Tornado Elite Foosball Table Reviews

Tornado. If you have spent quite a bit of time in foosball, you should have heard the name by now. Yes, Tornado is a back and this time it has come up with Tornado elite foosball table, a very high quality, professional grade table that is ideal for serious foosball players.

Infact, Tornado Elite is one of the best professional level tables going around in the market right now. This one lets professional players to showcase their skills. This valley-dynamo table looks fantastic and is definitely built to last long

Overall, there will be a classic fast play style action and amazing quality. Both these factors shall make you feel like playing on a commercial grade table right in the comfort of your own home

The specs and quality build up fulfill all the tournament level requirements. Why not look at the specification table given below and let me know if I am saying anything wrong by making a comment

Tornado Elite Foosball Table

Table Specification

Size dimensions

56" L X 30" W X 36" H


225 pounds

Construction materials

Victorian cherry laminate finish on a 1 ½” thick cabinet

Rods and handles

Solid chrome plated steel rods with natural solid wood handles

3 man or 1 man goalie

3 man

Counter balanced men


Foosball Men

Plastic, Tornado style players

Ball return

Dual ball return


Tornado's patented split bearing, abacus scoring

Made in


The table provides greater stability. This will hardly be a matter of concern even if it becomes roughest of all games. The hardcore players would love to play the game here.

The valley foosball table weighs an impressive 225 pounds. The thick MDF cabinet comes with Victorian Cherry laminate finish. Serious competitive players enjoy such great combination of weight and thickness. Due to this, a solid foundation has been laid and players will have the luxury to play their natural game without thinking too much about stability.

Like most other high-end tables, the valley dynamo foosball table has a smooth and leveled laminate playing surface along with strong steel hollow rods. Speaking of rods, they are telescoping and so playing the game on this table is about more fun. This is also a safer option for anyone as well.

Besides, the natural solid wood handles allow a strong grip and superb control over rod movements

Tornado’s patented split bearings grant incredibly faster rod spinning. All these specs contribute to the fact that a highly competitive action packed game should be on display. This very much increases the pace of the game as well

The beautiful table features dual ball returns so the momentum of the game never gets halted due to unwanted interruption. There are adjustable commercial grade leg levelers too. These ensures a fair play and will make the surface even incase you don’t have access to any well leveled ground

Number of dead spots we have noticed on this table is ZERO. The credit should be given to the thinner, inner bearing design. Because it restrains the ball from going between the men and wall

This is very much an enjoyable tournament level table and worth looking into. Buyers have also praised about this table saying it has been such a pleasure to play on.

So far there is not any serious problem detected here on this table. One thing might just bother you a bit, is the assembly. Especially when it comes to securing the men on the rods, it is slightly difficult. But if you’re handy enough with the tools, you can do it alone quite easily. Otherwise ask for someone’s help. Read the instructions properly, have patience and we don’t see any reason why you won’t be succeeded

All in all, Tornado Elite shall offer the best quality and value for money due to it’s incomparable class.


  • Stable, safe and faster gameplay
  • Commercial grade quality with heavy duty construction
  • Adjustable leg leveler
  • Simple ball retrieval
  • No dead spots


  • Assembly a bit difficult. We suggest you to ask for help from someone professional if you don’t want to mess around

Who should buy:

If you love foosball and have the will to spend a lot of money on a great product, then I recommend you this foosball table. This is also made in America and great quality compared to many high-end tables. Overall, Tornado Elie foosball table is a perfect option for advanced, intermediate players and will fit in quite nicely with home or office room decor.


From these nice feeling wooden handles to super sturdy rod bars, foosball men and the great gliding action- this is a top notch table. This is the best foosball table by a long distance. Quality is very much evident in every aspect. Mind you if you’re ever going to buy a quality foosball table then this Tornado elite foosball table is the one

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