Warrior Foosball Table Review In 2022

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Warrior professional foosball table is recognized and endorsed as a tournament level table by both the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) and US Table Soccer Federation (USTSF). This Warrior foosball table is a superlative foosball table that provides tournament quality gameplay at an unbeatable price.

Whenever Warrior Pro comes to my mind, it reminds me of actually getting a tournament grade table at not a tournament level price. Warrior is perhaps the most inexpensive tournament quality table that you can get along.

It has some incredible features that are only to be found in professional level tables such as Tornado and Garlando. Those tables are high priced, which shall cost you over 1000 bucks, but that’s not the case with Warrior. The kind of quality, performance, and durability it offers is probably worth twice the amount you originally pay. It is ideal for serious and professional standard competitions.

Warrior 56 Inch Pro Foosball Table
Highlighted Features:
  • Adjustable leg leveler
  • One-man goalie system
  • Single side ball return setup
  • Thinner inner bearing design
  • 10 beaded abacus style scorer
  • 2 foosballs

Specifications of Warrior Foosball Table

Soccer table style


Size dimensions

56" L X 30" W X 36" H


215 pounds

Construction materials

Manufacture wood, steel, plastic, laminate

Rods and handles

Chrome plated rods with soft rubber handle

3 man or 1 man goalie

1 man

Counter balanced men


Foosball Men

ABS plastic

Ball return

Side ball return system

Ball control



Slide scoring and 13 foosball balls


365 days

Approximate lifespan

5 year

Best Features of Warrior Foosball Table Professional Unit

1. Durability

They are not as expensive as most high-end tables on the market. However, the Warrior table is made to last longer. The table is constructed of MDF wood with a laminate surface. Standard woods don’t offer much durability. But with MDF material, there is no such question of warping. This can be a crucial factor if you come from humid weather.

Besides, the cabinet is made from thick MDF material. These tend to offer much more stability and durability compared to standard wood. The laminating surface is nice, fair, and almost scratch proof. All these things make one thing certain this is an ideal table to enjoy years of fun.

2. Superior Grip

You shall get kinda metal rods that are unbendable. Grips provide excellent hand holds. To prevent grips from directly hitting the table, rods are furnished with flanges. This means rods now have a zero percent chance to do any harm to the body of the table.

This is an invaluable feature for a novice player who is still learning how to handle the rods. Apart from this, the playing field's inner walls have a composition of white laminate to offer better playability.

3. Quality Control

The Warrior pro foosball table is known to offer great ball control. The playing surface is constructed of a green PVC laminate. It provides a nice smooth playing surface. At the same time, inner walls use a white laminate for better responsiveness.

The foosball is made of Urethane material. It not only gives you a better grip but also enhances ball control capability. If you look at carefully, you may see the ball is gripping off the surface quite well during the game. This helps greatly when you’re controlling the players. The Warrior Professional table is a perfect base for you to master some skillful shots which may not be done with a lower quality table.

4. Stronger Adjustable Legs

The adjustable leg levelers offer maximum stability. It ensures you’re playing in an even surface everytime. There is swivel base to make leveling on uneven surfaces. Even on those uneven floors by adjusting the legs you can transform it into an even playing field. And yet you will be able to maintain a firm grip on the surface.

The Warrior table comes with special rubber feet and a locking nut. This means the tables have got extra traction on different surfaces. Therefore, there won’t be too much of “slipping out” happening during the play. Furthermore, strong legs hold the table right at its place to make sure it stays tall against vigorous use or fast paced game.

5. Simple Assembly

When it comes to assembly, nobody likes to have inexplicit and puzzling instructions. Because this ultimately can put them in a confusing mindset during installation. However, the Warrior foosball table assembly is rapid and straightforward.

What more do you need when the table comes with detailed instructions?

Just do one thing- read the instructions properly and follow them. The assembly process shall take up to 30 minutes to complete the task. The table is built in a fashion to facilitate quick assembly. In addition to this, rods will easily get attached to the table without any tangle.

There are many instructional videos available that you can watch on YouTube in case you face any problems. There is an official website of the manufacturer as well.

