Lifetime 90022 Youth Basketball Hoop System Review

If you are looking for the best youth portable basketball hoop which will fulfill all your expectation then unquestionably this Lifetime 90022 portable basketball hoop should be the go to system for you. Impact backboard system with handy nylon basketball net make it absolutely fit to use in all weather. Supremely modeled telescoping height adjust shall allow the kids to fix the height of basketball hoop in 6’’ increments from 5.5’ to 7.5’ within few seconds. At the same time, kids will be required just to flex their biceps and triceps a little to move this sturdy portable base from one place to another. So, without any doubt your adorable kids are gonna fell in love with this highest quality, top portable youth basketball hoop.

Lifetime 90022 Youth Basketball Hoop System

Why you’ll find it interesting?

Give your kid a perfect platform to grow
Wanna see your kid in the shoes of your famous NBA superstar? So, two things are certain. Both the practice and preparation are needed to be successful in basketball. To introduce this skillful game to your child, you won’t find any better portable adjustable basketball hoop than this lifetime 90022 basketball hoop. This high density polyethylene made Lifetime 32 inch impact backboard looks sturdy and durable. Besides, your kids are surely gonna love this impact basketball backboard as this lifetime basketball goal tends to offer a nice bounce whenever someone tries to execute a bank shot.

Telescoping height adjustment technology
In case of in-ground hoops, you may have the opportunity to adjust the height of basketball rim into a higher level or touch lower but won’t be able to move it in your preferable side of the court. None enjoys this, let alone kids who love to play the game in a more innovative fashion at various angles and heights. There comes Lifetime youth portable basketball hoop with telescoping height adjustment feature to lift the spirit of your children. Now, even the children can set a marker on the pole according to their age or skill and rearrange this lifetime youth basketball hoop from 5.5’ to 7.5’ in 6’’ increments

Sturdy base works great
You certainly do not want your kid wasting all his time and energy to move the heavy basketball hoop base. Therefore, you need to make sure you buy a portable hoop unit of easy transportation. You just need to use the sand bags or water to provide the stability to the 10 gallon basketball base which will ultimately gonna ensure this lifetime hoop does not get tipped over

An unmatched hoop for your grandson to play everywhere
Is there any habit of catching cold? Is this why your grandson can’t play outdoor while it is raining? No problem, at all. Infact, this is not a full size backboard exactly what you wished for indoor. Furthermore, another important thing to clarify here whether this portable basketball goal will gonna rust over the period of time or, it won’t. powder coated pole has got great resistance against both rust and weather which will allow your sweet little ones to enjoy the game at it’s highest level

What people like in it?

  • All weather nylon net is built to last a long long time
  • 0.5 inch solid steel supports the 15 inch folding reasonably well
  • Basketball goal base is shaped in such a manner that can hold the line against rugged play
  • Easy to set up
  • Backed up well by the 5 year limited manufacturer warranty
  • Fade resistant graphics looks attractive to all and everyone should be eager to play

What people dislike?

  • You must collect all the necessary tools before starting this Lifetime basketball hoop assembly. The other noteworthy fuss is about the instruction manuals which are labeled as weak manual. Solution- YouTube videos shall do the job for you nicely. And ask for help to a handy person who is good at using various installation tools and follow the instructions properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What size basketball can I use for my kid? Want to get a specific answer. Can you?
A. A regulation size basketball will fit. Even, you can try with a junior size ball in this kids portable basketball hoop

Q. I want to play outdoor. Can I leave it there too?
A. Yeah you can. Customers who used it outside home before, are yet to complain anything regarding this

Q. Will this Lifetime basketball goal suit to my 7 year old cousin?
A. Actually, this is by far the best basketball hoop for kids and it should be perfect for your cousin too

Q. If the base is full of sand how can I move it? Or would it be better if I put a bag of sand on it? Which will be the accurate one?
A. You should keep in your mind that this youth basketball goal does have wheels so you do not have to take any stress to move it

Final Verdict

It will be absolutely fantastic if you buy this 90022 lifetime youth portable system as a gift for your 9 year old kid who wants to imitate his athletic heroes. This is after all an adult size hoop with smaller than normal size backboard. Therefore for kids it is completely fine as they are beginners. 32’’ impact backboard along with the highly appreciated telescoping adjustment you can elevate the system as your kid grows in stature. So, they shall also have the feel and experience of playing with a real hoop. With the both rust and weather proof finish, the steel pole is truly well managed by 10 gallon portable base- making this lifetime 90022 portable basketball hoop an automatic choice for the younger ones

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