Kettler Cavalier Weatherproof Foosball Table Reviews

Need something that will last in the rain, sun or basically any other weather? Then Kettler Cavalier is the ideal option. Made in Germany, Kettler Cavalier outdoor foosball table is a reasonably priced all weather table that will hold up quite well in outdoors.

Actually, this indoor/outdoor weatherproof table is sturdily built to withstand harsh elements. They bring their parent nature’s belligerent character into the play. It shall provide you unlimited hours of outdoor foosball play. With that being said, it’s not only a good table to play outside, overall this is a decent enough table to play anywhere. Just take a look at the specs and you’ll have the better understanding of my words

Kettler Cavalier Outdoor Foosball Table

Table Specification

Size dimensions

58" L X 46" W X 35" H


132 pounds

Construction materials

Glass playing surface, laminate cabinet with weatherproof resins

Rods and handles

Steel telescoping rods with antirust chromium plating and ergonomic handles

3 man or 1 man goalie

1 man

Counter balanced men


Foosball Men

Plastic traditional players

Ball return

Ball pockets behind each goal

Leg levelers



Integrated ball drop, 5 balls, weatherproof cover, blue and gray resin score counters, slide and corner rails

If you’re thinking of leaving it outside then this table is durable enough to withstand long exposure to outdoor conditions. Because, this table has got a tough weatherproof body. The cabinet is made of using high quality laminate and weatherproof resin for extra support. These are known best for their longevity

The surface is thick and well built. To drain off water, it’s finishing ends are covered with sloping pieces of plastic

Cattler comes with plenty of advanced features. The kinda gameplay it provides shall prove my saying

It’s a glass playfield for high sped play with reduced wear and tear. You can only find this type of top-quality feature on high end tables. An obvious reason why players keep saying they had the best gaming experience with Kettler

MDF playfields may become a touch uneven over time. This can happen due to warping. But cattler uses best quality materials only and with German craftmanship you won’t be facing this problem at all. Infact, the surface shall remain leveled for a long long time

The playing rods are highly stress resistant and connected to the table by nylon bushings. This will allow you to turn them in a nice, smooth, steady action. These rods are coated in anti-rusted chromium plating and they are telescoping as well. This virtually means you’re guaranteed to experience safe gameplay.

The foosball men are molded directly onto the stainless steel rods. Due to counterbalancing, these unbreakable foosball men are able to make strong powerful shots and give accurate passes

You shall notice zero number of dead spots over the surface. I repeat ZERO. Yes, having the glass playing surface is a great advantage. Additionally, Kettler has it’s innovative side and corner rails to ensure continuous gameplay. This literally keeps the ball in play at all times

For ensuring fair play, Kettler comes with integrated ball drop which is centered on both sides of table. Also in uneven backyard, Kettler table shall ensure you play in a straight, plain surface. This is why they’ve got integrated floor levelers. They hold up really fine and keep the table level literally on any surface.

It has come with a high quality outdoor cover for extra protection from weather. Definitely the table has got the caliber to stand up to weather but it’s not a bad idea to put the cover on to extend the lasting period a bit more

Resin score counter is another incredible feature of Kettler foosball table. They keep coming with all the amazing features, don’t they? This color co-ordinated and integrated score counter shall let everyone know who’s is winning. These are crafted from resin to prevent corrosion over time

With the ball pocket behind each goal, it shall let you to retrieve the ball easily and then you can put it back into the play. No more delay. No more energy wasting!

The Kettler Weatherproof foosball table measures 58”L X 46”W X 33”H including five balls. The table is nicely stable with weight measuring almost 132 pounds. It’s generally good but for a competitive player, it may feel a touch light at times. The transportation of this indoor/outdoor table is so simple due to this lightweight feature. Installation isn’t a that difficult task either

It’s a 3 year warranty table. Big smile? I guessed it right then.

Kettler Cavalier 58 in. outdoor foosball table may come with somewhat a simple look and design. But who cares? A true passionate foosball lover always gives more priority to the parts and materials which are used to make up the table. But make one thing clear- this portable foosball table is made of outstanding quality and durability. So, it will be better if you do not miss the chance to grab this superb table at such a reasonable price


  • Smooth gameplay
  • Sturdy, quality build table
  • No dead spot
  • Counterweighted men
  • Plays outdoor and lasts outdoor as well


  • Weight not compatible for competitive play

Who should buy:

The Kettler weatherproof is a decent pick for almost everyone, from beginner to pro level players including kids


Anyone who wishes to enjoy quality foosball gaming both indoors and outdoors but don’t want to spend more than $1000, Kettler Cavalier outdoor foosball table is the perfect choice for them. And this Kettler table is considered as the best table for leaving outdoor. It is built by keeping all weather in mind. So, lots of happy moments are waiting at your next summer vacation or BBQ party. Cheers!

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