6. Safety Features

Extended rods are one of the major safety concerns about foosball tables. Because we have seen players or anyone passing by getting injured because of that. However, the Warrior table has a safety feature to remove your stress. A unique system of rod guards protects the players from getting hit by the rods.

This also protects the table from any damage. If you talk about safe foosball tables in the industry, there are very few and far between and this Warrior tabletop that shortlists for sure.

7. Counter-balanced men

Warrior foosball tables have counterbalanced men. And hence this is another pro level feature that you can’t stop loving. These counter balanced men move at a fast speed, very much smoothly across the surface. Rigid feet provide them a better grip on the foosball, which make it great to play.

Thus, the playing field is a perfect surface for smooth play. Furthermore, there is accuracy and motion for fast paced and highly controlled foosball. A regular player should adore the consistency and nice soft texture of the Warrior foosball table.

warrior professional foosball table Facts

This regulation size foosball table is built to meet international standards. It has one goalie and 11 men on each team. The grip on the handle is pretty much strong enough for comfortable play with minimal slippage on them. Besides, the legs are sturdily built to hold up even in most animated and intended foosball battles.

For young kids and children Warrior is known to be one of the safest tables around the world right at the moment. That’s the advantage of having a rod guard system which reduces the probability of getting any serious injuries to a great extent.

With chrome rods and a classic black color design, it looks mesmerizing. It weighs more than 200 lbs which speak for its stability and durability. The weight ensures the table is firmly latched and nicely balanced into its place. So, consistent gameplay is never in doubt.

The Disadvantages With Solution

1. Tacky Balls

The ball plays a touch slow in this vintage foosball table, and so often, it gets stuck in the corner’s dead zones. Yes, the table offers excellent playability and even more fabulous ball handlings as the tacky ball is much easier to control.

But professional players may prefer a faster ball over it. So, we would recommend them to buy some additional balls with those that come with the table. However, it shouldn’t be too much of a concern. The manufacturer is trying to move to slightly harder balls. We hope they get the perfect combination. 

2. Ball Return problem

Earlier the ball return was very poor. A very fragile plastic was used to make the ball return tubes. After using for some time, the return tubes would start to fall out onto the floor. However, in the middle of the year 2016 Warrior Professional started to go with a rigid plastic instead of a fragile one. This has made the problem solved. 

So, when you’re out to purchase Warrior, don’t forget to ask or the upgraded ball return system. If you see colorful plastic in the ball return system, then it’s the upgraded version, don’t worry, go for it.

Points of Choosing an ITSF & USTSF Certified Table

ISTF and USTSF are two of the most reliable table soccer associations in the United States and globally. They are the ones who set standards for playing rules & regulations and table specifications required for professional play.

How will you know that you’ve picked the right table?

If your table gets both of these certifications, you can be damn sure that a single cent of your money isn’t wasted. Warrior Professional Foosball table has the official tournament size 56”L X 30”W X 36”H and it’s the best example.

It meets all these qualifications and comes at a reasonable price as well. They have a combined experience of over 200 years in dealing with tables and tournament-style play.

Who Should Buy The Warrior Professional Foosball Table?

This Warrior professional foosball will be an excellent choice for experienced severe players and intermediate players who are looking to hone their foosball skills.

From that experience, We can tell you one thing: the moment the ball enters into the pitch, you shall be experiencing a professional level of play.

Lastly, if your aim is to play like a pro player, then you should look no further than Warrior professional.

Why Choose Warrior Professional?

Warrior table soccer is the USA based premier foosball table manufacturer company. Foosball veteran Brendan Flaherty designed and built this Warrior table. He designed this table with the players in mind and you can see the results by yourself.

You’re having an opportunity and pleasure to play with an international competition standard table. Their focus is not only to deliver a top-notch quality table but also to make it affordable. They are working day and day out to satisfy the needs of both advanced players and beginners.

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, Warrior Professional foosball table is the best professional level table you’ll find at a highly competitive price. It is a little bit slow but still plays smoothly, safe and sturdily built with the same quality as most other high-end tables.

The Warrior Professional foosball table is ideal for youth programs, social gatherings and other recreational activities. Besides parents seeking a quality foosball table for their kid or someone for his workplace, this warrior foosball table is a good choice.

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