Lifetime 71525 In Ground Basketball Hoop Reviews

Want your young ballers to properly learn the basics of playing basketball? If you’re a beginner then you might be facing some trouble in starting the game. So, why not perform all the basketball drills, work on the techniques and sharpen your skills right at your backyard with this Lifetime 71525. This is an in-ground hoop designed to offer years of recreational level performance at a relatively cheaper price

This in ground basketball system features a 54 inch backboard that gives a pro-level feeling. The backboard is constructed of polycarbonate material. Therefore if you’re thinking of performing a slam dunk, don’t hesitate then. It won’t shatter and there is nothing to worry. Compared to tempered glass hoops, it is not that heavy as well. So, the installation becomes easy

Plus this cheap option can work on the favor of beginner/ intermediate athletes. Because it’s a really strong polycarbonate backboard constructed of all the high quality components and they offer durability

The height of the rim can be adjusted in range between 7.5 to 10 feet. You can fix the hoop in infinite increments thanks to the power lift height adjuster. You can play the game at certain heights as well and the size of the backboard really helps in that cause. It is very much user friendly and can be done using only one hand

Slam it pro rim comes with double compression springs so it gets a nice extra bounce. With the diameter of 3.5 inches, you get a large steel pole that provides increased sturdiness during play. There is also a steel frame that is attached with the backboard to make superior rebound. It also includes an all-weather nylon net and a limited manufacturer warranty for five years. What else do you need?

Lifetime 71525 In Ground

Product Specification

Backboard Size dimensions


Height adjustment

7.5' to 10'


3.5 inch round

Item Weight

87.4 pounds

Shipping weight

92 pounds



LIfetime warranty


Let’s explore various features, pros and cons of the lifetime 71525 adjustable in ground basketball hoop


Pro looking backboard

It features a 54 inch shatterproof backboard. It is made of strong makrolon polycarbonate material. This is literally unbreakable compared to tempered glass or acrylic backboard. One advantage you’ll get with this type of material is this is much more rigid and can’t be easily broken. With that being said, performance a polycarbonate backboard isn’t that good as what you’d probably get with glass backboard system. But both longevity and pro look will be on display and everyone likes it. Black square in the center gives it a pretty cool look

To know further details about basketball backboards and it’s various materials, don’t forget to check our article best in ground basketball hoop

Backboard has blow molded frame pad

For further protection of the backboard, this Lifetime 71525 in ground basketball hoop features a blow molded frame pad. This will further encourage you to play more independently. The backboard has got the backup, no worries. You can practice more and more

Simple power lift height adjustment

Basketball players want a simple height adjustment mechanism. Nobody likes those complex height adjusters where you need to ask for help or go through time consuming methods. With this hoop featuring power lift height adjustment mechanism, you can easily change the height of the rim. You don’t even need to use both hands. All you need to do is to grip the handle and raise the hoop or lower it down. You will mostly see screw-jack system in high end hoops

Therefore, when it comes to the accessibility, pro lift mechanism excels quite handsomely. You can change the height of the rim from 7.5 to 10 feet. You can keep the standard 10 feet height for adults or lower it down to 7.5 feet for young hoopers. Another great thing of this adjustability is the infinite increments. You are liberal meaning you can select your suitable height and then play!

Slam it breakaway rim and nylon net

Lifetime 71525 basketball system comes with a slam it breakaway rim alongside double compression springs. This means you get a higher degree of protection. Considering the cheaper price of this lifetime in ground basketball goal system, you’re getting a high quality rim with pro look

Double spring rim is painted with a red color to resist any sort of rusting. This rim has a standard dimension of about 18 inch. It includes an all weather nylon net so that you can keep yourself busy in all season of a year. White colored nylon net comes with a 12 looping design. Plus the spring loaded rim is quite ideal for dunking. But we wouldn’t recommend too much of hanging on the rim. This is more of a recreational hoop rather than anything

Sturdy pole design

The entire set up is fully supported by a 3.5 inch diameter round steel pole. Therefore, the impact will be far lesser than expected when the ball hits the backboard or rim. This in turn prevents the hoop from shakiness or any wanted movement

