Lifetime 44 Inch Adjustable Pool Basketball Hoop Review

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A big fan of having fun in the water? Then, lifetime pool basketball hoop will make sure you never really have a subdued moment in the pool. This leading manufacturer of today’s basketball sports adds a new feather in the cap by the 44’’ poolside basketball system for your pool party.

This 44-inch basketball hoop is regarded as one of the most popular pool basketball hoops. Maximum stability and portability shall be achieved by 27 base gallons.

Moreover, Telescoping height adjusts with a high class graphic backboard every time catches your eye. Years will be passed by, but that amazing fusion backboard hardly cracks harsh elements. Meanwhile, you’ll have the real feeling of playing NBA with a classical rim of a 5/8 inch hard steel ring.

lifetime 90742 poolside basketball system
Hoop Specifications:
  • Backboard: 44" polycarbonate surface
  • Base: 27 gallon
  • Height adjustment: 4-6.5 feet; 6 inch increment
  • Pole: 2 piece
  • Product Dimensions: 44*44*8 inches
  • Item Weight: 52.2 pounds
  • 5/8-inch solid-steel ring

Considering all these unique features, this adjustable basketball goal is providing. We recommend you to go through the whole article further, and hopefully, you don’t want to miss out on anything.

Fancy For Some fun In The Pool

Sunny day. What are you looking at? Dive in the pool then swim? Oh really? That’s it? Bored of trying all these again and again? Now, Fasten your seat belts and hold them tightly.

Because Lifetime 90742 pool basketball system is gonna add the extra space you might need to make your next summer pool party even more incredible. Hence, we promise you will definitely relish every moment of your vacation with this poolside basketball system.

An Eye Catching Shatter Proof Fusion Backboard

It is attractive, well made, and a hard nut to crack are all the three qualities that the  shatterproof basketball hoop possesses. In addition to that, a polycarbonate surface combined with a sturdy polyethylene frame presents Lifetime backboard with a more professional look.

Clear high quality plastic is used on the backboard & it can be the type of hoop you would love to have in your driveway. You can be damn sure that you will have the real experience of playing like NBA players used to do in their match day.

Looking For A Steady Base Swift Driveway?

Imagine you’re having some issues when trying to roll away basketball hoops from your garage. Almost two sets of hands required to settle it down? Wait a little bit. This 27 gallon base comes up with much more steadiness and portability. Wheels shall reach you to the destination.

What makes it worthy?

  • One of the notable advantages this poolside basketball hoop brings to you is the telescoping height adjustment. Previously, there were some question marks about the elevation of the lifetime basketball system. However, with this pro level Lifetime basketball goal, you can rearrange this driveway basketball hoop from 4 to 6.5 feet in 6 inch increments all by yourself.
  • First, assume you have just got the deal done for this hoop. Then three years have passed by. Your cousin arrive at your Christmas party. He expresses his excitement by saying that your portable basketball system looks like a new one. Wanna hear that? Absolutely yes, who doesn’t cherish to have a basketball hoop that will stay true to it’s color and toughness. This UV protected basketball set also owns a remarkably well designed graphics screen.
  • When you set the hoop at the lowest height, kids will be able to dunk without worrying. Because the base is extremely sturdy so there is no way they can pull the hoop into the pool.
  • Powder coat adds the firmness for the 2 piece round pole.
  • Nobody wants to miss nylon made an all-weather net for the classic rim.

What could be better?

  • Oh!! That’s rusty. Every now and then, customers talk about the rust issue. Nonetheless, there is a solution to overcome this troubling issue. Before installation, spray a few thin coats over the painted parts, which is obviously going to work nicely.
  • Installation is not that easy. However, two sets of hands shall reduce your workload & you will need a good wrench set. Considering how durable this hoop is, the assembly work is completely worth it.


Heard some speculations about fitting the system? Will it be too difficult to put together?

Not at all. Nobody has yet complained about it. You can easily go through the lifetime poolside basketball hoop instructions manual. Even one or two Lifetime basketball hoop assembly video may do it for you.

There are teens & young adults in my family. If I try to dunk, is there any possibility to break down?

Don’t worry. That is a lot more strong enough than you think. But as long as kids are dunking, there is nothing to worry about. Overall, this is an excellent pool basketball hoop. It is quite sturdy and can withstand running, jumping & dunks.

What about the Lifetime pool side basketball hoop replacement parts?

Lifetime always tries to keep its customers' tension-free all the time. Yeah, replacement parts are available.

My 8 years old kid is in love with basketball, but he can’t swim. Refer me if I can maneuver this product without a pool system.

You can. Go for it.

Does it come with a ball?

Although the basketball hoop is of outstanding quality, it does not come with a ball. You have to buy basketball separately. You can choose a junior size or a regular size basketball.

Final Verdict

Lifetime pool basketball hoop brings you the latest liveliness adventure in the pool with basketball. Always easy to put together and no leakage in the base. Undoubtedly, this cheap portable basketball hoop is the best pool quality basketball hoop you’ll ever see.

Not to mention what an absolutely Goldust grab it will be to buy such an outstanding hoop at such an affordable price.

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