rim quality or can you?


One must have criterion of quality portable hoops is stable base. This is what gives the ultimate support to the hoop to stand still. And step2 shoot set comes with a large stable base. This base can be weighted down with sand or water. The goal system will stand firm even after some rough use by kids. Pole is pretty much thick and sturdy

It includes two built in holders. You can use it for drinks purpose when the athletes are run out of gas. Even when there is a break in play, the ball can be stored

Simple assembly:

Installation of step 2 shootin hoops pro basketball set is quite easy. Instructions are quite straightforward. Just follow the procedures. A quick assembly. This is what everyone looks for and this is exactly you’re going to get

Play hoop for years and it’s SAFE:

For kids, safety is the first priority and the manufacturer knows it well too. They’ve included a 6” (15.2 cm) basketball. The ball is made of rubber. It is lightweight, soft and more accessible to grab. So, nobody is going to get hurt by anything. Ideal size and height of the hoop have made it easier to jump and then throw the ball into the basket!

Main Features

1. Large backboard is combined with breakaway rim and real woven net
2. One 6 inch inflated basketball
3. Adjustable height at four, five and six feet position
4. Base weighs down with sand or water with 2 built in holders
5. Made in USA


  • Good quality basketball hoop for kids to boost confidence
  • Very easy to adjust up and down
  • Grows with children
  • Can be shifted anywhere anytime
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to install


  • We would not recommend it over seven years of older kids

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I want to use a regular size basketball. Will this work for me?

- -No, a regular size ball won’t work. It is only big enough for 8” or so balls that come with it. A 6 inch basketball is included with it

2. How much sand does it take to fill completely?
- Buyers have recommended to use water. It is free and effective as well

3. How big is the backboard?
- Well, the dimension measures 22” X 28” alongside a breakaway rim and woven net. It is more than big enough for your little kids really

4. Will this toddler basketball goal tip over easily?

- This is super sturdy. Infact, this is taller than what you’re probably thinking by just looking at the picture. Looks nice and won’t fall over when kids try to dunk

5. What about the assembly process?

- This is so easy. An effortless job which you can complete easily. And the nice instructions really help

Final Verdict

Playing basketball can be a great source of both entertainment and physical exercise for your growing up kids. You want them to be involved more and more in the physical activities. So, they can lead a healthy and prosperous life in the future. Therefore, it is important that you choose the right basketball hoop for toddler and step 2 shootin hoops is just that

From the web, we have found out that most users are very much satisfied with the service. Anybody who is looking to get a sturdy, durable hoop set, should buy step2 shootin hoops pro basketball set. You will get proper value for your money. A good return for your investment is on it’s way. So, when will you purchase it?