Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table Review In 2022

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Want to fill up your gaming room without spending a ton of money? Or if you’re looking for a gaming table with a plain and compact design to fit right into your home, you should look no further than the Atomic Pro Force foosball table. This is a great entry-level model.

One more thing is that if you have a tight budget but still want to experience professional level foosball games, Atomic Pro foosball table shall put an end to your google search.

You can’t deny the fact that Pro Force table comes with admirable functionality and durable construction at such a reasonable price. Overall, it plays great, and more importantly, this is a quality table; that is why I’ve decided to put it on this map. Just have a quick look at the table specifications and let me know if I am saying a lie in the comments section.

Atomic Pro Force 56 Inch Foosball Table

Table Key Specifications

Size dimensions

56" L X 29.5" W X 34.5" H


60 pounds

Rods and handles

Hollow chrome plated steel rods with octagonal rubber handles

Counter balanced men


Foosball Men

Robo style players

Ball return

Internal ball return and ball entry

Leg leveler



Bamboo laminating exterior, manual scoring system and 4 balls

Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table: In-Depth Review

Atomic Pro Force is another great option to have in hand to fit right into the professional office environment or the game room of your home. Although this foosball table is quite cheap, it’s a well crafted and solidly built table.

Furthermore, Atomic manufactures some of the awesome foosball tables that you will find in the market. Sublime features with solid construction- this is the package you’re gonna get. Here are the plus points why this table has got a place on my list.

Let’s get this underway with the most vital element you should consider at the very beginning. Yes, you have guessed it right; we are talking about materials.

This Atomic foosball table has a playing surface made of MDF materials. They’re relatively solid for most usage. For nice smooth playing action, you need a thick and fairly flat pitch. That is exactly what you get with this Atomic Pro table. It has an amazing exterior design. And the secret of this elegant outlook is the rich, stylish Bamboo laminate feature.

The Atomic Pro force has chrome-plated hollow stainless-steel rods. The rods don’t include any spin bearings, and their lightness and accuracy mean you play the game at a fairly good tempo. Steel rods have got the octagonal rubber handles. That’s a big plus point. They are softer.

Nevertheless, they hardly make any compromises with the control and grip. They assure a firm grip on the handle. Therefore, a nice, steady, comfortable gameplay is inevitable.

Know About Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table

Guess what we are yet to tell you about the best feature of the Atomic Pro force foosball table. There are angled buffers on the sides of the playing field. So, the ball doesn’t get stuck to the sides. That ultimately keeps the flow of the game nice and smooth.

The playing surface is totally leveled. There are no uneven or dead spots to affect the gameplay. Thus, great quality of play is maintained. Both the legs have a 3.5” adjustable leg leveler.

The overall dimension of the Pro Force measures 56”L X 29.5”W X 34.5”H and it comes with a set of four balls.

The players have a Robo-style look. However, they’re not counterbalanced or don’t have a grooved feet design either. Nevertheless, their longevity is reassured given the fact that they are made from sturdy plastic materials.

The weight gives a hint that you can’t play regular aggressive gaming. But it’s a decent enough foosball table for regular use from both teens and adults.

The installation of Pro Force is rather simple and doesn’t require worrying too much. Besides, foosball men come pre-installed on the playing rods.

There is also a manual slide scoring system attached to help you in keeping an eye on the game situation.

What Makes it Special?

  • Chrome plated hollow rods are durable and strong.
  • Faster rod spins
  • Heavy duty steel legs provide immense support and stability.
  • Center ball return points will ensure minimal time wastage during play. Whereas the ball entry points provide easy access to the ball.
  • Leveled playfield enables smooth gameplay.
  • Manual scoring system keeps you well aware of the match situation

What could be Better?

  • Foosball men not counterbalanced
  • Some bolts may spoil after using several months

Who should You buy Atomic Pro Force Table?

This Atomic Pro Force table is suitable for regular casual play. Therefore, it’s an ideal choice for any beginner, children and family entertainment.

Final Verdict

We are finishing this Atomic foosball table review with a short brief. With Atomic Pro Force, you’ll have a traditional look in its golden oak wood finish. On the other hand, sleek black legs shall offer a modern outlook. Overall, I’ll say that’s a pretty good fit for any starter, young & adults, to have hours of fun.

If anybody with a small budget in hands is looking for a nice steady table for family foosball should pick up this foosball table as an automatic choice.

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