Tornado Sport Foosball Table Review In 2022

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If quality is your priority, even if that costs you a little extra money, this Tornado Sport foosball table is the table that children and adults shall enjoy playing in the years to come. If you’re familiar with the foosball game, then it shouldn’t be unknown to you what quality Tornado just brings on the table.

It's an iconic brand that has made a name for itself by combining quality with innovation. You can place it up on virtually all types of surfaces thanks to the height adjustment feature. The combination of Mahogany Melamine finish with a gleaming look gives it an astonishing view.

For someone looking to own a foosball table with a good mixture of both longevity and sturdiness, this will be the best deal. Chrome plated stainless steel rods come with SureGrip, black plastic handles.

Hence, more resounding performance and durability are ensured. This Tornado foosball table is one of the best recreational playing tables going around the market right now.

Of all the expensive tables from Tornado, this is the cheapest table manufactured by them. And yet you will have the same trust and high quality product of the Tornado brand on your side.

A tournament level quality indeed. Still, it is very much affordable for general people. It is worth spending your money on. There is a perfect balance between price and value and this is the actual reason that made me pick up its name on this list. Just look at the specifications and find out more.

Tornado Sport Commercial Tournament Foosball Table

Tornado Sport Foosball Table - Specifications Table

Size dimensions

56" L X 30" W X 36" H


205 pounds

Construction materials

Mahogony melamine finish with 1" MDF cabinet thickness

Rods and handles

Hollow steel rods, suregrip black plastic handles

3 man or 1 man goalie

3 man

Counter balanced men


Leg levelers

Booted leg levelers for appearance and safety

Ball return

End ball return

Made in


Things You Must Know About Tornado Sport

If you’re looking to purchase a table made in the USA to the exact specification we’ve given above, you must pull the trigger at this one without any hesitation. This is also a great way to introduce your kids to the game. They will get the chance to play on a Tornado table surface, which everyone praises.

Tornado foosball provides the finest ball control. It allows for the generation of enjoyment from the young and the young at heart. Currently, Tornado players are believed to hold the pedigree for the best foot designing. Highly grooved feet come with sharper corners and tapered toes. All these facts contribute to the amazing ball control you should get with this sports foosball table.

Speaking of control, these Tornado balls are another great aspect of this table. It enhances your control in the gameplay to a great extent. You shall also be able to pass the ball or shoot perfectly. This credit goes to the textured surface you’ll have in this table. The surface enables you to grip and spin the ball on the field quite easily. Additionally, there is a pair of end ball returns as well.

Along with this exceptional control, the quality of gameplay is also quite excellent. A smooth melamine playing field is fitted with inner bearings. It eliminates any potential dead spots. As a result, it facilitates nice and smooth gameplay.

The chrome plated industrial rods are made of steel. They are hollow, durable and quite strong. It also features SureGrip black plastic handles. It provides support for better control and performance during play.

It doesn’t really matter how hostile the game gets, even if that means you get too aggressive at times. Thick legs are capable of holding the table firmly to its ground. Moreover, the table weighs 205 pounds in total.

Compared to the other options out there, this weight of the table is on the heavier side. It rather proves one thing that the table is not going to vibrate. So, very much a durable table is waiting for you.

Boots in table legs shall let you adjust the angle of the table. Adjustable leg levelers assist in maintaining a well leveled playing field. You can also add shims inside them to make an even playing surface.

A touch of mahogany melamine finish adds to it’s elegance. This ultimately ensures enhanced durability with a classy look. That premium look is guaranteed to impress everyone.

This table doesn’t have counterbalanced men. Therefore, players won’t bring their fullest competitive nature on display, what they are just used to do on a higher-priced table. Not having the counterbalanced men is the only matter that might just prompt ITSF to deny its approval.

Apart from that, this Tornado sport is a professional standard table. If you can just secure the men on the rods in terms of assembly, then the rest is pretty much simple—nothing to worry about. And Tornado shall offer you a 1-year warranty in case there is any defect.

You’ll have an excellent gaming experience. It has a combination of look, quality, and optimum performance. Overall, I can’t recommend a better table of this unique quality in this price range.

Good Sides Of Tornado Sport

  • Amazing, sturdy and quality build
  • Faster rod spinning
  • Split bearings enable to take powerful shots and control the game better
  • Adjustable leg levelers make this playfield level on uneven terrains
  • Slide scorers on either side of this foosball table

Bad Sides Of Tornado Sport

  • Foosball men are not counterbalanced
  • Compared to other mid-tier choices, it is a bit expensive

Should You Choose The Tornado Sport?

Whether you’re experienced, intermediate, or a beginner, Tornado Sport is a perfect match for each type of player. Yeah, it is not ITSF certified yet. But if you ask me, I will say this table has got every base covered that what it needs to become a professional level table. It is also ideal for players who play foosball seriously and looking to improve their technique.

Final Verdict

Lastly, Tornado Sport is an incredibly well-built table with a beautiful mahogany finish and some spectacular features.

This tournament grade Tornado sport foosball table shall last for years, if not decades. We understand the price is a bit on the higher side. But just think about what you’re getting in return.

The quality, durability, and strength are comparable to none. Absolutely worth it. And who doesn’t want to get the most bang for his/her buck?

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