Spalding 68562 NBA 60 inch Portable Basketball Hoop Review

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While watching an NBA match in front of the TV set or live in the stadium, have you ever imagined yourself as an NBA star? Do you talk with your dad about one such basketball player whom you admire most? Or are you just looking for a medium to have some recreational physical activities in your daily routine? Either way, Spalding 68562 hoop system shall be your first choice.

When it comes to the best selling basketball hoop brands, Spalding is one such brand that has provided quality playing hoops equivalent to NBA hoops. Moreover, when you play basketball with such a professional looking hoop, this will make you feel like a star. As a result, your confidence level will be up and you’ll be urged to do something big, really big in the future.

Spalding 68562 NBA 60 Inch Portable Basketball Hoop

Key Specifications:

  • 60 inch acrylic backboard
  • Heavy duty steel frame with aluminum trim
  • Arena slam breakaway rim
  • 3-piece 3.5 inch round steel pole
  • 40-gallon base
  • 7.5 to10 feet height adjustment

Let’s dive into the detailed review of this Spalding 60 inch acrylic portable basketball hoop system without further delay.

60 Inch Acrylic Backboard

We all know that a regulation NBA backboard measures 72 inch. In the meantime, the average size for a portable basketball backboard is 45-54 inch. And the largest size backboard that you can find is 60 inch. And this Spalding 60 inch portable basketball system shall provide you just that.

The clear padded backboard with acrylic material allows perfect bounce of your shots. Acrylic backboard provides a positive response to your bank shots. These bank shots shall make you feel like playing in an in ground hoop. This will give you more satisfaction while practicing and playing with this hoop.

Furthermore, the width of the backboard offers more chance on bank shots. And a clearer image of backboard gives it a professional look. Although what attracts the buyers most around the world is an NBA mark printed on the backboard. Don’t worry, UV protected inks are used here so very little chance of fading in the near future.

There is a protective film on the backboard. So, when you remove the film, it may leave some gouges & marks on it. But not as much to make you depressed.

Nice Simple Height Adjustment

You might be a bit short for your liking to play basketball. Do you always compare your height with an average height of NBA players to not play? Well, then Spalding 60 acrylic portable basketball hoop shall put an end to your nightmare forever.

It doesn’t matter whether you don’t have the height or even if your kids haven’t grown up yet. The Spalding 68562 portable basketball system has got a screw jack lift method to make room for everyone.

This super cool adjustment feature shall let you adjust the hoop from 7.5 feet to 10 feet in 6-inch increments and make everyone feel comfortable out there. Now you can adjust the height rather easily according to your needs.

Besides, you might be worried about your neighbor lowering/abusing the hoop. Therefore, if you want, you can disconnect the handle, which is a pretty useful feature.

Sturdy Base

When it comes to the stability of the hoop, the base is a critical part. If your hoop wobbles or shakes while playing, will you be able to enjoy the game? What about the peace of your mind?

Not only that but also your backboard can be displaced, and as a result, the ball won’t bounce back properly.

There comes the NBA Spalding portable basketball system with a 40-gallon base to vanish all your worries. Whereas most portable basketball hoops use 27 or 35 gallons, you get the maximum stability here with this one. You can fill with either sand or water. Then the overall weight of the hoop will be somewhat like 300 pounds.

For simple transportation, two wheels are set on the base. You will be able to shift from one place to another easily.


Spalding 60 portable basketball system features arena slam breakaway rim. In basketball, playing over the rim or dunking has become a great strategy for the outcome of the game. And this is a heavy-duty, quality piece of equipment, not a toy for little kids.

The rim uses a heavy duty spring to stabilize and therefore, it meets the demand of dunking and protected while playing. Spalding’s arena slam breakaway rim is made of a steel case destined to serve you for a longer period. With that being said, you can perform some light dunks, but we don't recommend hanging on the rim.

3-Piece Support Pole

This Spalding NBA portable basketball hoop uses 3-piece 3.5 inch round steel pole that is coated with powder. According to the buyers' feedback, this is quite stable. There is also a 20 degree angled support pole to give you room to work the paint. When you are about to set a new layout of the hoop, this support structure shall prevent you from hitting the pole.

For a 2-piece pole basketball system you may choose the Spalding the Beast portable basketball hoop.

Easy Assembly

It will take approximately 3 to 4 hours. Also ask for help from two adults. There is nothing to fear about by hearing the time span you may need.

Assembly of Spalding 60 inch acrylic hoop is simple. Minimal tools are required, and parts are well packaged. Take your time to go through the instruction and read it properly. Simple instructions really, don’t worry. And once you do that, I don’t see any reason why you can’t get it done. Once assembled, your basketball goal will prove super sturdy.

True Value For Money

Buying this Spalding basketball goal means, you’ll get a proper return in terms of comfort, longevity and strength. Portability is something that leads to freedom of your tempo, movement and action. Screw jack lift system and detachable handle make this hoop an absolutely perfect portable product. Besides, you’ll have the freedom to play at any place in your backyard.

Good Sides

  • Simple instructions and easy to follow
  • Hardwares are solid and secure
  • Height adjustable mechanism looks great
  • Great quality, no sign of wobbling
  • Perfect for all weather
  • Minimal tools are necessary to fit


  • Assembly will require helping hands from at least two persons
  • There are protective films on backboards that may mark some scraps on it

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I apart from the whole Spalding NBA portable basketball system for compact storage?

Answer: You can lower the system. It is quite easy to adjust the height of the hoop. Since it is quite heavy, taking it apart would be a painful job.

2. Is the base of this Spalding basketball hoop larger than other portable units?

Answer: Yes. The 40-gallon base should be filled with water or sand. It is very much sturdy as well and can withstand your shots quite well.

3. How much reliable is this goal if I dunk hard?

Answer: Heavy duty, sturdy & quality at it’s peak. It'll be able to take your abuse. However, our suggestion is not to hang on the rim consistently.

4. Can I use antifreeze to prevent cracking in the water?

Answer: Considering the winter season, you can use antifreeze. You can put a whole bottle of anti-freeze and fill the rest with some water. It will work nicely.

5. Is there some shaking on the rim & backboard or does it stand unmoved like in ground hoops?

Answer: If you are using a regulation size ball, it does shake & rattle a bit. Yes, it does not happen with in ground hoops. But with any portable hoops, it happens to some degree. But this won't affect your shot, gives a decent bounce off the board & vibrate less than cheap quality portable goals.

The thickness of the pole & large base also contributes here. It would be a significant investment. However, to prevent rim shaking, we recommend using a ratchet & tightly secure the large nut on the rim. This will give more solidity to the rim.

Final Verdict

Spalding is one of the leading brands of manufacturing basketball products. In addition to that, Spalding has been regarded as an official brand on producing NBA products for many times. Their quality level on producing basketball products is unmatched.

And this Spalding 60 inch acrylic basketball system is a big basketball hoop. Instruction and assembly process is rather easy considering the enormity of the hoop. The goal is stable, and performance is quite good once assembled. Playability of acrylic is generally excellent, and stability of the goal should exceed anyone’s expectation.

In the end, it may not have all the quality of an indoor gym, but considering the reasonable price & numerous useful features, this will be an excellent home basketball hoop. I can’t recommend a better basketball hoop than this Spalding 68562 model.

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