Playcraft Sport Foosball Table Reviews

Quality tables under $200? When you hear it first, it might seem insane. Well, then I am glad to tell you this is not the case anymore. The Playcraft Sport foosball table is a true demonstration to the fact that, there are quality tables you can find in this price range

This is durable, sturdily built and with lots of features included. Plenty of fun for a low price indeed. I am sure you will have a great foosball gaming experience

Playcraft Sport Foosball Table

Table Specification

Size dimensions

48" L X 24" W X 31" H


65 pounds

Rods and handles

Chrome plated steel rods with rutted plastic handles

3 man or 1 man goalie

1 man

Counter balanced men


Foosball Men

Plastic players

Ball return

End ball return


Unified leg panel, smooth slide bearings, ball serve cup, manual slide scoring and 2 foosball balls

If you ask me about the biggest strength of this table, then one exclusive feature that comes to my mind is the unified leg panel design with leg spanners on each side. It provides remarkable stability to the table. This ultimately gives you the freedom to play an action-packed game. The soccer field is spacious and exciting crowd graphics shall make the players feel more realistic

Playcraft Sport is leaving no stone unturned to enhance your gaming experience. For example strong chromium plated rods come with side bearings. These steel rods might be lightweight but there is good enough robustness. Besides, slide bearings enable the rods to rotate fast and smoothly

You can comfortably grip rubber handles and control the players with very much ease. The table measures 48” X 24” X 31”. It is neither a full size nor a medium-size table. Infact, there is a great combination of the two that shall keep both children and young adults interested

Another great aspect of this 48 inch foosball table that made me standing up from my seat and took notice is those leg levelers. Yes, I know you didn’t probably expect these kind of features at this price. This guarantees you fair play, even if you don’t have any well leveled floor.

This literally means each and everyone whether short or tall can get to enjoy foosball. You can easily adjust the height of the table to make room for them. When your kids are playing, make it lower. When adults are playing, you can adjust it then as well.

For your convenience, there will be ball serving cups on each side. Besides, plastic manual slide scorers at each goal shall make you easily understand in which way the game is heading on

A major drawback is that the instructions are mostly in hieroglyphics and if you’re installing a foosball table for the first time in your life then it may annoy you a bit to put everything together.

My suggestion will be do not fully tighten the support pieces until everything is in place and once you’ve got your legs and support pieces attached only then you need to go back and tighten everything. Have some patience and trust me you can get it done under 3 hours. When assembled correctly, it is a very very solid table. It won’t wobble, teeter, tip or bend

Apart from this issue, this playcraft sport 48” foosball table is a well-built constructed table that has the capability to withstand intense gameplay by your kids. That also includes a 90-day warranty

Overall, the quality of the table is quite superb. This one looks unique and has some exciting features and all the necessary accessories that you would look into before buying a foosball table


  • Sturdy and quality build
  • Good for kids
  • Smooth and faster rod spin
  • Simple leveling
  • Complete accessories: include 2 foosballs


  • Foosball men are not counterbalanced
  • Instructions may take some time to understand

Who should buy:

If you’re looking for a table in less than $200 for your kids or want to have some family fun, this Playcraft Sport is an ideal choice. Both kids and young adults are expected to enjoy some handy foosballing on this one


The buyers shall receive a tremendous deal on this table without any doubt. This is sturdy, players are durable and gives excellent value for your money. Kids and adults shall get to play a lot on this one. Yes, it’s not a professional table by any means but great for the price. Their customer service is great as well. And if you’re a foosball fan looking for hours of enjoyment, I would highly recommend this Playcraft Sport foosball table

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