Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table Review In 2022

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Exclusive eye-catchy, colorful, and lively action graphics make the Hathaway playoff soccer table a great option for most purposes.

What do we call it? An ideal type for Kid’s tournament table?

Obviously, it’s not a high-end table, but you’re getting such a quality product that you shouldn’t let go of your hand at an affordable price.

Bring world-class excitement right to your place with Hathaway’s lightweight but incredibly well-built structure. In chrome plated rods and smooth rubber handles, durable construction adds more fun and enjoyment to family gatherings.
Hathaway Playoff 4 ft Foosball Table

Specifications of The Hathaway playoff Soccer Table

Size dimensions

48" L X 24" W X 32" H


51 pounds

Construction materials


Rods and handles

Hollow chrome plated steel rods with rubber handles

3 man or 1 man goalie

3 man

Counter balanced men


Foosball Men

Plastic, old style players

Ball return

End ball return


Slide scoring and 13 foosball balls


180 day

In Depth Review of Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table

Both the cabinet and playing surface of the soccer stadium are sturdy and durable thanks to the construction from CARB certified MDF. High quality materials and panel-style legs make this foosball table sturdy.

These MDF materials and cheaper particle boards may not give you the guarantee that they will last forever. But you’ll get a good couple of years from it for sure. This is still a great deal at such a low price, and it’s worth purchasing for your children. Besides, compare this table with other particleboard models. You will find this one much more stable and durable.

Foosball men are made of ABS and molded on rods to offer good control over the ball at a great price. They are durable and won’t break or crack easily. So, you will get an action-packed exciting playing experience that’s coming on your way.

Soccer balls glide easily through a nicely balanced and smooth playing field. More interestingly, the playing field has soccer like green grass surface, which makes it more fascinating to play with. There are no dead spots or tilt on the surface either.

Sleek, steel and hollow rods offer the fast paced game. No ball bearing means they may not move as smoothly as you would’ve liked. However, for kids or beginners, it won’t be that much of a big factor.

Hathaway Playoff Foosball Table

A soccer stadium field with rabid fans is exactly what you’ll get. An ergonomic handle is an excellent option for anyone, and analog counters keep scoring simple. Whenever someone scores, a manual slide scorer shall keep track of scores. Therefore, you’re not going to miss that moment of truth.

Besides, you don’t have to worry about playing on an uneven surface anymore because there are integrated leg levelers to keep you stress-free.

What more can you expect if the assembly of a foosball table of this quality takes just a little over 1.30 hours? The installation procedure is as simple as it can get. Soccer like design brings an esthetically pleasing, charming sporty look on the table.

The only downside is that sometimes the rubber handles may slide off in case of intense play. Leave aside this minor issue; everything else is OK.

It comes with a 180 day warranty. All the necessary parts and accessories will be there for you. The table shall arrive damage free. It also has an end ball return to make sure the game continues without any kind of interruption. So, no worries.

Benefits of Hathaway Playoff Foosball Table

  • CARB certified MDF provides decent quality
  • Chrome plated steel rods for fast paced smooth play
  • Rubber ergonomic handles
  • Easy assembly with full instructions on manual
  • Ideal for kids and home fun
  • Colorful and dynamic graphics

Drawbacks of Hathaway Playoff Foosball Table

  • Foosball men are not counterbalanced
  • Limited warranty

Who should buy the Playoff soccer Table?

Easily the best table to introduce your child to the world of enthralling foosball gaming. Yeah, it is made for kids, but its size makes this one ideal for teenagers and adults. Beginners or anyone who is looking for an excellent casual table for fun can purchase this

Final Thought

To sum things up, the Hathaway Playoff is well made and guaranteed long-lasting stability. Consider the price tag, and you will see this table offers great value for the money. Kids love to play fast paced games with high gloss graphics, whereas adults adore compact size and durable construction.

What more do you need? Overall, the Hathaway playoff soccer table will be an outstanding grab for guys looking to purchase their first soccer table.

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