Best Choice Products 48″ Competition Sized Wooden Foosball Table Reviews

if you don’t want to spend more than 100 bucks but still want to own a competition-sized foosball table that brings fun, this Best Choice Product 48” foosball table is an ideal choice. It is compact in design. The table is crafted with sturdy composite wood and chrome plated steel rods. It shall keep the table functioning for several years.

All in all, a perfect centerpiece to any game room, arcade or mancave. Time to add a game room classic and enjoy some friendly competition!

Best Choice Product 48” Foosball Table

Table Specification

Size dimensions

48" L X 24" W X 33" H


42 pounds

Construction materials

MDF Steel

Rods and handles

Hollow chrome plated steel rods with rubber handles

3 man or 1 man goalie

1 man


manual scorer system, built in cup holders, complete foosball set with 2 balls

The table is made of MDF materials in most of it’s parts. Besides, the woody design simply gives it a splendid, glossy appearance that it should catch everyone’s attention.

There are chrome plated stainless steel rods for increased control. Steel rods have got rubber handles for easy access. These comfortable grips allow the ball to glide on this smooth, frictionless MDF surface

Overall, the ergonomic handles and medium density fiberboard make this such a tantalizing choice that anyone can hardly ignore

The dimension of the table measures 48”L X 24” W X 33”H. 

The table has got some terrific additional features as well. There will be cup holders at each end of the table. Infact, that is my favorite one. Don’t know about you guys, but I personally have dehydration problem. So, when the game gets a bit intense then there is a possibility that players like me might be sweating all over their body. With these built in cup-holders, they can drink a beverage whenever they want. Now everyone can stay hydrated when competition heats up.

Problem SOLVED!

This wooden foosball table comes with two balls and a manual scorer system is available to keep easy tracking of the game. By the by, this is a one man goalie foosball table

The table design features 8 rows to allow 4 rows per team. There will be 11 red players along with the equal number of white players

On the other side, you might argue with the fact that MDF isn’t that of a top quality material. Having said that, you can’t compare it with the higher end tables. Just consider the amount what you’re paying. At such a cheap price, you’re still getting a decent material.

And in the customer review section, buyers shall give you the proof of what I am saying. That’s why you can see there are so many positive reviews about this product and guys love it for sure

This 48 inch foosball table is fairly easy to put together as well. The instructions are pretty much clear and you won’t have to face too much trouble


  • Smooth, frictionless MDF playing surface for an enjoyable and competitive game
  • Cup holders
  • Stainless steel rods with rubber handles for superb control
  • Sturdy, durable and compact design
  • Optimum performance


  • Lack leg levelers

Who should buy:

The 48” foosball table is absolutely perfect for both kids and adults. They will have plenty of hours of fun in pursuit of the tittle of table soccer champ!


The final say will be, the table is a pretty much good choice giving the fact that it’s cheaply priced. It is made of fiberboard with fascinating wood veneer. This is very much sturdy and stable once assembled. It will look good in any room you want to put it in. players can stand upright properly, rods rotate smoothly allowing for nice playing action, ball catcher and slide scorer all function quite well. All in all, this Best choice product 48” foosball table is a great example of quality foosball table at such a low price

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