Designed for aggressive play

Are you an aggressive player by nature? Love to play high intensity game? Or do you have kids that likes to slam hard on the rim. This basketball system by Lifetime is capable of handling all kind of abuse. Heavy materials are used to build backboard and pad ensures durability. Double compression springs on the rim are suitable for dunking purposes. Shooters can also build their trust because polycarbonate offers a great rebound. The pole is quite firmly fixed in ground with cement and can sustain rugged play

Easy to install

This lifetime 54 inch in ground basketball system is very easy to assemble. Instructions are quite good. We would suggest you to go through the manual at first. It is included in the package. So, the chances of misplacing various parts becomes less. All the nuts fit perfectly. You can do the assembly at a faster rate. It may take you a while but it is absolutely worth it. Once installed, this is a very much sturdy hoop

If you want to move from one place to another, there is an option to purchase a sleeve. Two adults will be more than enough to finish the assembly

Weather resistance

The backboard has a UV coating so unlike many acrylic hoops, this one won’t turn yellow over time. Plus the steel pole is powder coated. So, it can resist even the most extreme weather conditions. So, the risk of rusting and corrosion is very much minimal. Besides, all weather nylon net gives you further assurance of playing in every season of a year

Manufacturer warranty

Despite having all these exclusive features, it comes with a 5 year limited manufacturer warranty. It makes a lot of sense why you should purchase it. Because you know, if anything wrong happens, there is a backup

Main Features
  • 54 inch polycarbonate backboard for shatterproof action
  • Power lift adjustment mechanism works from 7.5 to 10 feet
  • Slam it rim with double compression springs for dunking
  • Blow molded backboard frame for protection
  • All weather nylon net
  • Fade resistant graphics
  • 5 year limited warranty


  • Designed for rough, high intensity game play
  • Durable and quality build
  • Heavy makralon polycarbonate backboard comes in 54 inch size and it is virtually unbreakable
  • The height can be rearranged in a range of 7.5 feet to 10 feet by using only one hand
  • If you want to dunk, the slam it rim with double compression springs shall provide maximum elasticity
  • Instructions are easy to follow
  • Assembly is simple


  • Yes, makralon polycarbonate backboards are very much durable. But as you’ve noticed high end hoops such as acrylic and tempered glass boards tend to offer much superior performance
  • Although instructions for assembly are excellent but there are a lot of steps involved. It might take quite a bit of time to install. Therefore, read the instructions properly to make sure, you put it all together properly

Frequently Asked Question

1. How does the backboard play? Does it give realistic play for bank shots?

-No, it won’t give you realistic play for bank shots. Given that it’s mounted from the ground up on a pole, there is a little more “play” on backboard for bank shots. But it is far better than those hoops which are just mounted from a sand or water filled plastic base. Considering the price, it isn’t a bad hoop by any means

2. Can an adult dunk and hang on the rim for short periods of time?

- Lifetime basketball system 71525 is definitely designed to be dunked on. But when it comes to the hanging on the rim, you need to do so with caution. Try to hang only when you need to regain balance or avoid injuring others. Releasing the rim as soon as possible will be the safer option

3. How many pounds of sand will I need?

-You will need approximately eight 50 pounds bag (400 pounds total). And one more thing, make sure the sand you purchase is dry

4. Is the center square on the backboard black?

-The outline is white but look at the empty space within the outline and center. Both of them are black

Final Verdict

The backboard is a really good size and looks nice as well. There is a great range in height with this hoop system. Adjusting the height is really simple. Although it does not look like those fancy, professional like NBA hoops but with black square in the center, it certainly gives a unique look. According to the buyers, lifetime 71525 seems very sturdy and after using for couple of years they are pretty hopeful of continuing the good work for few more seasons. It comes at a great price for such a durable hoop. Set up is easy and instructions are easy to follow as well

In short with this lifetime 54 in ground basketball system, a beginner can practice basketball without any fear and hesitation. He can focus only on his game. It certainly boosts his confidence and by doing that a beginner can transform himself/herself into a good basketball player. Are you that one person?

If you’re happy to spend a few more bucks, there is a premium quality 54 inch in-ground hoop in Silverback 54” in-ground basketball system that you may choose

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