20 Best Ankle Braces In 2023 – Top Models Reviewed

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Why do you need the best ankle brace?  To be honest many of us think ankle brace is just for the people who broke their ankle. But getting the best ankle brace should be a primary task if you don't want to experience sprained ankle.

Using an ankle brace was kind of a joke at the time because older people used to use it more. Things have really changed buddy. An ankle brace is an essential piece of protection used for recovering ankle injury, preventing chronic ankle pain and provides support on arthritis, plantar fasciitis, sprains, ankle pain, tendonitis and inflammation.

You can ask when should you realize you need an ankle brace? There are varieties of ankle braces for varieties of situation. People use ankle brace in high-intensity sports. Also, to ease up the soothe pain and for primary protection why not using an ankle brace. Moreover, it is an excellent restrain of recurring ankle injury.

So, after reading the numerous user reviews who are using ankle braces and from our research, we have got 20 different ankle braces best for 20 different reasons. Features, specifications, good sides and bad sides all are here to assist you in comparing the ankle braces.

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What Are The Best Ankle Braces?

1. best for running: Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer

"Excellent stabilizing straps revive and support like no pain remaining on the ankle. Adjustable bilateral design fits on both left and right root and low-profile structure are considered for the best running ankle brace."

2. Best budget: Limor Ankle Support Brace

"Crisscross reinforced straps provide ultra-strong supports and minimal risk of an ankle injury. Open heel design and elastic moisture-wicking material eliminate unexpected perspiration under your feet and keep it dry."

3. best for basketball: Mcdavid Ankle Brace Support 195

"Single-layer polyester fabric made and this lightweight ankle brace prevents injury 3x times. Supportive Design, Padded lining and unique strap enhance performance. Suitable for basketball, volleyball players."

4. best For preventing rolling: McDavid Ankle Brace 199

"Ventilated tongue, Two-layer polyester or vinyl mesh and liner. This recovery ankle influences your ability and makes you push yourself constantly. As it fits both legs and ankle brace give maximum support. Flexible steel sides provide stability."

5. best for volleyball: Active Ankle T2 Ankle Brace

"Gives additional support to ankle joints and muscle. Less prone to injury. Custom molded EVA padding and Anatomical bilateral hinge. Recommended by physical therapists and sports trainers as it reduces the risk of reinjury and facilitates recovery."

6. Best For professional Use: Zamst A2-DX Strong Support

"The strongest support for moderate to severe ankle sprains. Adjustable straps allow variable compression. Custom-moulded EVA padding and Anatomical bilateral hinge. Anti-migration grip tech ensures the ankle rolling in or out."

7. best for football: Shock Doctor 851 Ultra Ankle Brace

"Multi-directional adjustable strap and therapeutic warmth and healing. Low profile compresses and stabilizes the ankle. Highly recommended for moderate to severe ligaments sprains. Without taping you'll get lateral and medial supports."

8. best for plantar Fascistic: POWERLIX Compression Sleeve Brace

"Excellent to prevent Achilles, tendonitis, Sprained ankle, Plantar Fasciitis, Foot pain and Arch support. Perfectly fit on a meaty, slender ankle and every kind of joint. The breathable design keeps preventing perspiration. Also, compression is good enough for optimal support for muscle endurance."

9. Best low profile ankle brace: DonJoy Performance POD Ankle Brace

"Molded TPU shell and Maximizes range of motion. Fits comfortably in any shoe. Doesn't slow the speed down as it supports the natural ability to protect the ankle. Low profile makes it aggressive for any kind of sport. Super-soft EVA lining provides maximum comfort."

10. best for sprained ankle: Aircast A60 Ankle Support Brace

"A60 ankle has a stabilizer molded at 60-degree angle and prevents rollover and sprains. Breathable material helps to enter air inside the angle and keep your feet cool. Single trap makes it easy to fasten."

11. Best Compression Ankle Sleeve: CopperJoint Compression Knee Sleeve

"It doesn't lose its tightness after using for weeks. Compression is what it is known for. Don't get rolled up or slide down while running. The unique copper-infused and the breathable fabric stays cool and warm vice versa to the temperature. It uses genuine copper ions and fits all ages."

12. Best for Preventing Re-Injury: Gonicc Professional Foot Sleeve

"It provides various sizes which you should buy according to size. Gives proper warp support and prevents from getting injured again. Popular among volleyball players."

13. Best Manufacturer warranty: Nordic Lifting Ankle Compression Sleeve

"Ideal for both men and women who do weight lifting, basketball and cross-training. With this one pair of ankle sleeves, you will get 1 year of manufacturer warranty that's something commendable."

"Helps to improve blood circulation and it has a neoprene brace which provides extra support with customized compression. Pretty soft and why too comfortable to wear. Thin but tight enough to give proper support."

15. Best for Vulnerable Ligaments: BioSkin Trilok Ankle Brace

"The Trilok has a patented adjustable Footlok strap that acts like a manual ligament that protects the main ligament. The smart compression system provides ideal pressure on the ankle and the ankle recovers quickly."

16. Best for Eliminating Odor: Mueller Adjustable Ankle Support

"Open hill and seamless design. minimal slippage for the sectional design and allows a customizable fit for everyone. Fits perfectly in most shoes and pretty lightweight."

17. Best Healing Ankle Boot: BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot

"Low profile and adjustable fasteners. The polymers plastic from both sides provides supports. Great for recovering from a fracture and ankle injuries."

18. Best for Fracture Ankle: United Ortho Short Air Cam Fracture Boot

"It influences natural walking and provides boots of every size. The air bladders allow customizable compression and increase support. Plastic shells and uprights support the foot."

"Cycling, basketball, volleyball, running for all the sports feel comfortable while wearing the ankle brace. Made with breathable fabric, it doesn't allow you to sweat your feet. Low profile, lightweight, less bulky make it very much convenient for sports."

"It compresses the ankle with the right amount of pressure. Features with silicone insert sewn into the ankle brace socks and it fits according to the size of the foot. Basketball, skiing, skating, snowboarding, football, soccer, running every sportsman use it."

Best Ankle Brace Comparison Chart

From the chart, you'll get the idea of the material by which the ankle braces are being made. If any ankle brace attracts you can easily check its price and customer's review from amazon.



Best for



Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer

Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer

Best For Running

Ballistic nylon

Limor Ankle Support Brace

Limor Ankle Support Brace

Best Budget


Mcdavid Ankle Brace Support 195

Mcdavid Ankle Brace Support 195

Best For Basketball


McDavid Ankle Brace 199

Mcdavid 199 Ankle Brace

Best for Preventing  Rolling


Active Ankle T2 Ankle Brace

Active Ankle T2 Ankle Brace

Best For Volleyball

hard plastic

Zamst A2-DX Strong Support

Zamst A2-DX Strong Support Ankle Brace

Best Professional Ankle Brace


Shock Doctor 851 Ultra Ankle Brace

Shock Doctor 851 Ultra Wrap Laced Ankle Brace

Best For Football


POWERLIX Compression Sleeve Brace

POWERLIX Ankle Brace Compression Sleeve

Best For Plantar Fascistic


DonJoy Performance POD Ankle Brace

DonJoy Performance POD Ankle Brace

Best Low Profile Ankle Brace


Aircast A60 Ankle Support Brace

Aircast A60 Ankle Support Brace

Best For Sprained Ankle


20 Top-Rated Ankle Brace Reviews

Here we will let you know the top 20 choices of us and tell you details about every product. The features and specification are in the description. Good sides and bad sides are for making you understand what you are the situations you may face in future because of a specific ankle brace. Try to go through them patiently, then you'll be a near expert about an ankle brace.

