EastPoint Newcastle Foosball Table Review In 2022

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If someone is looking for an entry-level foosball table with some excellent features and solid construction, then this EastPoint Sports 54-inch Newcastle foosball game table offers excellent value for the price. It certainly can stand firm against intense play from kids and young adults.

Yes, We know Hathaway is everyone’s favorite choice. But this Newcastle model provides another great option for you. Especially given the fact that at this price range, this is a table crafted with splendid quality. This is a tournament-sized table.

Buyers are satisfied with it, and that’s why you will see many positive reviews about this product of EastPoint Sports. This entry-level table is full of elegance and sturdiness. Let's take a deep dive into it.

EastPoint Sports Competition Size Foosball Table
Table Specifications:
  • Size dimensions: 54" L X 34.5" W X 29.5" H
  • Weight: 76 pounds
  • Leg levelers: Yes
  • Rods and handles: Steel rods with plastic handles
  • 3 man or 1 man goalie: 3 man
  • Counter balanced men: No
  • Foosball Men: Robo style players
  • Ball return: End ball return
  • Features: Bead style scoring, 2 foosballs, luster long finish, high performance rod bushings

EastPoint Newcastle Foosball Table - Extensive Review

Newcastle foosball table is an Official Tournament sized table and perfect for healthy competitions. The table measures 54”L X 34.5” H X 29.5”W, equal to the standard size tables.

So, Newcastle is pretty big indeed. If you’ve a large playing field, this ultimately gives you some added advantage. It makes the game more realistic and highly enjoyable. You shall feel like you’re on the pitch!

The manufacturer, EastPoint Sports, always designs and delivers some of the best recreational products. You won’t find anyone offering the best price-value relationship in the industry than EastPoint Sports. Their brand represents innovation, quality, value and fun.

When it comes to stability, the Eastpoint Sports Newcastle foosball table is one of the most decadent tables in this price range. In most parts, MDF materials are used here. This is hefty and can handle most beginners and young aggressive players thanks to the sturdy cabinet. For adults, though, it will survive as long as the competition doesn’t get too extreme. Or else, it may vibrate during play.

The Robo style players have a grip on their legs. That’s a big advantage given that these greatly enhance the players' ability to control the game.

The table does have steel hollow rods. They’re considered to be the best due to their lightness. Players are made of steel as well.

A fast pace game is guaranteed by the Newcastle model. This is largely due to an interesting and unusual feature in this table. The table comes with high performance player rod bushings. They help those steel rods to spin and slide quite consistently with ease.

They provide superior control and give your shots more power. Hence, the game never gets bogged down with Eastpoint sports 54” Newcastle foosball table.

To perform at your full potential, you must ensure you have the service of an even playing surface. You might not expect this kind of feature at such a price range, but EastPoint Sports always try to serve their customers with the best product.

And by following this tradition, they’ve come up with built-in leg levelers. Compared to other tables, these levelers are oversized. Here you shall be benefitted in two ways: an even playing field and your table shall get more stability.

There is a bead style scoring system by which you can easily track the progress of the game. You just focus on the game because the rest you can leave to the Eastpoint Newcastle table.

On the negative side, the rods are not quite as solid as they’re looking. You can’t play too many rough games in a regular fashion.

And the assembly is not as difficult as you’re thinking. The instructions are there. It just requires a bit of patience, nothing more. Get someone handy at tools, follow the instructions and get it done.

Overall, the 54 inch EastPoint Sports Newcastle is a must have for any game room. The table will surely keep your friends entertained for plenty of hours. This is a decent enough construction that comes with some really good features.

What We Liked

  • Ideal for kids and home fun
  • Durable & quality build
  • Smooth and faster rod spins with robo style players
  • Superb control and bead style scoring
  • Oversized leg levelers
  • Complete accessories: 2 foosballs with a table

What We Didn't Like

  • Foosball men are not counterbalanced
  • Slightly difficult to assemble

Who Should Buy Eastpoint Sports Foosball Table?

We must recommend this Eastpoint foosball table to someone looking for a little bit of competitiveness in this price range. It is incredibly a good option for people with a super tight budget. Great for your gaming room, and kids in the family will have plenty of fun. The other family members can also take their part. No worries.

Final Verdict

In the end, we can say that the EastPoint Sports 54-inch Newcastle foosball game table is suitable for both adults and children. Before you were hesitant at first, after assembling, they realized that it was much bigger than they had expected.

Excellent quality, awesome foosball table, and most importantly, easy installation as long as you read and follow all the instructions.

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