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Spalding 66291 Pro slam With 54 inch Acrylic Portable Basketball System Reviews

Wanna set your sights on to become a high flying dunker? Or just keen to work on your jump shot? So many portable hoops are available. What can you do? Which one should you purchase? You might have done a lot of research or debate regarding to this issue and still you are not able to reach in any conclusion. Then, spalding comes to you with best solution for your headache. In this spalding 66291 pro slam portable basketball system all your worries are gonna perished for sure. As this spalding 66291 with a 54 inch large backboard surface made of acrylic, you shall encourage others to play with a bit more freedom. As, slam breakaway rims are ready to take the heat while dunking, you should not be puzzled by that at all. Exacta height lift from 7.5 to 10 feet is also an important reason to reach out for this supremely designed hoop, where everyone can take participation. With sturdy stable base ensuring the toughness of the hoop, your decision making can’t get easier than this

Spalding 66291 Pro slam With 54 inch Acrylic Portable Basketball System

Why you’ll find it interesting?

Genuine acrylic destined to offer quality rebound action
If you are really searching for a portable basketball hoop system with a larger backboard and the ball shall bounces off the backboard nicely, there is no better way to begin your journey in this game than with this spalding 66291 pro slam portable basketball hoop. Because acrylic is made of softer material, you will not get the same lively response of the backboard as compared to tempered glass. However, the advantage with this acrylic made spalding 54 inch portable basketball system is that if you are planning to through down rock or hard materials, this backboard is designed to sock up the pressure literally with no damage. Due to it’s clear vision of the backboard, this spalding 54 inch acrylic portable basketball hoop system is growing more popular in the recent times

Perfect template of sturdiness
Can’t play while it is raining? If you live in some heavy windy conditions or somewhere in mid west region, you might be a little bit tensed about the solidity of the portable basketball system that you have. The safety of dunk lovers is definitely a serious issue to consider there too. Well, this is an acrylic hoop and in case you are a fan of rough and tough play, this spalding 54 inch acrylic backboard does have a steel board pad for the added safety. There is a professional breakaway rim which shall relieve the pressure while performing some giant dunks. Not only this, but also that heavy duty spalding pro slam is best known for its ability to protect their player from wrist injuries as well. And of course you are allowed to play in every conditions due to the fact that all weather nylon nets for this basketball hoop are designed to withstand any weather

Simplest of height adjustment
You must have fun while playing the basketball sports infact in every game. The reason to say this has been given below. If you think about the hassle and troublesome things you need to go through, you won’t be able to enjoy the game anymore. You want everything to be happen in a systematic and simple way. Then you just have a look at this spalding 54 inch acrylic portable basketball system with the easiest of height adjustments. Actually, this height adjustment mechanism is based on a single handed screw jack lift method where you shall be able to adjust the standard basketball goal height from 7.5-10 feet in 6 inch increments. By doing so, players of any age can take part in the thrilling contest

Maximum stability and portability
​You might be thinking, in ground hoops have got an edge over the portable hoops in the aspect of stability. But these portable hoops are much more well built and stable nowadays, in these ground breaking acrylic made portable basketball system of spalding you do not need to worry over the steadiness of the hoop. The spalding 66291 basketball hoop has a 34 gallon heavy base that needs to be filled with sand or water to achieve ultimate stability. How can you roll this 10 ft basketball hoop now? The answer is as simple as it can get. To move the basketball goal, you just need to drop the water or sand from the base and after that you can easily roll the spalding 54 inch basketball system with wheels to store it in the garage or take it into your playing court whenever you want

What people like in it?

  • 54 inch wide X 32 inch H X 3.5 mm thick steel framed acrylic backboard shall let you experience the authentic feeling of playing with a durable professional hoop
  • Exacta height lift system shall enable you to work on your weakness and develop into a quality player
  • 3 piece, 3.5 inch round angled pole portable basketball hoop is there to make sure your basketball goal stay upright and give high quality performance against tough play
  • White colored all weather nets for basketball hoop

What people dislike?

  • From the spalding 66291 pro slam portable hoop customer review it suggests that people who does not have enough experience or not so familiar with assembling tools may face some trouble while doing it. Therefore we recommend you to have handy persons performing this job for you and closely read the details in the spalding 66291 manual while you are putting it together

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I have to supply all the tools?
A. The box contains everything that you will be required to assemble. Socket wrench and screw driver- that is all you need to put it together. Also spalding 66291 assembly instructions are there too

Q. What about the shipping weight?
A. It is approximately 100 pounds

Q. If there is any possibility of wobbling while shooting practice, tell me now. I do not want to buy another one after a week later
A. No at all. This 34 gallon heavy sturdy base shall take care of itself. Just feel the base with water or sand. That is it

Q. Can I lower the system to 7 feet?
A. No, you can’t. you can fix this spalding 54 inch basketball goal from 7.5’ to 10’. If you want to buy one for your kid of that height, you can have a look at this 7ft SKLZ pro mini hoop

Final Verdict

This will be absolutely great if you know the brand spalding, the manufacturer of basketball game has come up with a sturdy and steady 54 inch acrylic portable basketball system just like your trust on it. The high quality slam rim with authentic acrylic backboard and height adjustment you are guaranteed to enjoy an interesting session in the playing court. Whether for friendly competitions or drills to make yourself prepared ahead of college NBA finals, surely with spalding 66291 you will be benefited in every possible way

  • Updated November 27, 2019
  • reviews
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