1. Best For Running: Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer

Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer
Product Specifications:
  • Brand: ‎Med Spec
  • Material: Nylon
  • Size Availability: ‎XXS- 3XL
  • Machine Washable: Yes
  • Low profile: Yes

This ASO Ankle Stabilizer is a proud product of Med Spec. The ASO ankle brace is one of the most recommended ankle support braces by athletic trainers, orthopedic surgeons, and physical therapists.

In the case of having ankle support, this is exactly why most collegiate and professional basketball players can’t think about anything other than this Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer.

This is one of the most popular braces for protection against/ treatment of ankle sprains.

This ASO lace-up ankle brace is a unique combination of support, comfort, and durability. It comes with excellent lateral and medical support.

ASO brace has a contoured tongue which provides an exceptional fit. The tongue is constructed of lightweight but highly durable material of CoolFlex. So, it won’t hinder your quick athletic moves at all.

The same material lines the inside back of the foot too. Therefore, Medspec ASO ankle brace increases your comfort level in the Achilles area.

To provide superior comfort, the boot itself has an invisible seam. The shoelace is attached to the tongue. This is to ensure that the lacing remains centered all the time.

There are finger loops at the end of the stabilizing straps, which help in securing straps for optimum support. This is also considered the best ankle support for running.

You will get these ASO ankle braces in two colors, black and white. There are varieties in sizes from XX- small to 3X-large.

Nylon material stuff provides durability and strength to the braces. Because of the tight attribute, nylon provides fitting support.

At the front of your foot, you’ll have a lace strap. Stabilizing straps form a complex figure-eight to protect your ankle. This can be adjusted without removing your shoes. Elastic cuff closure keeps lace and straps just perfectly in their place.

A bilateral design means any of your left or right foot can easily fit in. This is even more encouraging that it is kept a low profile to fit in any type of shoe.

The product, Medspec knee brace, is manufactured in the USA. This is why a high-quality standard is maintained every time.

Good Sides
  • Bilateral design so it can be worn on either foot
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable, adjustable, and awesome support
  • Superior durability and strength.
  • Side straps keep the angle 45 degree always.
Bad Sides
  • It may take some time to get used to the lace up system.
  • Laces are annoying and less attractive.
Pro Tips:
  • Wash braces in a machine with a gentle cycle. Bleaching and air dry won’t be appropriate.
  • Buy a size small as it tends to run large, and you can also take a look at ASO ankle brace size chart.

2. Best Budget: Limor Ankle Support Brace

Limor Ankle Support Brace
Good Sides
  • Breathable, comfortable, adjustable
  • Both men and women can wear
  • Long lasting material
  • Open heel design increases your range of movement
  • Premium grade dual Velcro straps
  • Suitable for arthritic pain
  • Hand or machine; you can try any
  • Reinforcement from two adjustable straps.
Bad Sides
  • Not as supportive as rigid braces.
  • Does not provide the exact immobilization you need.

Time to kill all your ankle sprains with Limor Ankle Support Brace. More importantly, it’s always a good choice if you’ve a tight budget.

This is probably the best ankle support brace that easily slips in your basketball sneaker to protect your ankle when you play your favorite sport.

Its impressive stabilization capability makes it a front runner. There are two adjustable straps for providing reinforcement and powerful support for your ankle.

They fully wrap your bare ankle joint to relieve the extreme burden and muscle shock during exercise. This enhances the stability of your ankle.

It has been an excellent choice for the kind of compression you’ll get in your ankle area. This is neither too loose nor too tight. Overall good compression helps to alleviate inflammation and edema.

It decreases ligamentous injury, facilitates quick recovery and minimizes the potential risk of other injuries.

A unique design called interlayer perforating system allows to circulate oxygen, reduces odor, and prevents bacteria from breeding.

This brace is designed using high elastic and moisture wicking materials. SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) gives gentle contact to your skin.

Furthermore, lightweight nylon and elastic lycra provide elasticity at its best. There is nothing at the bottom of your heel. Therefore, it makes this breathable, and you don’t have to worry about skin irritations and itches anymore.

The design provides excellent arch support to guys who have got flat feet or fallen arches.

3. Best For Basketball: Mcdavid Ankle Brace Support 195

Mcdavid Ankle Brace Support 195
Good Sides
  • Can be worn on both feet.
  • Padded lining gives ideal and comfortable closure.
  • Breathable, sweat resistant, ventilated tongue
  • Maximum protection but easy to move around
  • 6 figure strapping pattern gives you superb inventive adjustability
Bad Sides
  • With polyester fabric it may feel a bit stiff and uncomfortable at times
  • Size of this ankle brace can be issue sometimes.

If you have a strong liking for basketball or any other sport and suffering from your injured ankle, this McDavid ankle stabilizer straps brace will be the perfect product. It is indeed the best ankle brace for basketball players.

This McDavid ankle brace will assist you in recovering quickly from your ankle injury. Besides, this will protect your ankle from recurring ankle injuries and sprains.

McDavid 195 ankle brace underwent numerous tests before being made available for the customers.

At a major research University, athletes participated in the independent study to determine the effectiveness of the product.

The results showed participants had 3X fewer injuries when using McDavid 195 brace. This literally means it will inevitably decrease your risk of injury by 300%. The McDavid brace comes with level 3 protection, the greatest possible.

A single layer of the polyester fabric means you get maximum support while keeping it lightweight. So, there is no unnecessary bulkiness to your feet.

Note that there is a unique strap design on this McDavid ankle brace 195, which stimulates athletic tape with figure-6 strapping pattern.

You don’t require to remove your shoes to tighten or loosen. The tighter you pull your strap, the more support this will give to your ankle.

Padded lining, reinforced closures, and compression top strap shall provide the most comfortable snug fit you will ever get. By supplying free airflow and reducing sweat, the breathable tongue ensures you stay in your comfort zone.

It is available in 3 colors and all sizes for both male and female athletes. So now you have the McDavid 195 ankle brace review right before your eyes.

4. Best For Preventing Rolling: McDavid Ankle Brace 199

Mcdavid 199 Ankle Brace
Good Sides
  • Fits well on both ankles.
  • Long lasting and easily cleanable
  • Prevent injuries and ankle sprains
  • Steel side stay offers reliable support
  • User friendly
  • Breathable two-layer polyester/vinyl mesh
Bad Sides
  • Can prove to be a bit bulky with some shoe types

This McDavid 199 Ankle Brace is definitely one of the top selling ankle braces with laces. The McDavid 199 Lace up ankle brace is available in X-small through to X-large sizes and in two colors.

You’ll have the best protection through level 3 support of this lace up ankle brace. These lace ups are very much popular due to their high level of effectiveness.

A fully breathable two-layer polyester/vinyl mesh and liner keep your feet cool by allowing free circulation of air. The brace tongue is ventilated for enhanced breathability.

