Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table Review

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Tornado Tournament 3000 foosball table is the most commonly used in US foosball tournaments and leagues. It seems to be the all-around category king, and there is a good reason behind it.

No doubt, this is really big and the price is a bit expensive. But if you want to take pride in playing on the best professional foosball table, you should look no further than this.

Yeah, you can do your own research, and we are pretty sure at the end even you will conclude that it is the best commercial grade table on the market. Everything about this is quality.

By virtue of exceptional quality, strength and durability, this competition grade table redefines industry standards. Let's have a look at the specification table and summarize what this table has in store for you.

Tornado Tournament 3000

Features of Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table

Size dimensions

56" L X 30" W X 36" H


355 pounds

Construction materials

3/4" playfield, brushed aluminum laminate on a strong frame

Rods and handles

Chrome plated hollow steel rods with competition handles, thin ball bearing design

3 man or 1 man goalie

Both option

Counter balanced men


Leg levelers


Ball return



Tournament level table, abacus scoring unit with full accessories

Extensive Review of Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table

Tornado T-3000 is the official table of the National Tour and Tornado Foosball League along with the International Table Soccer Foundation.

The Tornado Tournament professional foosball table is very popular in the USA and the vast majority of foosball competitions are played on this table which makes it different from the other ones.

Have you ever used a Tornado table before? In case you don't know, this foosball game table is well-constructed with a thick commercial-grade split-cabinet for maximum durability. The split-cabinet design shall allow you to lift the top of the cabinet up to get underneath.

The T-3000 foosball table is on the heavier side and weighs 355 pounds with a thick ¾" playing field.

The overall dimension of the table is 56" L X 30" W X 36" H. This is extremely tough built, strong, and shall last long.

Tornado T-3000

This is a 3-man goalie configuration table. Patented Tornado counterbalanced players come with a redesigned foot that offers precise ball control. Leg levelers are there as well even if the surface is not well-balanced.

The table comes with heat-treated and chrome-plated hollow steel rods for increased strength. The game will move faster thanks to the type of balls that Tornado uses. It includes 3 precision high visibility balls. Besides, 8 sided molded handle with a non-slip surface enables better grip.

If you're a fan of the fast-moving game table and looking to go toe to toe with someone who plays the game in a hardcore style, this will be an ideal choice.

An abacus-style scoring unit shall make it easier for you to keep track of goals. The gaming table comes with plenty of free accessories that you would love to have at your disposal. It also includes a 1-year manufacturer warranty which is absolutely fine.

There is little to ponder about this table. This is the number 1 choice amongst American players, and most foosball tournaments there feature this table. Also, consider how well the table has been manufactured by Tornado, one of the top foosball table brands. So, it will be really hard to do anything wrong from here.

There is almost no assembly required. You just need two strong people for quick and easy set-up. The product also comes well packaged and is protected from potential damage. So RELAX.

If you can afford this and want to have the best foosball playing experience with the game's very best, the Tornado Tournament model should get the nod first.

Special Features of Tornado T-3000 Table:

  • Sturdy, durable and professional quality
  • The official game table of TNT, TNFL, ITSF, and many more
  • Product from the top brand manufacturer
  • Excellent bearings and square cornered foosball men with deep cross hatches for maximum control
  • Comes with plenty of accessories


  • Not Comfortable for beginners 
  • Very expensive but good value for money (we have to admit)

Who Should You Choose The Tornado T-3000 Foosball Table

Serious competitive players who love to go at the playing surface every time should purchase this Tornado tournament 3000 without any hesitation.

Final Verdict

Infine, Tornado tournament 3000 foosball table is a great quality table. It's heavy, solid, and durable. This is easily the best table that you can buy. Players are well-balanced, and you will have superb ball control.

They can handle hardcore abuse as well. If you desire to be the best and have the budget well under your grip, what are you waiting for? Go for it. It's worth it.

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