Yaheetech Basketball Hoop Adjustable Portable System For Kids Reviews

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If your kid is a big fan of NBA games like me then you must have seen him replicating an imaginary slam dunk in his room just like his favorite player does. Believe me, he’ll like to have his very own basketball hoop in his backyard so that he can practice and learn the ins and outs of the game. Heard of Yaheetech basketball hoop?

Has your child just joined an age group basketball team? What better way to inspire him than presenting a gift like a portable basketball system for home use? In this modern era, there are many parents who actually find it really difficult to get their kids out of home. However with this Yaheetech height adjustable portable basketball hoop system, kids will be thinking playing outdoor games once again

By any means finding the best portable basketball system for children isn’t an easy task. The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when buying a portable hoop for kids is the safety aspect of the hoop system. Well then enters Yaheetech portable basketball hoop

Right now, it is one of the best youth portable basketball hoops going around the market. For kids around 5 to 10 years of age, this is absolutely perfect. It may not be equally as sturdy as compared to the adult sized systems out there but for youth & kids it provides right amount of stability

Many other models falsely claim that they’re manufactured by keeping only children on mind. By contrast, this is one such basketball hoop system that provides a much lower starting height which is ideal for a 5 year old kid. You can adjust the pole from 5’ to 7’

Manufacturers have built it with all the right components and materials. It enables the hoop to last long. Quality & design is quite similar to a traditional basketball hoop, just narrowed down to a kid’s size goal. Height of the hoop can be adjusted easily. Base provides required strength and durability. If you want to clean the system after long term use, you can make the hoop apart. Besides, the hoop has got corrosion resistant spraying paint coated finish which is appropriate for outdoor games

Yaheetech Height Adjustable Youth Basketball Hoop

We know we’ve kept you waiting a bit. Sorry for that! Let’s go straight into the detailed review of Yaheetech portable basketball hoop and see what is in store for you:


It has a solid 29 inch backboard made of tough PU materials. This might be a smaller sized backboard compared to the standard sized models but it’s wide enough for children. Also the materials that are used to form this backboard make it incredibly durable. Sweet spot on the backboard shall teach your kids about where to hit with the ball to score. Four bolts and nuts keep the PU backboard in place

Convenient Telescoping Adjustment:

Using telescoping mechanism, you can easily adjust the kids basketball goal from five feet to seven feet in four inch increments. There is a total of six pairs of holes to raise or lower the hoop. You just need to turn the knob to move the pole up or down. So, simply done

Do you know what most parents look for in a goal system?

– Fast and simple height adjustments

You can lower the hoop at 5' for kids play & poolside or indoor fun. Also you will be able to raise it at 7' for courtside b-ball game. This Yaheetech height adjustable basketball hoop system is designed to grow with your child. Along with court side games, they can participate both in the poolside or indoor basketball game thanks to the super cool height adjustment feature

Before stepping into bigger shoes such as adult size basketball system, it’s an ideal option upon which they can keep their trust for several years to come


The base of the system measures 29 inches by 21 inches. You can fill the base using water or sand. It has a capacity of seventy-three pound. When the base is filled, the overall weight of the system increases. So, it gets the right amount of stability and support that kids need to play the game


For simple transportation, there are two large rear four-inch wheels attached in the front portion of the base. Yes, it’s a large base and when it is filled by sand or water, the weight gets further increased. It keeps your basketball stand nicely secured. These large wheels shall enable you to move around easily whenever and wherever needed. They take care of mobility of this goal system. For kids, you can’t get better than this


This is a target basketball hoop for kids. So, some people might think that it is not strong enough, it won’t suit all weather and so on. But the fact is, the entire hoop structure is built from nontoxic and anti-rust material. This means you are guaranteed to use the hoop under any conditions, it won’t rust. Nylon nets are of great quality as well

It's Collapsible Design:

When you're not using the hoop or for ease of transportation, you can disassemble the goal into flat pieces. It takes minimal space in garage. So, this feature is very useful in maintenance/cleaning purpose

Easy Assembly:

Because this Yaheetech portable basketball hoop system is tailor made for kids and youth, manufacturer has made sure that assembly process is rather simple and convenient. They will provide detailed user manual & necessary tools. Manual shall walk with you throughout the entire assembly. It should take approximately 15 to 20 minutes to set up. There will be no worries at all

Who can play with this hoop:

According to the manufacturer, this hoop is ideal for kids from five to fourteen years old

Some Tips

  • Before using, fill the base with water or sand
  • We don't recommend dunking as it can tip over & cause injury

Important Specifications:

1. Backboard size: 28.7” X 19.3” X 0.6”
2. Basketball rim diameter: 16.5”
3. Height adjustable from 5 to 7 ft
4. Base size: 29”L X 21.7”W X 5.3”H
5. Base weight: 73 lb


  • If needed, net can be removed and washed easily
  • Shatterproof PE backboard good for rebounding
  • Simple height adjustment method
  • 1.5 inches round iron post is coated with antirust, non-toxic paint
  • Affordable for most users
  • Fast and easy assembly


  • Can only be fixed up to seven feet

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What size ball fits in the hoop?

- This kids basketball set allows a regular size ball. Besides, youth ball with at least size 6 will also do the job. The dimension of the hoop is 16”

2. How much sand does the base take?
- We find most users in amazon recommending water over sand. And the reason is it is less messy and much more affordable. When it is filled with water, maximum base weight will be approximately 73 lb

3. What is the difference between Yaheetech basketball system vs Best Choice Products basketball system?
- Both of them are reasonably priced and features an easy assembly process. The only real difference is in the height adjustment. Best Choice Product hoop adjusts the pole from six and a half feet up to eight feet. Whereas, Yaheetech hoop adjusts from 5 to 7 feet

4. What tools do i need to install this hoop?

- The package includes a wrench and you can use the wrench set & install this mini basketball hoop system

5. Can i replace the backboard with more of a durable one? What about using acrylic made backboard?

- You will find holes on the backboard of this basketball goal. If you can correctly align these holes, we don't see any reason why you can't do that

Final Verdict

The larger base, innovative height adjustment feature combined with solidly built construction makes this hoop a must buy for kids who love playing hoops. Parents who want to keep their kids busy and active on the weekends shouldn’t let this opportunity go. No surprise why this model is getting so much positive reviews around the web

Manufacturer has done an incredible job to make sure the Yaheetech basketball hoop remains stable and doesn’t rock or wobble during games. Infine, if you’re in search of a basketball system for both younger and older children that is well built and impressively stable, it will be a steal