Without taking off or unlacing your shoes, you can adjust your ankle brace and obtain a custom fit. As this McDavid ankle brace level 3 is fully padded, it is suitable for both men and women.

This ankle brace McDavid comes with supportive “U” shaped flexible spring steel. It keeps your ankle stabilized.

Due to its lightweight feature, this will be ideal for basketball lovers to enhance their performance.

Note that these McDavid braces are built in arch shaped design for concentrated support. I guess you’ve made up your mind after going through this McDavid 199 ankle brace review.

5. Best For Volleyball: Active Ankle T2 Ankle Brace

Active Ankle T2 Ankle Brace
Good Sides
  • A single strap design adjustable for both low-top and high-top shoes
  • The new and improved vrace is 10 times more durable than previous T2 Braces.
  • Feather light, custom molded EVA padding hugs every contour of the ankle
  • Breathable, comfortable and can be worn by any shoes.
  • Steel side stay offers reliable support
  • It helps to recover ankle injury faster.
Bad Sides
  • Might be too much rigid for certain users
  • Inner protection digs into your arch.

National Athletic Trainers Association said 45% of all sports injuries are ankle related. Therefore, it is considered the most common injury for an athlete.

Ankle braces are designed to minimize the risk of injuries that may happen during a competitive game. This also quickens the recovery time in case there is an injury.

The rigid brace protects players during lateral movements, jumping, and landing. The classic design of T2 active ankle brace makes it the most popular brace for athletes.

Compared to other ankle brace types, Active ankle T2 is unique. It doesn’t feature any laces, wrap around straps, or even sleeve type braces. Instead, there is a bilateral hinge design and a rapid fit single strap design.

The bilateral anatomical hinge makes this active ankle brace T2 easier to move around even with sprain and strain.

This active ankle brace is extremely user-friendly. And it is lightweight, yet this will provide you high quality performance and maximum protection.

The T2 active ankle support is constructed of new, improved, and durable material than ever before. So, you’ll have the confidence that your T2 active ankle braces can withstand the impact of competitive play.

6. Best For Professional Use: Zamst A2-DX Strong Support

Zamst A2-DX Strong Support Ankle Brace
Good Sides
  • Provides maximum support
  • Durable, lasts longer
  • You can tighten or loosen the strap depending on your needs
  • The “A FIT” technology provides anti-roll and anti-sprain facilities.
  • Fits well, comfortable and easily washable
Bad Sides
  • A bit costly but you get what you pay for
  • Not suitable for already injured people.

Stephen Curry, what ankle brace does he use? This pro basketball guy has a long history of injuring his ankle.

In the 2012-13 NBA season, he started to wear Zamst A2-DX Ankle brace. He confessed this ankle brace offers him full confidence to play without the fear of re-injuring himself.

So, here goes the Zamst A2 DX review.

The Zamst Ankle Brace is probably the most well-built ankle brace you’ll ever get in the market. Zamst X strap Design focuses on three crucial things- anterior, medial, and lateral ligaments. It comes with in two colors: white and black and 11 different sizes.

This Zamst A2 Dx ankle brace is characterized by I-Fit and A-Fit technology. It anatomically fits both right and left foot. A true fit makes your brace more effective.

There is an Exo-Grid (Xternal) dual exterior molded support structure with grip tech on this sports ankle brace. This will prevent your ankle from rolling inward and outward. Note that stabilization is really impressive.

Zamst A2 DX ankle braces reduce the separation of the two lower leg bones where the ankle meets. As a result, the risk of an ankle sprain is significantly reduced.

X-strap stabilizer is a position under the foot. It prevents the foot from sliding forward.

Zamst A2-DX can take a little while when you put on a brace for the first time. But after that you won’t have any uneasiness.

Trust me, This is so comfortable that during the play, you’ll hardly realize the fact you’re playing with an ankle brace.

7. Best For Football: Shock Doctor 851 Ultra Ankle Brace

Shock Doctor 851 Ultra Wrap Laced Ankle Brace
Good Sides
  • Internal gel cushions offer added protection
  • Anatomical footbed with no slip silicone gripper pattern shall keep your Shock doctor 851 ankle brace stable
  • Pre curved tongue makes it breathable.
  • Convenient finger tabs provide easy grip pull when fitting
  • Overall great for protection, recovery, alignment, and support
Bad Sides
  • Can’t use them while swimming
  • To open up the brace the laces need to be pulled out almost completely.

Shock Doctor has become an undisputed leader in sports protection and performance around the globe—many young and pro athletes bank on the innovative performance driven protective equipment of Shock Doctor.

With the level 3 protection, these 851 Ultra Ankle Brace is highly recommended for providing stability and support to major ligament sprains, muscle strains, and unstable joints.

The Troy Lee designed 851 ultra braces come in different sizes and two different colors.

Your healing process will be much faster with the Shock doctor 851 multi-directional and adjustable strap wrap stability system.

The anatomical low profile fit shall provide therapeutic warmth and boost your healing by allowing a proper therapeutic blood flow.

Shock doctor ankle braces provide lateral and medial support without taping. As this is extremely comfortable to put on and absolutely lightweight, you can get used to it easily.

8. Best For Plantar Fascistic: POWERLIX Compression Sleeve Brace

POWERLIX Ankle Brace Compression Sleeve
Good Sides
  • Shall provide superior support, comfort and relief without compromising your mobility
  • 4-way compression sleeve for a full range of motion
  • The special knitted technical design matches different joints
  • Reduces injury, and it shall let you do tough workouts and casual day to day activities
  • Beautiful design and fashionable
  • Best Achilles tendon brace
  • Eases Pain from heel spurs
Bad Sides
  • Might feel a little bit heavy on your feet.
  • Customer service isn’t up to the mark.

If you want to stay a step ahead in injury prevention, this POWERLIX ankle brace compression support sleeve will give you the ultimate protection with some breathtaking features.

These braces apply even pressure across your ankle joint means it works everywhere on the foot.

If you have plantar fasciitis, arthritis, sprains, swelling, or any other ankle pain, then it’s a no-1 brainer which ankle brace you should give a try.

Make no mistake, this is the best compression sleeve for Achilles tendonitis.

Tight, form fitting, and breathable compression fabric maintain stability quite well. This compression ankle support shall improve your blood circulation. This eases pain from heel spurs and Achilles tendon heal.

Unlike the neoprene supports, the POWERLIX ankle brace avoids itchiness. It will keep your feet dry by absorbing sweat quickly. It’s odor free, and you can have plenty of hours wearing them.

The special fabric is made with a 4-way compression sleeve that gives a smooth and soft feel. As a result, your performance will only get better with each day through this Powerlix compression knee sleeve.

9. Best Low Profile Ankle Brace: DonJoy Performance POD Ankle Brace

DonJoy Performance POD Ankle Brace
Good Sides
  • Breathable
  • Offers incredible support to ankle
  • Low profile design
  • Exceptional POD Technology
  • Presents awesome agility
  • Customizable fit.
Bad Sides
  • A bit expensive but worth a buy given the fact that DonJoy has come up with the sturdiest possible materials with supreme stability.

DonJoy’s broad range of products has gained worldwide popularity due to its effectiveness in enhancing performance by preventing injury. This one also aids in recovery.

