Carrom Signature Foosball Table Review In 2022 [55″ Soccer Field]

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Carrom Signature is perhaps one of the best mid-tier foosball tables in the market right now. This table combines quality with functionality and brings all star action to your home. With that, this carrom foosball table has made everyone talking about it. On the web, you can see why there is plenty of positive reviews praising this Carrom Signature foosball table.

The Carrom Signature is best known for its durability and delivers a superb playing experience. It’s a solid and sturdy construction with some exclusive features. Though it’s not a professional foosball table or premium table, it meets all the must-have criteria of a quality table.

Another thing to clarify here, this American made Carrom Signature foosball table is one of the tough competitors of Tornado. It’s a bit less expensive compared to Tornado. Anyone who doesn’t have the budget to purchase Tornado but still wants a high-end experience, it’s a cool option.

Carrom 530 55 Inch Signature Foosball Table

Carrom Signature Foosball Table's Highlighted Features

Size dimensions

55" L X 29" W X 36" H


162 pounds

Construction materials

1" thick particle board with 3 different colored laminate, 3/8" thick surface, screen printed graphics

Rods and handles

Hollow chrome plated steel rods with solid wood handles and rod bearings

3 man or 1 man goalie

1 man or 3 men

Counter balanced men


Foosball Men

Plastic, robotic style players and hand painted Men

Ball return


Adjustable legs



90 minutes


4 cup holders, premium bearings, wood beaded scoring system


365 days

Best Features of Carrom 530 Signature Foosball Table

So what has worked for the Signature table to topple other mid-tier foosball tables in the market? It is designed to enable fast, accurate foosball gaming, which is nothing short of quality.

The table uses high-quality plywood for maximum durability. The tabletop of the Carrom Signature has a 1” thickness. It’s super solid, and a fast-paced movement for the ball is on offer. So, Carrom table has passed the test with ease.

This is further evident from the MDF cabinet's thickness and screen printed graphics that use enamel for wear and tear resistance. This probably tells you about one thing that even if you play abrasively, it has got many more years ahead of itself.

This table is heavy and further made of heavy miter fold black vinyl. There are also 2” triple chrome plated leg supports to offer excellent stability and a flat playing field. Cross supports underneath the playing surface make sure the surface remains level every time you play. So, you are going to have a smooth playing surface thanks to the quality laminating finish.

With hollow rods that come with premium bearings, you can be very much certain- a faster and smoother spin foosball action will be on display.

Wooden handles provide a firm grip, and it feels great in the hands. Therefore, you shall be able to play a much more controlled game compared to one with those ergonomic grips.

The Carrom table comes with two sets of players. High five time?

Optimum playability and superior control are both achieved by the counterbalanced robo-style players. These counterweighted Carrom foosball men have crosshatched tapper toes which are almost identical to those you will only see in tournament level tables.

One goalie or three goalies? It depends on your personal preference. In single goalie assembly, there are corner ramps. In the 3 men goalie configuration, the players are hand painted, but those aren’t counterbalanced.

The Carrom Signature foosball comes with three varieties of beautiful cabinet finishes. Choose any from Burr Oak, Moroccan, and Wild Cherry.

The overall dimension of the table is 55”L X 29”W X 36”H. This also includes leg levelers, scoring beads, and four integrated drink holders, just in case you want to have a few drinks during a game. And yeah, it is removable as well.

Assembly is so simple and straightforward. Nonetheless, pro-level players may feel slightly disappointed if they find out the actual weight. However, for intermediate players who are looking for some recreational play, it’s heaven.

It comes with a 1 year warranty.

Despite being regarded as a table for casual play, this Signature model is very much capable of feeding you a professional level experience and test your skills. Look at the amazing features of it, and you will realize why this is the talk of the town!

Good Sides of Carrom Signature

  • Sturdy construction due to durable plywood material
  • Warp resistant table with a smooth finish
  • Lightweight steel rods best for safety and incredible speed
  • Faster gameplay
  • Relatively simple assembly in less than 90 minutes
  • Made in USA


  • A bit costly
  • Not strong enough for regular aggressive play

Who Should Choose The Carrom 530 Signature Foosball Table?

Carrom is best known for delivering durable foosball tables for family entertainment. But the high quality features and sturdy construction make this Carrom Signature an absolutely perfect fit for players of all types. From beginners to foosball Pros, everyone can spend quality time there. It’s a pretty good choice when someone wants a good, mid-tier, US-made table.

Recommended or Not; Why?

Fancy a mid-tier foosball table that has all the extra features of a professional table? Then it’s a well-built table with top-notch material, and people all over the globe admire this. It has been proved now that this Carrom signature foosball table is beautifully designed and a quality foosball table.

Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that this premium Carrom foosball table is regarded as one of the best foosball tables you can purchase today. You shall get great value for your money. All in all, this Carrom 55 inch Signature foosball table is a perfect fitting for someone who is looking for a great casual play table with a bit of professional madness added to it.