ESPN Foosball Table (Arcade) Review In 2022

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No doubt it is fun to veg out and watch a movie or television once in a while. But if you want something a bit more active for your family to do together, then the ESPN foosball table is a great source of family entertainment.

When you consider the quality and unique design that comes with it, this 56 inch ESPN Arcade foosball table will be an ideal pick. It is extremely affordable, has an attractive design, and fairly sturdy. You should enjoy a good game of foosball. I highly recommend this table. Enjoy!

ESPN Arcade Engineered Wood Foosball Table
Highlighted Features:
  • Size dimensions: 56" L X 28.75" W X 34.5" H
  • Weight: 92 lbs.
  • Construction materials: MDF construction with PVC laminate finish
  • Rods and handles: 5/8" chrome plated metal rods
  • Ball return: Yes
  • Other Features: Hand painted players, traditional bead scoring system

Excellent quality features and near-perfect design make it an awesome product you’re looking for to enjoy some foosballing. Let’s get a closer look at this!

At first, the materials are one of the crucial factors to find out the table's quality. The table has got MDF construction with a PVC laminate finish. This delivers long-lasting durability to handle thousands of matches. A great prospect for the future indeed.

ESPN 56 inch foosball table comes with chrome-plated metal rods for increased durability. The table creates an authentic game room experience with hand-painted players in both teams. Undoubtedly, it’s a classic one and timeless design shall surpass any home interior decoration trends. Overall, it makes the table a sturdy game piece enough to enjoy foosball for the years to come.

Want to make sure that the table stays stable even during intense battles? This foosball table has got oversized leg levelers with extra full panel leg support. This ensures that the table holds its ground quite well even when there is some serious competition going on. Leg construction design of the table receives a great boost from the additional apron and panel support.

So, now you don’t have to worry too much about the durability of the table. Concentrate on your match!

After full assembling of the ESPN foosball table, the dimensions are as follows: 56” X 28.75” X 34.5”. As long as you have a space not less than 8ft X 6ft, this one shall fit quite nicely into any game room size. Right now, anyone can have their foosball table at home or in the office thanks to the product’s ideal dimension.

Besides, these ESPN soccer tables come with 92 lbs weight. Overall, the size and dimensions shall nicely fit into your most purposes.

ESPN Arcade football table has a traditional bead scorer feature to make it easier for players to keep track of the action. Now, everyone can get to know who is winning the battle. Another big plus of this table is the internal ball return system. You get side ball returns at each side of the table. It lessens the hassle of ball retrieving.

What We Liked?

  • Sturdy and long-lasting ability
  • Well constructed table with quality materials
  • Chrome-plated rods with hand-painted design in players
  • Traditional bead scoring system

What We Didn't Like?

  • Construction can take a solid couple of hours but instructions are obvious.

Who Should Buy The ESPN Arcade Soccer Table?

The 56 inch ESPN Arcade football is ideal for beginners and experienced players. This is a great way for your family and friends to keep in together, which is the best part of it. And you will have the opportunity to spend some quality time with your dearest persons in life.

Our Verdict

The table provides hours of entertainment right in the comfort of your own home. The table is heavy, robust, and well built. It may take some time to assemble, but to be honest, the clear-cut instructions just require some patience from your side. Good for kids but also great for adults.

The quality, color, and performance shall exceed anyone’s expectations. Infine, this ESPN foosball table is a very decent enough design to ignore for family play. And a good quality for the price. The foosball party is on!

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