You will probably find it in all places. From the NCAA to the NFL to the global stage of Olympics- almost everywhere.

If you need to prohibit ankle roll and other common ankle injuries proactively then the DonJoY POD ankle brace is the way to go. It provides protection “on demand” technology.

This DonJoy Performance Pod ankle brace is designed so that athletes' natural range of motions will be maximized while providing exceptional support.

The DonJoy company has removed the heel part, and it brings a molded TPU shell to match the anatomical shape of any foot. This tough but low-profile brace shall provide the lateral support that you need.

It keeps your ankle stable and prevents rolling. With individual fitting for both left and right foot, you’re definitely going to love it.

With the super soft EVA underlayer lining, you will have the ultimate comfort without being unnecessarily bulky.

Overall, the DonJoy ankle brace is a great pick to treat and protect against ankle instability, inversion, and eversion ankle sprains and roll control.

10. Best For Sprained Ankle: Aircast A60 Ankle Support Brace

Aircast A60 Ankle Support Brace
Good Sides
  • Mild level support
  • Single strap
  • Sprained ankle brace ideal for normal dorsiflexion and plantar-flexion(bending)
  • Low profile structure
  • Both left and right foot models are available
  • Suitable for weak ankle as it supports well.
Bad Sides
  • In case of avoiding any problem, you may need to check the size fitting chart first. And don’t forget to give a trial before purchasing.

Aircast A60 Ankle Brace is a perfectly designed ankle brace for individuals suffering from chronic ankle instabilities or those looking to protect themselves from an ankle injury.

With the athletes in mind, the Aircast sprained ankle support incorporates a stabilizer located on both sides of their ankle molding at 60 degrees to prevent ankle sprains and rollovers.

Besides, this Aircast A60 ankle support brace has got some other eye-catching features too.

Most notably, it features Breath-O-Prene fabric to help your feet to stay cool and dry during use. This innovative design boosts your performance in the court by preventing your feet from sweating.

You can adjust the Aircast A60 with a single strap replacing time consuming lacing. Therefore, A60 Aircast ankle brace is easy to apply and securely kept in its place.

This low profile lightweight design shall easily fit into athletic footwear. No point in carrying unnecessary weight.

This A60 ankle support brace is available in three different sizes: small, medium and large. This universal design can be worn by both men and women.

The A60 ankle brace is waterproof. Therefore, you can wear and play water sports. You can wash them quite easily.

11. Best Compression Ankle Sleeve: CopperJoint Compression Knee Sleeve

CopperJoint Compression Knee Sleeve
Good Sides
  • Recovers joint/muscle with copper
  • Reduces inflammation and heals injured ankle
  • Durable materials
  • Eliminates odor
  • Provides optimal air circulation
Bad Sides
  • You need to buy two pieces if both your ankles are weak. So, it can get a bit costly.

Made from 88% copper infused nylon and 12% spandex this copper infused compression ankle sleeve shall keep you protected all day long. This copper joint compression ankle sleeve is available in 5 sizes from small to XX-Large.

This copper ankle brace uses copper ions instead of copper oxide. The product delivers oxygen to the muscles and augments airflow thanks to the copper’s multifaceted properties.

This copper ankle support will give you relief from the pain and discomfort of several ankle injuries.

The copper ankle sleeve won’t bunch and slip. It is comfortable, durable, and provides ample support and articulation. This will make you feel at home no matter where, when, and what you’re up to.

A unique copper infused, and moisture wicking fabric means you stay warm at low temperature and cool at high temperature. This remarkable fabric keeps your skin dry and comfortable even in most adverse conditions.

By eliminating odor, it allows you to wear your sleeve for a longer period of time.

Overall, this CopperJoint ankle compression product enhances performance and helps in speedy recovery.

12. Best For Preventing Re-Injury: Gonicc Professional Foot Sleeve

Gonicc Professional Foot Sleeve
Good Sides
  • Combination of nylon (60%), polyester (10%) and latex (30%)- make it a user-friendly product
  • Thick, supportive and breathable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Improved mobility
  • Comes in a pair at a reasonable price
Bad Sides
  • In a few instances, the stich may come off

The basketball game demands a lot of activities on the court. As a basketball player, it will be ideal if you have ankle brace support to combat your challenges.

Gonicc Professional Foot Sleeve Ankle Brace is designed to provide concentrated protection against ankle twist/ sprains.
This excellent Gonnic professional foot sleeve pair help to recover quickly during the healing process.

If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis and other foot injuries, then it will be best to use this professional ankle brace. This not only gives you relief from pain but also provides exceptional stability and support against injuries.

This Gonnic foot sleeve is suitable for both men and women. Even kids can wear it comfortably because the brace is constructed of softer and durable materials.

These lightweight, breathable materials shall increase your blood circulation as well.

If you still have doubts about your mind, why not check it by going into the customer review section and clear all the dilemmas.

13. Best Manufacturer Warranty: Nordic Lifting Ankle Compression Sleeve

Nordic Lifting Ankle Compression Sleeve
Good Sides
  • Designed with spandex and latex yarn for compression properties
  • Ergonomic sleeve design
  • Comfortable and perfect fit
  • Good support for muscle recovery and prevent injury.
Bad Sides
  • Only available in one color

Anyone who is looking to prevent or rehabilitate from an ankle injury and increase performance then this Nordic lifting ankle compression sleeve will be a perfect fit for your ankle.

They offer relief from sprained or swollen ankles, plantar fasciitis, arthritis and general ankle pain. This is the best ankle compression sleeve that you will get on the market.

Constructed with high-quality nylon yarn, these ankle sleeves are extremely comfortable to wear.

These ankle compression sleeves come in a pair. Nordic lifting offers a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. By doing so, you shall also remain confident that you can avoid any unnecessary injury and pain for quite some time.

This ankle compression sleeve proves to be an added support to your body’s weaker joints. This will reduce stiff muscles and joints by retaining heat.

This compression sleeve for the ankle also speeds up your recovery process. They provide reliable support to your ankle to maintain balance.

You can use this Nordic lifting ankle sleeve for all kinds of workouts. Both men and women can put on.

14. Best Premium Quality: Sleeve Star Ankle Brace For Plantar Fascistic

Sleeve Star Ankle Brace for Plantar Fasciitis
Good Sides
  • User friendly
  • Comfortable and standard weight
  • Adjustable strap
  • Super premium quality fabric
  • Unisex model and one-year hassle free warranty
  • Brace for plantar fasciitis
Bad Sides
  • Fit may become a bit tight for some blokes

Why do you need to try to heal a sprained ankle if you have the opportunity to avoid it in the first place? Because it’s time to say goodbye to all your ankle sprains with sleeve stars professional plantar fasciitis foot sleeve.

This Plantar fasciitis brace is the ultimate solution for your stiff, weak, or sprained ankles.

It improves blood circulation and great for someone suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, tendonitis, and other foot related injuries. You shall recover faster.

Besides, pain or any kinds of discomfort shall be reduced to a great extent.

The adjustable strap offers superb ankle support. And a customized fit means you are allowed to play intensely.

These compression socks for sprained ankle are constructed of high-quality fabric. That enables you to absorb all the sweat and keeps your feet dry and odor free. Furthermore, the inner texture of the sleeve fabric provides a softness.

