lifetime 1221 Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System

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Undoubtedly lifetime is one of the ruling manufacturers of basketball systems, trying utmost to come up with something new, fresh, unconventional, to make this beautiful game more fascinating. Their dedication to enhancing the panorama of the game is compared to none.

The lifetime 1221 pro court height adjustable portable basketball system does just the very same by featuring an impact backboard of 44’’. A perfect bounce back action from the rim and backboard always increases your chance of executing a copybook NBA bank shot.

Lifetime 1221 44 Inch Portable Basketball Hoop
Product Specifications:
  • Backboard: 44 Inch shatterproof
  • Height: 7.5 to 10-Feet with 6-Inch increments
  • Base: 27-gallon
  • Rim: 18 inch
  • Pole: 3-piece
  • Warranty: 5 years

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1. High impact backboard

Fond of bank shots? Wanna master this skill? But your basketball goal unit does not help you as your liking. The ball bounces off the backboard too much, thereby you lose the ball to your opponents and you can not get much out of it.

But with this lifetime pro court 44’’ impact backboard, you should get what you are exactly looking for. Given that this highly appreciated lifetime pro backboard offers a quality rebound action, you are set to pick up points for your team.

2. Telescoping pole: meet your expectations

You might need to fix your portable hoop at a certain height. But either your basketball hoop is going too much up or too lower than what it should be. Are you a bit frustrated?

Well, with this basketball system, you better forget all those troubling issues and unintentional interruptions you ever had. This telescoping height feature allows you to set a marker on the basketball hoop pole and adjust accordingly.

3. Simple transportation

Who does not love to get the real experience of playing with NBA basketball hoop right at your home? Are you looking for something which can be easily stored in your driveway?

If this is all you are searching for, you must take a closer look at this height adjustable portable basketball system. A steady stable 27-gallon base- what you all have to do is just fill the base with water or sand and then use the wheels to roll the lifetime 44 portable basketball system to your desired location.

Our suggestion would be to use sand, instead of water and avoid chances of developing leaks. Obviously, it must be dry sand.

4. Rim is exemplary

½ inch steel braces make this 18 inches lifetime rim virtually unbreakable, and that should absolutely suit your game if you are a big fan of powerful dunks and layoffs.

Even, you won’t have to consider the question of replacing the rim as this stalwart, durable, and the renowned lifetime brand well constructs superior strength portable basketball rim; you should encourage your friends, cousins and everyone to play the game in a spirited manner. It is very easy to assemble as well.

Positive Sides of The Hoop

1. The hoop doesn't bend.

2. Hard, unbreakable playing surface.

3. Telescoping adjustment pole can be worked around 7.5 to 10 feet in 6 inch increments.

4. All weather unit has incredible resilence against harsh elements.

5. 2.75 inches round pole basketball hoop system.

6. There is no rust on the stand.

7. A five year limited manufacturer warranty.

Drawbacks with Solution

1. Very few people have complained about this lifetime 44 inch basketball hoop that they find it a bit difficult to understand what has been said in the assembly instruction manual. But these complaints are very rare. Generally, the instructions are quite simple. Therefore, we recommend reading between the lines and going through one or two installation videos to get a much clearer view of the assembling process. Hopefully, your problem shall be automatically solved.

2. Because of the equipment's height & weight, we suggest you have someone to help you when attaching the backboard to the pole.

People Also Ask

Q1. I want my net and rim standard size for professional like play. Is it possible?

Answer: Pretty much yes. In fact, this is a typical standard size basketball hoop and net.

Q2. Will this Portable hoop stand up to winter especially in windy conditions?

Answer: Definitely no problems are there. Go ahead.

Q3. Can I replace steel braces of the rim?

Answer: Yes, you can. Replacement parts are available for this lifetime basketball hoop and can be ordered through our customer service team.

Q4. Is it difficult to move up or down a driveway?

Answer: If the base is full, then it will be really heavy. You will be required to put your full strength to push and roll the wheels. However, the heaviness makes the hoop stable as well.

Q5. How will I separate the post?

Answer: You will have three tube sections. The top section itself consists of two sections. One post travels inside the other one. They should move freely inside one another for height adjustment. Two screws shall prevent it from sliding out. After you remove the screws, they should all come part.

The EndNote

A long lasting impact backboard along with a pro court portable base and vintage rim should make any a tough contender if you are willing to have a quality portable basketball hoop unit going around the world.

As lifetime 1221 pro court filling all those criteria mentioned above quite easily, I hope you got your answer.

Irrespective of the weather, whether it is hot humid or downpouring, you are allowed to play with this telescoping pole system. So, let the lifetime 44’’ impact backboard system change the strategy you play with.

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