Best Choice Products Kids Portable Basketball Hoop Reviews

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Looking for a way to motivate your kids in sports and other physical activities? Then the Best Choice Products kids portable basketball hoop is one of the best selling portable basketball hoops for kids that you’ll find on amazon. And Best Choice Products brand is well known for manufacturing quality game kit and basketball toys for kids. So, you know what’s coming

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Best Choice Kids Portable Basketball Hoop

The Best Choice portable Junior Kids basketball hoop measures 29”L X 22”W X 76.5-97.5”H. Yeah, it might be a touch smaller than lifetime youth basketball hoop but in terms of stability, this is more than sturdy enough for your kiddos. Crafted with heavy duty steel, a hard-plastic backboard and all weather nylon net, you can be damn sure of playing with this hoop in the years to come

Everybody praises the large base. You just need to fill the base with water or sand and once you do that, the goal system will be standing firmly. So now, the hoop is really strong and your kids can shoot and throw dunks without worrying about anything

Another great thing about this kids basketball hoop, is the height adjustability. It can be adjusted from 6.5 to 8 feet. Until you need a regulation height rim, this hoop can be used for almost all ages. Besides, you can move it around with ease thanks to those attached wheels

This hoop is especially designed for kids. It does not matter whether you use it for indoor or outdoor, this compact but sturdy shape will save you much space. There are lots of fun feature available on this hoop as well. Your kids will love it

Without further delaying let’s take a look at the specifications and main features of this kids portable basketball hoop:

Long Lasting Backboard:

The Best Choice portable junior basketball hoop has been manufactured in a fashion that basically meets the needs of the kids. Therefore, it should not make anyone surprise that the backboard dimension is only 28 X 18 inches. It might seem small to you but for kids this is quite big. And this is absolutely perfect for the little children to enjoy the game

Compatible with those hard-plastic backboards, it’s a safe exercise toy for kids. They can jump, shoot even dunk as well. This is also a useful training tool to sharpen shooting skills. There is a red square mark on backboard that makes the practice sessions even more meaningful

Height Adjustability:

This Best Choice Products kids portable basketball hoop height adjustable system shall let you use it with players of different ages and skill levels. You can adjust the hoop between 6.5 and 8 feet. Infact, this is one such feature with which the buyers are mostly impressed. The highest setting of 8 feet shall suit the kids of 8-9 years old and for toddlers, the lowest setting of 6.5 feet shall work pretty fine. And the placing it up and down with double telescoping system is rather simple

This kinda smart height adjustable feature will enable your kids to concentrate more on the game for perfection. Thus the kids shall grow with skill levels and achieve excellence. More importantly, kids won’t require any help from adults to fix the height. They will be able to adjust on their own and you better can save your time for other works

Simple Transportation:

In search of a kids adjustable basketball hoop that comes with easy moveability and hassle free storing?

It comes with two wheels attached at the bottom. The overall weight of the system is only 17.6 pounds. This is what probably speaks for the kind of ease with which you can shift from one place to another. Compact design means it won’t eat too much space in your garage. So play, store & REPEAT

Weatherproof construction:

Solid steel frame, tough built backboard materials and all weather net shall assure that you can play in all weather. It won’t rust or get damaged by harsh elements

Manufacturer uses heavy duty stainless steel to ensure longevity. Therefore, you kids and their buddies can use it in every season of the year

Simple Assembly:

Who wants to buy a goal system with complex installation procedure? Nobody loves an unclear instruction manual. But with this Best Choice Portable basketball hoop, the instructions are quite user friendly and you can finish the assembly without any fuss

What makes it different from other basketball goal systems?

Best Choice Products brings to you a perfect basketball training tool for your kids that will last longer and remain firm even when they are involved in intense phase of a game. This very much ensures your kids have got a perfect addition to their backyard to learn layups, jump shots, dribbling and various other skills of the game

The smooth height adjusting feature shall test their skills. It will be a big learning curve for them. And the little dunk lovers can throw down their monstrous dunks one after another

Main Features

1. Overall dimension of hoop measures 29” (L) X 22” (W) X 76.5”-97.5” (H)

2. Height adjustable junior hoop can be rearranged from 6.5 to 8 feet

3. Constructed of heavy duty steel, a hard plastic backboard and all weather nylon net

4. Sturdy base with 2 built in wheels


  • Best quality materials guarantee longevity and provide superlative performance
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Affordable to most users
  • Filled in base perfect for sturdiness
  • User friendly height adjustment
  • Easy to roll in and out from garage


  • Small backboard

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Would this be good choice to have on a deck by my pool?

- Absolutely, you can do this. This is easy to adjust, very sturdy and you can adapt it to several heights

2. Will this hoop easily tip over even when weighted properly?
- No, not at all. It is very stable when filled up all the way with water/sand. It does not tip over. Manufacturer has made it absolutely clear

3. My child already has a regulation height basketball hoop? could this be secured to existing metal pole at a shorter height for younger children?
- Yes, they can be adjusted to lower heights for younger children

4. How much water or sand will be required to fill the base?

- Incase of water, this volume will take up to 5 gallons. With sand, you’ll need 1.25 cubic feet. Also make sure, you use some dry, smooth & flowing sand to fill the base

5. Can kids dunk on it?

- This certainly depends on the age of a kid. Infact, younger children up to 10 years of age will be able to dunk on the rim easily and there won’t be any problem at all

6. If my kids play inside the house, will it cause any scratching onto the floor?

- As long as your floor is smooth, you can easily roll it around and we don't think there should be any scratching

7. What about using a standard size basketball for this hoop?

- Yes, you can use it. You are also allowed to change between a NBA standard ball & WNBA ball. But we should suggest a smaller ball considering the size of the hoop

Final Verdict

When it comes to learning the ins and out of basketball game, this portable kids junior height adjustable basketball hoop is one of the top basketball hoops for kids. High quality, durable materials, simple height adjustment and transportation are couple of reasons behind the huge popularity of this hoop. besides, it is suitable for all weather use and you can play both indoor & outdoor with it. Assembly won’t take you long either

Anyone who wants to give his kids a chance for enjoying the basketball game should not miss this opportunity. Best Choice Products kids portable basketball hoop will be the perfect choice if you’re looking for a budget friendly kids basketball hoop with both reliability and sturdiness at it’s peak