You can wear this ankle brace anytime anywhere you want. Have a long day at work, go for a run, do household tasks, play outdoor sports, or even sleep; you can put on this ankle brace.

The best part is men, women, and kids everyone can get along with this sleeve star ankle brace.

15. Best For Vulnerable Ligaments: BioSkin Trilok Ankle Brace

BioSkin Trilok Ankle Brace
Good Sides
  • No laces means easy to pull on like a sock
  • Adjustable Footlok strap stays secure with medical grade Velcro
  • Made with lycra and polyester.
  • Breathable and low profile.
  • An ankle brace with arch support
Bad Sides
  • It may be slightly bulky

The BioSkin Trilok ankle brace protects your ankles much more efficiently compared to other braces.

Weak or torn tendons are mainly responsible for Plantar Fasciitis, PTTD, Peroneal Tendonitis and ankle sprains.

FootLok strap usually acts as an external ligament, using leverage to protect the weak or vulnerable ligaments around your ankle. Stirrup straps increase the stability even further.

Ankle and arch support is provided by Footlok strap, and lateral embedment with structural support comes from the stabilizing stirrup strap.

This versatile Trilok ankle brace is made of Lycra yarn and polyester.

The microfleece line Trilok ankle support brace reduces swelling in the foot and ankle in injury. Compression also increases blood flow and improves recovery time.

The materials are low profile, hypo-allergenic and breathable. The Bioskin ankle brace shall allow active mobility but ensures your harmful movements are restricted.

Overall, a superior supporting act for eversion, inversion along with Plantar Flexion inversion.

16. Best For Eliminating Odor: Mueller Adjustable Ankle Support

Mueller Adjustable Ankle Support
Good Sides
  • Seamless design quickens the recovery process of injured ankle
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Fits in both feet
  • Microbe shield
  • Figure 8 strapping feature
Bad Sides
  • Size chart should be given a special look. And for complete satisfaction, just give a trial before purchasing

Mueller knows the importance of integrity, pride, and excellence. They are providing the best quality sports medicine products to their customers around the globe for a little over 50 years.

Now they have come up with the Mueller adjustable ankle stabilizer. It has a fully adjustable design. It provides both custom fit and firm compression.

Soft neoprene blend shall retain body heat for extra comfort. This is ideal if you have a weakened, sprained, or arthritic ankle along with skin irritation.

Patented criss-cross straps provide firm lateral support and protection including controlled compression. Two part sectional design shall minimize slipping and bunching to a great extent.

This Mueller ankle stabilizer eliminates odors, unsightly stains and product deterioration caused by bacteria and microorganisms.

You can wear these over socks. This will fit comfortably in any shoe.

These basketball ankle braces are undoubtedly the most affordable ones, so much so that the users won’t be required to buy any special shoes for the brace.

17. Best Healing Ankle Boot: BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot

BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot
Good Sides
  • Comfortable, supportive
  • Easy to put on or take off
  • Low profile design
  • Durable polymer provides ample protection
  • Medical grade Velcro straps
Bad Sides
  • A bit difficult to tighten

This short walker boot is specifically designed if you’re healing from a toe, foot, or ankle injury. This provides mobility, protection, and support for day-to-day activities.

It is ideal for someone suffering from a broken toe, metatarsal fracture, stress fracture, post bunion surgery.

A comfortable deluxe foam liner, wide toe bed, and open toe design allow room for swelling and bandaging.

A rocker bottom is easily adjustable with medical-grade fastener straps allowing you to customize your fit according to the comfort level.

It features a rigid, polymer plastic reinforced shell. It aids in protection and support on both sides of your foot and ankle.

18. Best For Fracture Ankle: United Ortho Short Air Cam Fracture Boot

United Ortho Short Air Cam Fracture Boot
Good Sides
  • Air chembers reduce edema
  • Boot key feature easy to adjust
  • Ample support for a broken ankle
  • Possible to walk with normal stride while wearing the boot
Bad Sides
  • May prove to be a bit heavy for some individuals

If you’re looking for maximum stability and support for your ankle following injury or post-operative procedures, then buying this United ortho short air cam walker fracture boot will be worthwhile.

You can also use this air short cam walking boot for soft tissue injuries and acute ankle sprains.

United ortho has been providing doctors, athletes, and other consumers with inexpensive but high-quality products for over 40 years.

It features plastic molded uprights along with steel reinforcement. This Orthopedic ankle brace helps to increase the durability and supports the limb while offering protection.

Rocker sole allows you to get along with your daily activities without any kind of discomfort. Moreover, whenever you are walking, there is a shock-absorbing insole to reduce the impact of the heel.

You will get medial and/or lateral air bladders that should give your ankle enough breathing space. More importantly, a customized fit will be there too. This boot size design comes in 5 different sizes.

The United Ortho air cam walker fracture boot is extremely easy to put on and take off.

19. Best Versatile: Ossur Formfit Ankle Brace With Figure 8 Straps

Ossur Formfit Ankle Brace
Good Sides
  • Hybrid between a rigid ankle stirrup and soft ankle support
  • Lightweight, comfortable and low-profile design
  • Figure 8 finger pull loops allow to adjust easily
  • Highly recommended for grade I-II sprains, strains, chronic instability and preventive use
Bad Sides
  • Some customers have stated that it is a little difficult to get your foot into it initially.
  • Also, it may not always fit inside your shoe. Therefore, it will be better to give a trial before you purchase it

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for an ankle brace for prophylactic use, chronic instability, or post injury recovery process; the Ossur Formfit Ankle Brace shall provide ultimate stability and protection for your ankle.

The Formfit ankle brace comes with figure 8 straps version to limit the range of motion of your injured ankle. Unlike taping which stretches over time, it performs consistently to offer greater level of support.

The Formfit ankle brace comes with a figure 8 straps version to limit the range of motion of your injured ankle. Unlike taping, which stretches over time, it performs consistently to offer greater level of support.

This uniquely designed form fit ankle brace provides 20-35% more protection than traditional stirrups.

You can easily fit this low-profile design on any shoes. Besides, the quick lace up feature means these figure 8 ankle braces are extremely easy to put on and take off.

Breathable and quick drying materials ensure that you can wear this arch support strap quite comfortably all day long.

20. Best For Outdoor: Protle Adjustable Foot Socks Ankle Brace Compression

Protle Adjustable Foot Socks Ankle Brace
Good Sides
  • Ideal for ankle stabilization and muscle recovery
  • Any size and shoe will fit in
  • Combination of mobility and stability
  • Durable material makes it a worthy pick
Bad Sides
  • Silicone strap is slightly heavier.

If you’re suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, ankle arthritis, Achilles tendonitis, sprain, or heel pain after some physical activities then the protle adjustable compression will be the suitable product for you.

This Protle compression ankle brace is simple and effective as it evenly compresses your feet and ankles with the right amount of pressure to relieve pain. These compression socks for gout are really impressive.

Material composition is 65% polyamide, 32% Latex and 3% Spandex. This Protle adjustable foot socks feature silicone gel support. It fits gently inside and outside of the malleolus bones to protect the ankle ligament.

It is known as one of the best high ankle sprain braces on the market.

