Kick Triumph Foosball Table Review in 2022

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Who doesn’t want to have a foosball table that has a combination of both quality and strength? Suppose you’re looking to grab a premium grade foosball table designed for family & friends entertainment with the highest quality materials within the $400-$600 price range. In that case, our number one pick will be the Kick Triumph foosball table. This Kick foosball table is incomparable.

What’s more interesting is that, Kick Triumph looks like a more expensive high-end table yet very much affordable. The sleek black cabinet with chrome molding accents make a striking contrast. This is what made me a fan of this beautiful looking table.

Besides, customers have praised the solid foundation of Kick Triumph, saying that the rods and bearings along with the major parts are sturdy and definitely built to last for a long long time. Nonetheless, if you want then you can look them into the customer review section.

With ball dispenser hole, round leg caster, support beams on both sides, and wooden handle for better game control and grip- this luxurious looking foosball table has got every base covered.

Overall, with a solid foosball table and excellent customer service from the Manufacturer Kick, it is worth spending your money on.

KICK Triumph 55 Inch Foosball Table

Specifications of Kick Foosball Table

Size dimensions

55" L X 30" W X 36" H


141 pounds

Construction materials

1/2 inch laminate playfield, particle board cabinet

Rods and handles

8 durable 5/8" semisolid stainless steel chrome plated rods with wooden handles

3 man or 1 man goalie

1-goalie or 3-goalie design

Counter balanced men


Adjustable legs


Ball return



2 cup holder, premium bearings, slide scoring on each end


Lifetime warranty on all parts

In Depth Review of Kick Triumph Foosball Table

Kick Triumph foosball table is a great pick that fits in quite well in your office break room or home game room. It has a modern, sleek design and classy look means it looks great, easy on the eye, and a premium level experience at a mid-range price is waiting for you. And the name of the manufacturer is Kick, who else?

Their founder, a 25 year veteran and a recognized Foosball enthusiast dreamed of high quality foosball table that other foosball lovers could enjoy at a reasonable price. The main theme of Kick foosball table is they’re not selling you a foosball table. Rather, they are just presenting before you a way to spend quality time with your family and friends.

For simple access to balls there are ball dispenser holes. Besides, this foosball table features a trim for front ball return. Those eight nonslip chrome plated steel rods with a wooden handle shall provide you tremendous grip and control.

The rods are made of stainless steel, thus speaks for its strength and durability. Besides, a professional level playing experience both in counterweighted foosball men and leg levelers are on display. Sturdy 5” leg levelers come with a rubber bottom. You will be getting 13 red and 13 blue counterweighted foosball men and a set of total 26 uniformed men.

According to your preference, you can play in a 1 or 3 goalie formation. That’s a big plus point to have, I guess.

There is a pair of chrome cup holders. And of course, these are optional installations meaning you don’t really need to attach those to the table if you don’t like to do so. Moreover, it has got a pair of slide scorers mounted on both ends of the table.

Kick foosball Triumph is certainly one of their high-end tables. We have mentioned it earlier; they aim to provide quality game time. Nothing else. And they are just backing up their words by giving a lifetime warranty, aren’t they?

Unfortunately, there have been a few issues in some player’s game tables. But if it happens, you won’t have to spend your bucks to get something fixed then. And that’s a great positive. This is where the warranty comes really handy.


  • You’re getting a pair of front ball returns on each side of the foosball table
  • 4 pairs of semi-solid stainless steel rods
  • For simple tracking of the progress of the game, there are two electronic scorers.
  • 2 Kick premier and 2 soccer balls
  • Incase of any malfunctions, they will fix it for free anytime, anyday.


  • Some tables are found to have manufacturing defects. But these are very few and far between

Who should buy

This Kick table is tailor-made for beginners and intermediate players who are trying to spend some quality time with their family and friends. Anyone wanting to have a premium level experience at such a mid-ranged price should purchase this quite gleefully.


Kick Triumph table is built tough and sturdy. This one provides both stability and optimum performance. The black color definitely contrasts with the sophisticated chrome detailing of the rods. One can hardly resist this type of temptation. Quality, longevity, and sensational outlook, all in one.

Overall, this Kick foosball table is a decent mid-level table, and most importantly, the kind of peace of mind you’re gonna get with Kick’s lifetime warranty coverage should be enough to have a shy at this one.

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