What Are Foosball Balls Made of?

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Are you a diehard fan of Foosball? If yes. You, therefore, are aware that not all foosball balls are the same. Foosball balls are made of permeable cork material, textured, smooth, and traditional soccer ball materials.

Below we shall guide you through these different materials that, with time, have been upgraded. This article will also equip you with the know-how of what type of material is used for foosball balls.

What Kind of Ball Is Used for Foosball?

Foosball is an exciting game. The quality of the game is as good as the kind of balls you choose to use. The material used determines what kind of a ball it will be—either a slippery ball or a grippy ball surface.

The cork and texture materials make the best kind of balls that are easy to control. Grippy spherical foosball balls are the best balls to make your game enjoyable with unique spins.

Foosball ball's sizes differ from small to medium balls. Most foosball tables use small-sized balls of around 35mm in diameter. These balls come in various colors to suit your taste.

The most common foosballs balls are:

1. Textured foosball balls
2. Traditional soccer balls
3. Cork foosball balls
4. Smooth foosball balls

Most Common Foosball Balls Types

Pick the balls with an easy grippy ground cover layer. Avoid the smooth plastic balls, which are slippery, making it hard to control the ball.

What Are Foosball Balls Made of?

Confused what material is a foosball? Here is the answer. Foosball balls are made from either hardened plastic, natural cork, or a combination of both cork and plastic. From these materials, the four types of foosball balls originate.

Cork is made from the cork wood plant. This plant is known to create durable and buoyant foosball balls. Cork balls are made from the core of the cork plant and then chopped into the right size.

On the other hand, plastic is hardened and molded into small balls when hot and then allowed to cool down in a spherical shape. Plastic balls are smooth and soft and built for speed.

We have the traditional soccer balls designed to resemble the foosball ball from plastic material. We also have smooth balls designed for speed while playing.

Finally, we have textured foosball balls made from cork and plastic. Textured balls are the best official balls in the market for their grippy and sticky nature for super control of the ball.


Foosball balls are made to suit different foosball tables. These balls are made from various materials such as cork and hardened plastic. Be sure to get the best balls to make your game time enjoyable.

Grippy and sticky foosball balls are the best for their improved spinning and buoyancy quality—maintain the balance between grippy balls and softballs for speed.

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