Exceptional knitting structure provides 360 degrees of elasticity for greater comfort and flexibility. The 3D weave technology distributes all the pressure equally throughout the injured area.

As a result, blood circulation is improved. You will get a breathing space. These ankle brace socks come in 2 different colors. Both men and women can wear them.

Things To Consider While Buying The Best Ankle Brace

If you don’t have any ankle brace for basketball, then probably you’re not too serious about playing basketball let alone making a career out of it.

In this fast paced and highly energetic game, players frequently meet with different types of injuries.

Speaking of injuries, well, do you know what the most common basketball injury is among them?

Almost 42% of all basketball related injuries are ankle sprains! According to Medscape, sprained ankles are estimated to constitute up to 30% of injuries that we get to see in various sports medicine clinics.

Not only that, in the USA, each day more than 23,000 people require medical care for their ankle sprains.

Infact, there hardly goes a year without any reports of ankle injuries in basketball. Remember Steph Curry?

Basketball players often need to run, take sudden turns, make high jumps, fly in the air to dunk, dodge and stop.
As a result, their ankle is put under a lot of pressure. Therefore, when trying their very best to win the game, at times, they forget a valuable thing.

They need to land perfectly to avoid causing an injury to the ankle, foot, knee, or leg. They twist their ankle when their feet hit the court at an odd angle. For this, we may see the end of a player’s season.

In addition to that, if any player has got a history of ankle injuries then chances are higher of getting re-injured.

So, what’s the best solution? Where to buy an ankle brace?

Why not purchase the best basketball ankle brace?

And it shall provide you with advanced ankle supports and stabilization to prevent your ankles from rolling and twisting.

If you’re nursing an injury, these braces can quicken the healing process by rebuffing all the pains and obstacles.

Here in this article, we will tell you in-depth facets of the best ankle braces for basketball. Additionally, we show you the best rated ankle braces going around the market right at this juncture.

Purpose of Ankle Brace: Only because you’re injured?

A wonderful basketball player may never miss a shot on the hoop but hardly he/she can avoid an ankle injury.

Yeah, you can argue with me all day long that your ankle is strong enough to keep your body well balanced. But it doesn’t mean you won’t get injured.

You just never know when you’ll be landing awkwardly on someone else’s foot.

What will happen next?

You may fall and twist your ankle. Gone, your season is over. Therefore, this is absolutely your responsibility to take the necessary precautions to prevent yourself from basketball ankle injuries.

What’s the best way to do it?

-Wearing ankle braces

An ankle brace is such an essential basketball gear that it doesn’t just reduce the chances of getting an ankle sprain. Besides, there will be less possibility of a fracture being worsened. It is also fantastic at reducing pain.

This protective gear shall provide lateral and medial stability to your ankles. It helps ankles to hold up against all the risky moves that basketball players try to make on the court.

Ankles do get the right amount of support and stabilization from the ankle support brace. Therefore, you can throw down monstrous dunks safely and successfully.

In terms of healing from a sprain and other minor injuries, an ankle stabilizer brace is pretty much effective too. Braces for the ankle may not be able to prevent you from a fall but definitely lessens the impact of the fall.

Types of Ankle Brace

It is extremely important to understand that all ankle support does not offer the same function. Some will provide stability in movement. Some aid sore muscles prevent high or low ankle injuries while others will make a bone recovery.

There are basketball ankle braces that are far better at preventing a recurring injury. Some feet braces are a lot more flexible; some are less.

Ankle sleeves don’t match the same kind of standards either. Once you figure out what type of brace you need, then it becomes easier to choose. Depending on your requirements, you can choose the best ankle support brace.

First, let me compare the different designs on offer for you.

1. Ankle braces with sleeves:

Ankle sleeves are usually constructed from neoprene or knit fabric. Due to this construction, the ankle's compression sleeves are by far the most comfortable option of all types.

It kinda gives you a feeling like you are wearing a short, thick, sturdy sock with some great airflow. They are pretty simple, durable, and will fit in any of your basketball shoes.

Along with ankle protection, a compression ankle sleeve offers compression to give you relief from pain, inflammation, and swelling.

They are a bit loose, so if you are looking to get support for specific injuries over the healing process, it won’t be the ideal choice.

However, users who prefer comfort along with protection from certain injuries (plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, arthritis) won’t get a better option than this design.

2. Ankle braces with straps:

They look very similar to ankle sleeves except these strap style braces have an additional strap system for advanced support and compression. These are wrapped around your ankle, often over a compression style sleeve.

Here the strap design can be a figure 8 or 6 compressions. With figure 6 you’ll have extra protection from lateral movement. This will prevent your ankle from being rolled and twisted.

On the other hand, figure 8 ankle brace will provide you with full wraparound compression for maximum compression.

The ankle support strap is a little thicker and offers a bit more support compared to sleeve braces. This is like a heel lock hold, which makes this kind of supportive brace perfect to use with a cloth based construction.

As a result, this makes it lightweight and easier for you to put on over your shoes and remove without any kind of discomfort.

3. Ankle braces with lace up:

These types of lace ankle braces come with a lace up design, similar to what we find in our shoes. It allows you to adjust the lace tightness.

Actually, people used to recommend this design for the treatment of all kinds of foot and ankle injuries. In the last couple of years, we see a drop in popularity, which may be rigidity is the issue.

However, in terms of stiffness and maximum ankle support, this lace up ankle brace is considered to be the best. It will securely strap up your ankles. However, it makes them a less comfortable option.

4. Ankle braces with stirrups:

These stirrup based braces can give you relief from any kind of discomfort. It has a plastic shell for protection with gel-filled bladders lining to dispense your ankle swelling or anything like this.

Thus, it improves ankle stability and protects against lateral ankle sprains. It also provides support and protection during walking.

This ankle protector was a popular choice in the past. Now, there are more modern alternatives; they are even more versatile. Yet few people may prefer this ankle guard.

5. Rigid/hybrid ankle braces:

These braces definitely match up to your expectation. Rigid ankle brace offers the highest possible level of support indeed. they are versatile.

It can be used for serious or any kind of ankle injury due to its highly customizable design.

Looking for a thin ankle brace?

They are thin and can feature straps, lace-ups, sleeves, stirrups, velcro in the same brace. Just make sure about one thing. You should have extra thin socks for maximum comfort when you’re wearing basketball shoes.

As expected, they are a bit costly because of their high quality product.

Other Considerations

Size Fitting:

When you are about to buy a sports ankle brace for yourself, this is the most important thing to look at. If your ankle stabilizer doesn’t fit well on your foot, what will you do with it?

If your heel support brace is too loose, it won’t provide you with enough stability and protection, what you’re after. With too tight a brace, your blood flow will be greatly inhibited. Your feet will get numb, and this can cause a lot of pain once the game is over.

If your basketball ankle support slides down or comes off in the middle of the match, what will happen? It can’t get a worse feeling than this. After all, size keeps the ankle brace locked in position. So, pay attention to this point. Opt for braces that fit well on your feet even when you use them with socks and shoes.

Fortunately, finding the right size of ankle brace is easy. Most manufacturers offer a foot chart. You can also read them online and choose the right size for you. When you go to a shop, wear the brace, take some time, and move around to check the fitting on your feet.

