Garlando Open Air Weatherproof Foosball Table Reviews

For families who have limited indoor space and capacity to tolerate noise, the Open Air Garlando outdoor foosball table will be best suited. Garlando’s high quality, weatherproof materials enable this table to last long in both outdoor and indoor conditions

The biggest asset of this Open Air though are folding legs. They take less storage space and allow for an easy transportation

The eye catching shape comes with best professional features for excellent playability. And Garlando always delivers highest quality foosball products at a reasonable price. Now, it’s time to take your game room to the next level with Garlando Foosball

Garlando outdoor foosball table

Garlando Outdoor Foosball Table

Table Specification

Size dimensions

56" L X 43" W X 35" H


180 pounds

Rods and handles

Telescopic steel rods with plastic handles

3 man or 1 man goalie

1 man

Counter balanced men


Foosball Men

Unbreakable moplen players

Ball return

End ball return

Leg levelers



10 standard white balls, all weather resistant materials, abacus scoring, steel roller bearings, folding legs

Garlando foosball manufacturers exploit the latest Garlando technology. It has been manufactured using an innovative hi-tech compound reinforced with fiberglass. And you can see the result, the table comes with an outstanding sturdiness. Also, the weatherproof Open Air table is built to endure outdoor conditions

The plastic laminate playing field allows for nice and smooth play action. Now, the balls can continuously roll on the flat playing surface. The table uses a special ink to mark the field so the markings on the field won’t fade or get scathed easily. And we haven’t noticed any dead zones yet

As said before, the table is made of a durable plastic material and molded to rods. Hi-stress resistance telescoping bars are coated with 3 layer anti-rust chromium plating. They won’t break anytime soon for sure. As the rods are telescoping that’s why any question of safety playing on this particular table never arises. Therefore not only adults but also children can have lots of fun here

A great addition to this decent table is steel roller bearings that greatly improve the game speed. In the meantime, it also helps to reduce stress for player’s wrists. Besides, ball control is generally good.

Finally, we come to the folding leg design, an unusual feature on foosball tables. These folding legs make the table very much portable. So now, you will be able to carry the foosball game with yourself almost anywhere

Using two handles you can easily fold the legs. Leg panels fretwork reduce the weight of the table and make it absolutely lightweight. At the same time, there is no compromise with the stability at all. Don’t worry

You will have quick and simple ball retrieval through exit behind goal. The product also includes 10 standard white, plastic balls

If you want to know about the negative side of this Garlando foosball table then two things come up on my mind. There will be no leg levelers and foosball men are not counterbalanced. A bit disappointing for a top quality, professional level table like this one

However in my opinion, the weather resistant materials make this table absolutely best for outdoor use all year round. Deep inside yourself, you know it well too

When it comes to assembly, this is very much easy and comes in a nicely protected box. You just need to secure the playing rods. The rests come almost pre-assembled

The dimensions of the table are 56” X 43” X 35”. The table weighs 180 pounds which is pretty much sufficient to keep it stable when the game gets intense. And getting a 3 year warranty is awesome as well

All in all you look at this table, see the quality of materials which are used, all it’s features and for it’s price value if not the best then this is simply one of the best all weather tables in the world right now.


  • Simple transportation
  • Fast game play
  • All weather resistant
  • Easy assembly
  • Quality build and looks elegant


  • Foosball men are not counterbalanced
  • No leg levelers

Who should buy:

The Garlando Open Air foosball table will be a good choice for any foosball players. Nevertheless, it is slightly lightweight and therefore our suggestion will be not to play regular rough games on it

Garlando Open Air


Bottom line is that if you want to purchase a highest quality folding table, then Garlando outdoor foosball table is the best option available in the market. Furthermore, Garlando is right up there amongst the top foosball table brands. This literally means you are going to get a high quality table for your backs

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