Atomic Gladiator 56″ Foosball Table Reviews

If you’re an aggressive player by nature, you should look for kinda foosball table which will be good enough to hold up the play even under the most intense matches. Right now, Atomic Gladiator foosball table is the best bet available for you the market. Infact, you will hardly find a foosball table as strong and stable as Atomic Gladiator. Even if you find it, they are mostly in the higher price ranges. But this Gladiator is within your budget.

This Atomic foosball table is one of the best foosball table with a solid construction and it has the capability to sustain long, hard hitting games. A great design too as it has one of the coolest soccer playing pitch that you’ll ever witness. It comes with a great set of features that enhance it’s functionality and performance. This is quite popular as well

Atomic Gladiator Foosball Table

Table Specification

Size dimensions

56" L X 31.25" W X 34.75" H


226 pounds

Construction materials

1/2" MDF playing field with 15" X 2" MDF aprons

Rods and handles

Solid chrome 5/8" steel rods with solid wood handles

3 man or 1 man goalie

3 man

Counter balanced men


Adjustable levelers


Ball return

Internal and ball entry


Integrated cup holders, 4 foosballs and abacus scoring

Want to purchase a table that looks fine, plays well and can take the abrasive play? Then this is your pick and you don’t need to open another tab in search of a better option. Make no mistake, this is perhaps the thickest table on the show.

Want to beat the crap out of your table? Then this is it. When it comes to durability, the table is made of using thick MDF wood and this one is quite heavy. If you want to body slam, thick playing surface and formidable thick walls shall let you to do so. Besides, you won’t be facing any movements with the table incase the game goes into extreme level of play. Definitely, this is going to last longer

Playfield and teams have got uniquely designed graphics that will make you feel like you’re in the middle of an actual soccer field to lick the football

Atomic table comes with a even playing field and nobody hates it. Because, ultimately everyone wants to get the best out of their foosball table. The well leveled playing field shall provide a smooth surface for both stability and fair play. In terms of gameplay, it doesn’t lag far behind of Hathaway Primo

Like most other mid level tables, this one comes with solid steel rods. They are fast enough for quality gameplay and certainly give a great feel and spin. Hollow rods are probably much faster than them. But there is nylon bushing to keep the game flow at a great pace. It helps them to move smoothly.

For better control, wooden handless are known to be the best in the foosballing. You should witness plenty of fantastic playing moments and for a long time indeed. After all, this Atomic Gladiator table comes with the best value

Ball retrieval is incredibly quick and easy thanks to the internal ball return and entry system. You are also getting three and half inch leg levelers. These features shall get you and your opponent back in the action ASAP.

Wanna slam your opponent hard in a crunch situation of the match? Personally, I don’t mind a few drinks during a match especially when the game grows too intense. Well, Atomic Gladiator has built in cup holders to provide you the much needed energy then.

The table doesn’t include counterweighted men. This is where Hathaway Primo wins the battle to reach into the quality of a tournament level foosball table. But Primo doesn’t have the same eye-catching design and look as the Gladiator. The shiny look with realistic faces and breathtaking uniforms just add an extra spice to the game

The overall dimension of the table measures 56”L X 31.25”W X 34.75”H and it includes four balls. With the solid wood abacus scoring system, you can easily keep track of the match progress

When it comes to assembly, there is a simple, clear cut assembly instruction which should not give you too much stress. If you’re intending to do it all by yourself, it may tale approximately 2.30 hours. However, with some assistance you can finish it in less than 2 hours

The warranty is approximately 90 days. Yeah, we know it would have been much better, if they could extend the warranty. But that is actually enough to get a dive in and explore decent features of this foosball table. There is ample time really to break the table in


  • Sturdy and quality build
  • Very much comfortable ball retrieval
  • Superb playing field and player design
  • Great for hardcore players
  • Fun set of extra features


  • It’s not an official tournament grade table
  • Limited warranty

Who should buy:

The Gladiator is a great option for beginners to intermediate players, young to adults or anyone who is in pursuit of endless hours of proper gaming. And all these are coming at a really affordable price indeed


All in all, this Gladiator is a sturdily built quality game table which is expected to hold up to literally any abuse. This means it will be great for college students or dorms to even a family with kids. Someone looking for loads for fun without breaking his bank, this Atomic Gladiator foosball table will be a decent enough pick

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