You can also take help from someone who uses an ankle brace. Ask them their size and see if that size matches yours or not. If it matches, then take their braces for a few days to check the fitting. If those can assure you, then go to a shop and buy the same product for yourself.

Pro Tips: For narrow feet, opt a size down and for wider feet, go for a size up. You can also look for some adjustable braces. It will enable you to make size adjustments.


Only a correct fit can ensure the comfort of wearing an ankle brace. Therefore, it is important not to feel too tight or too loose on your foot. Check the comfort level of your compression ankle brace.

Usually, it depends on two things. One is the fabric involved in construction, and the second is the way of construction.

Many complain that their ankle support boots keep their feet stable, but they are not OK with it; they feel uneasy.

What you need is a breathable fabric construction to keep your feet cool and dry. Check the number of hours you can easily wear them without any discomfort. Then make a decision.

You will also find many online sellers who give their products for trial purposes. You can try those offers.

Or ask your partner’s braces, wear and play with them for hours. If you find them comfortable enough, then go and purchase the same.


You’ll have the braces on your ankles more often. Therefore, surely you will not want to wear something that makes you sweat all the time.

It should be breathable, so the air can go in and out. It reduces sweating. Chances of getting any infection or bacterial growth become less by that.

Lack of breathability means your feet will feel sticky and smell bad as well. Excess moisture can cause cracks in the skin and even damage it.

This becomes a crucial factor if you wish to wear ankle support sneakers with them.

So, we recommend you check the material breathability before buying one. Pick something that will help you to stay dry and comfortable.


Some foot and ankle brace comes with strong elasticity. They may wear off very quickly.

Surely, you are not going to play basketball for a single session, are you?

Cheap ankle braces tend to have low quality. They lose their elasticity quickly and fall apart after using for only a few days.

Make sure you have the best ankle support. Buy high-quality products that don’t lose the form and shape, instead remain firm enough even after heavy use. They may not be ideal for supporting the weight. They are good for heavy lifters.

For active runners, a durable brace is important. It needs to be suitable for all weather conditions. A quality brand will not wear out quickly and lose it’s form so easily.


During a basketball game you wear ankle braces. You have to perform so many different moves on the court.
If your knee and ankle brace do not let you move freely, what’s the point of wearing them?

When it comes to running on the court, the ankle brace for running needs to be flexible because the range of foot motion is important here. You won’t be able to run free if the brace is too tight for your liking.

To prevent a certain ankle injury, you need to get support from an ankle brace. Therefore, it can’t be too loose either.

So, it will be better if you check the brace by wearing them for a short period of time and do some movements before purchasing them.


Why do you want to use an ankle brace? To prevent injuries? After all, it is a matter of your own body and health. You should not make any compromise with your safety just to save money.

Normal braces are not that expensive. You can easily afford them.
With that being said, you should always look to buy good quality ankle braces even if that means you need to pay more.

Obviously, there are both cheap braces, and some are extremely high-priced. I always prefer quality over the price tag. You may come across products that are unbelievably cheap but low quality. What will you do then?

Ankle stabilization:

You may roll and twist your ankle after landing in an awkward position. The swelling can increase as well as the pain too.

If not taken proper care, it may lead you to severe tendon sensitivities and ligament damage. An ankle brace prevents you from this kind of scenario. This provides the stability you may need after an injury as well.

Even after going through some tough basketball drills, it’s good to have them. See how your body reacts to it.

Pick the right material:

The material is something where you need to give your full attention. If it is abrasive then it may irritate your skin. As a result, you will feel uncomfortable. And there will be fewer chances of wearing it regularly.

Find something that is breathable, and the fabric is made of hypoallergenic material, resistant to bacteria. It should not be heavy but enough to protect you from ankle injuries.

Ensure that wearing it on your ankle doesn’t give you the feel of doing a painful job. It should be thick. It should be able to absorb the impact you may have when you fall awkwardly.

All we Sportszpro team are trying to do is to help you find a top notch ankle brace for yourself.

How does ankle brace work?

What does an ankle brace do? The ankle brace is a garment that people can wear around the ankle for protection or immobilization. You may call it an ankle immobilizer.

It works by immobilizing the ankle through rigid support on the sideways, above and below the ankle. This encourages recovery through stabilizing and supporting an injured ankle.

It also compresses the affected areas to remove pain and reduce inflammation. As a result, the injured ligaments will get the much needed stability to heal without further stretching or tearing.
With good ankle braces, a player is less likely to feel any pressure on the injured joint.

Pro tips: In case of a severe ankle sprain or break, you can choose a rigid ankle brace. This will help you to lessen joint mobility. It will speed up the healing process as well.

Why do you need to protect your ankles?

No doubt playing basketball is fun. It’s a fast-moving game. Given the game's high impact nature, it takes a heavy toll on your body, especially on your ankles.

All those jumping, twists and turns, sudden stops to dodge your opponent can put your feet at risk of injury. You can’t really play safe basketball. Or can you?

What can you do to prevent yourself from getting injured? have the ankle braces. We understand you love playing basketball. But you also need to understand that it is very much important to support your ankles too.

In case there is any injury or stiff ankle pain if you have good basketball foot and ankle support, it will protect your feet well.
Besides, you’ll also be able to continue playing without further damaging your ankle. And this is what the best basketball players do to protect their ankles.

What’s the difference between a strain and sprain?

We all know ligaments are the bands of tissue that connect two bones together in a joint. They are fibrous tissues. They are tough and it helps to connect your joint to bones.

What if I tell you ankle joint is the most common location for a sprain. When you stretch the ligament, that is when a sprain occurs.

On the other hand, a strain involves an injury to a muscle. Usually, it occurs in the tendon or muscle. These are fiber cords. They are tough and connect muscle to the bone.

Well, the main difference is -with a sprain, you may get bruising around an affected joint while in case of strain, you may have some spasm in the muscle.

Ways to tackle ankle sprain, strain and pain

You need to reduce the risk of this type of injury. You have got only two feet. If you don’t want to find yourself out of action, you should understand the value of proper caring & protecting them.

Therefore, take a look at how to take care of them:

1. You should reconsider your basketball schedule. If you feel you’re in some sort of pain or something bothering you, then take a break. You should not be over pushing yourself at that time

Try to eat nutritious food and maintain a healthy diet. This will keep your muscles strong and overall in good condition. Get enough sleep everyday. Only participate in those physical activities which your body supports

2. Don’t perform the athletic activity if there are rocks, trash, and clutter in your playing area. Safety first.

3. Take time to stretch and warm up your muscles before each game, with a focus on your ankle. Lean forward against a table with the foot flat on the floor, stand on your toes to stretch out your ankle.

4. Wear necessary protective gear every time you are on the court to play. Your shoes must fit well to maintain good stability.

5. Whether you’re looking for a way to prevent injuries or currently recovering from one, it doesn’t matter. Exercise will often be regarded as the best cure.

Use a home pedal exerciser to keep your ankles supple and strong. Your running sessions will be much more effective if you do some ankle weights.

Other options are balance exercises and ankle strengthening exercises. They involve resistance bands to stretch out your ankle. There are so many exercises you can find out online.

6. You can use cold and hot therapy. It has been proven that therapy helps to alleviate the pain and increases blood flow.

