Is Spinning Allowed In Foosball?

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Are you an avid football fan? If so, then, you must love the indoor version of this game commonly known as foosball.

However, amateur players often tend to lack knowledge regarding the rules of this game. For example, is spinning allowed in foosball?

Simply put, spinning in a foosball table game is not allowed at all. If you are in a competitive match, you might get penalized for practicing this trick. However, in a friendly game house, the rules might allow you to do so.

Let's get to know more about it!

Amateur players get super confused regarding what spinning means. And we understand why. You see, there is a strategy called "snake" within the foosball table rules. But it looks similar to spinning. No doubt, newbies can get a hard time identifying all the rules of foosball.

Spinning indicates that we are rotating the foosball rods to 360 degrees or more. And, the rotation must happen before or after we strike a score with the ball.

Likewise, when you practice the "snake" trick, the rods need to be rotated close to 360 degrees. But, here's the catch. The "soccer-man" figure doesn't touch the ball during the rotation. You are just simply positioning it to get a perfect shot.

So, you can say, there is a thin line between the "spin" and the "snake."

Are You Allowed To Spin In Foosball? (Explained)

Are You Allowed To Spin In Foosball

Now that you have a proper vision of what spinning looks like, let's get back to the rule book. As we’ve mentioned earlier, the answer is a big NO. You can't spin the "man" figure in the game of foosball.

If that's a regular trick in your practice, then it might be disheartening for you. But, not to worry! That’s exactly why I’m right here to educate you.

According to USTSA, the practice of spinning the rods by 360 degrees or more is illegal, just like jarring. If you don't know already, jarring occurs when you tap the rod against the table continuously to manipulate the ball's position.

Now, there is no specific clarification on why the board decided to ban it. Just know that you will be highly penalized if you practice it in a professional and competitive tournament.

Moreover, the goals you score through this strategy will be considered foul. If you don't take the warnings into account, you can even get disqualified for this.

So, that's a very serious rule we are talking about.

Does it mean you can never try spinning? Well, if you are in a friendly game, you can get away with it for sure. Just make sure all your friends have agreed to this "new" game strategy.

Also, if it's a children's game night, they might spin the rod frequently to increase their scores. And that's totally fine.

Why Is Spinning Not Acceptable?

As we mentioned earlier, there is no official explanation for this specific foosball rule spinning. It can be to make the game more competitive. You see, the game might finish within 5 minutes through rigorous spinning.

If you just keep moving the rods without considering any strategies, then you will easily score one or two goals. However, that's nothing except 100% luck.

But a competitive match should empower the players to make decisions that affect the scores of the game. How they position their players should help them gain an advantage, right?

Is Spinning Worth It Or Not?

Is Spinning Worth It Or Not?

Well, can you spin in foosball? You already know the answer. But should you spin or not? That's the question we will target in this segment. Suppose the gaming house allows you to spin the foosball rods. Should you give it a try? Most players don't realize this. 

Remember that the practice of spinning prevents you from being a skilled player. You might win a few points by spinning. But it will give your opponent some power because you have ruined the "defense" position already.

If the opponent is a pro, it won't take him long to use this weapon against you. You need to place the figures in an organized way to block any attack from the other team.
But guess what? You moved that figure through spinning. And now the opponent has enough space to strike a goal.

Plus, it looks very childish. If you want to be good at it, the first step is to establish sportsmanship. Respect the law and learn to use the rods efficiently.

Moreover, if one party keeps winning through illegal practices, it might hurt the other team's sentiments. And they might not want to give their best. As a result, it affects the overall purpose of playing the game.

Mind you; the game should infuse fun and positive energy between the two parties and not the other way around.

Final Words:

Well, there you’ve it, people. Now that you’ve got a clear understanding of this question is spinning allowed in foosball?

To sum it all up, foosball can seem pretty easy if you don't know the rules. Just spinning the rods will get you some scores. But, don't be so happy.

Once you learn the rules and regulations of this table game, it will take more time and effort to score. But that's what makes it more interesting.

Amateurs and young players are always tempted to spin the rods on a foosball table. But just like you can't take the ball in your hand in a physical football game, you can't go for the spinning here. Rules are rules, and you must learn to respect them, right? Thank you so much for dropping in today; you guys are the bee’s knees!!!

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