Therefore, you can choose an ankle cold brace to apply the pressure and it’s the best solution.

7. If you have fractures, knee walkers are the ideal choice. You can’t think of a better progressing way if you are going through a lengthy recovery

There are gel insoles along with other types of custom orthotics to help you maintain a stride. This will enable you to prevent sprains, strains and rolled ankles.

Benefits of Using ankle braces

1. Provide immense support to the ankle to prevent initial ankle injuries. It supports joints during grueling activities.

2. Reduces the risk of recurring ankle injury by keeping that part of your leg into place so that it doesn’t get sprained somehow yet again.

Keep wearing the braces for sprained ankles until you don’t experience any kind of swelling, pain, or instability in the ankle.

3. Gives sufficient time to your ankle to heal the damage. Overall, the main objective of wearing an ankle brace is to provide support to your ankle and to the area surrounding your lower leg

4. Players also remain confident about their current form. They know they have their brace worn

This in turn helps to reduce other risks related to physical injuries. Only a top quality ankle brace can offer you this luxury. Nothing else.

5. Alleviates discomfort and pain of arthritis, a degenerative joint disease through arthritis ankle brace.

If you have an ankle brace support stabilizer for added support, then you can do whatever you like.

Move quickly, do sudden changes in direction or even jump into the air. There is little to ponder about. You have your maximum protection. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can an ankle guard help me especially when I am going through an injury?

Well if you’re going through an injury, then you need to get an ankle brace for recovery purposes. A right type of foot immobilizer shall boost your level of confidence. It will eventually help in your rehabilitation process.

An ankle injury needs time to heal. In the meantime, you will have swelling, pain and problems moving.

The right kind of brace shall help you to move freely and rather confidently without worrying too much about your ankle.

2. Can you mention top brands of basketball ankle braces?

Well, there are many companies out there to manufacture products. As this is a question of a player’s safety, manufacturers know delivering a quality product is crucial.

Speaking of brands, ASO, McDavid and Zamst are currently leading manufacturers of the best basketball ankle brace.

They work best to minimize your chances of damaging your ankle. That’s why they put a really good impetus on bringing uniquely designed, comfortable and lightweight products on the market.

3. How much effectiveness neoprene brings to the braces?

Well, they are pretty good. Neoprene is one of the most widely used materials. Neoprene ankle braces are affordable, but many say the material is somewhat less breathable.

Ballistic nylon is another material that manufacturers use along with vinyl. It is durable and provides a good protective shell. People like it for its two most appreciated features- breathability and lightweight.

4. Can I overlook the comfort factor of wearing ankle foot braces?

No, you can’t. Remember, braces need to give you comfort during the whole game. That will certainly have an impact on your performance.

So, you have to check the comfort level of braces before buying them. For me, this is mandatory.

5. If I wear braces, will I get the full sureity that I won’t have anymore injuries on my ankle?

Tell me which product gives you the 100% surety? No one can assure you that. In the recovery process, a sports ankle brace will help your tendons and joint heal quickly, meaning the recovery duration will be shortened.

They also reduce the impact of any injury on your feet and decrease the rate of risks associated with injuries. All this means you are protected from future injuries too.

The most important thing you will get is the peace of mind that you’ve gotten an added protection on your feet. I am afraid if you don’t wear any sports ankle brace, who will give you all these advantages?

That is why having a good quality ankle brace is so much important. However, you also need to handle yourself carefully during games and practice sessions.

6. If I keep wearing ankle braces all the time, will that harm me in any way?

Well, lace up ankle braces immobilizes the joint. Therefore, they have an impact on your ankle.

On the other hand, compression and hinged ankle braces don’t prohibit your ankle's natural up and down motion. You can wear them quite regularly.

Generally speaking, if you wear ankle braces for a longer time, this won’t harm you in any way. Therefore, choosing the right type of product with the right size is so important.

7. Is there any possibility to get sprain or twisting ankle while wearing my ankle brace?

We have said it earlier and we are telling you this again wearing braces can reduce the probability of ankle sprain to a certain degree. But it’s not a 100% guarantee that you won’t twist your ankle.

In certain instances, sprains and twisting are avoidable. But in all likelihood, braces are bound to decrease the possibility of such ankle injuries.

8. I’ve got poor circulation in my feet. Will I still be able to wear an ankle brace?

Choose a lace up brace then. This lace up ankle support will allow you to adjust how loose or tight you want the brace to be.

9. Which is better? Rigid or lace up braces? which one should I pick?

Rigid model ankle braces have a higher price because it offers an added layer of protection and flexibility. On the other hand, lace up versions are more affordable.

10. Will I purchase a brace for both of my ankles?

Well, it depends totally on your requirement. If you’re nursing an injury on an ankle and looking for a brace for your recovery process, then you can buy one for your injured ankle.

But if you want to protect your ankles while running, then it is better to buy two.

11. I am happy to spend some extra money. What will I get?

Sometimes, it’s not worth spending a lot of money on certain things simply because you don’t need them.

You can choose a mid-tier brace because it has antimicrobial technology, doesn't smell bad, and is easy to clean compared to cheap ankle braces.

These mid-tier braces cost around $15-$20. However, high caliber ankle braces won’t actually cost you that much. A good quality brace will only cost you $40 or so.

12. Can I wear socks with an ankle brace?

Yeah, you can. Many wear socks with ankle braces to keep the braces away from any kind of bad smell.

Though it is recommended not to wear socks under a tight fit ankle brace. Because it will suffocate your feet & reduce blood circulation. This can hurt you badly. It depends on your comfort level though.

It is advisable to wear socks over the braces because wearing them underneath your braces can hurt you. Do not leave any space between your skin and brace. This can actually vanquish your actual purpose of wearing braces.

13. Should I sleep with an ankle brace?

Heavy duty ankle braces will be really uncomfortable for you to sleep in. They are most likely to give you pain rather than comfort. Furthermore, they are not great for circulation either.

However, the most important question is, when you wear a foot brace during sleep, does it give you comfort or not?

If you’re not comfortable, you won’t get a good night's sleep. You can put a pillow under your feet. Consult with a doctor if wearing braces during the night is a must or not. Choose some lightweight features if possible.

Final Words

Tell me who wants to pick up an injury just before the match in a practice session or even in the game? Nobody.

You will see too many players with so much potentiality in them. Still, they aren’t able to fully concentrate on their game. Do you know what the reason behind this is?

Yes, you guessed it right. There might be a fear in them that they will get injured again.

Whenever I think of ankle injuries, some painful and frustrating images of certain players get before my eyes. A player’s whole season can be over, or in the worst scenario, this can cause lifetime defects.

So, if you’re recovering from ankle injury or want to prevent yourself from getting injured, wearing the best available ankle brace on the market is crucial.

These ankle braces will provide support to your feet and prevent devastating injuries from occurring. They’ll help in stabilizing your ankle and ensure it doesn’t get rolled or twisted easily which may happen accidentally.

We have shared all the necessary information with you. And we hope you’ll be able to pick up a perfect ankle brace for you.

As we all know, prevention is better than cure. So, better to purchase your basketball ankle brace before you pick up an injury.

Our list of the top rated ankle braces for basketball will clarify all your dilemmas because you should purchase the best ankle brace to get value for your bucks.

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