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When it comes to the facet of accomplishing various moves in your arsenal, so your opposition hardly gets a chance to put up a fight against you. The SKLZ 50 portable basketball system is something you should give a thought to before buying any portable hoop for your driveway.

The sklz portable basketball system with 50-inch backboard shall let you enjoy the game like a professional does.

sklz portable basketball system with 50-inch backboard

The simple height adjustment feature enables you to sharpen your skills more, and you will not have too much difficulty to go through this inventive quick release pin mechanism.

This well appreciated 35-gallon portable basketball hoop becomes complete with 2 built-in wheels for easy movability and a strong basketball rim built to take mighty blows.

50 inch shatterproof backboard

You can’t imagine having a basketball hoop in this competitive era of the sports world without a shatterproof backboard feature. This 50’’ basketball backboard comes with everything you need to set up for practice and games. The polycarbonate backboard is well supported by extra padding on the bottom of it.

What happens with this large 50’’ portable basketball system? You can serve a handful of shots up anywhere to make a perfect judgment of your preparations before the game. Thus the shatterproof basketball backboard and the UV-resistant aspect give a real feeling of playing with an NBA-type hoop.

Quick release pin an unbelievable creation

Who loves those portable adjustable basketball goals, which take a lot of time and energy out of you to adjust the height of basketball hoops. Everyone likes rapid, frequent manual assembly of portable basketball hoops. Does it seem a bit unthinkable?

The SKLZ portable basketball system creates a new chapter with a quick-release pin for height adjustment to make it realistic. This mechanism makes it simple for you to adjust to any height depending on your heights, skills, and angles you choose. You are allowed to change the basketball rim's height in 6 inch increments from 8 to 10 feet, thanks to this sublime feature.

Rim is built to take your beating

If your kids are dunk lovers, you surely do not want a portable basketball rim with minimum protection. Because on those kinds of cheap portable basketball rims, you do have a high percentage risk of injuring yourself and breaking a part of the backboard.

Do not worry about this SKLZ portable basketball hoop rim. This will soak up the pressure you are going to put in front of it, and the name- shock adsorbent rim justifies that very well.

Stable and portable base

When it comes to choosing an adjustable portable hoop, customers sometimes do not pay heed to the base's quality that a particular portable basketball hoop possesses. Not only for the stability, but the base is also a crucial part of the portability.

This goal basketball system comes complete with a heavy duty portable base of 35 gallons. To get the maximum stability out of it, you just need to fill it with water or sand.

For easy transportation, there are 2 wheels attached with this larger high-density base. This is exactly how you can move the basketball goal base after finishing your playing session and just do it.

Advantages of SKLZ 50

  • If you are aiming for serious backboard shots, this shatterproof basketball hoop is a perfect match due to backboard is made of solid polycarbonate material.
  • Simple height adjustment ever, even kids can do this alone.
  • A sturdy base assures it won’t tip over, so you can easily roll with your partner.
  • Easiest of the assembly process with a useful instructional video making it overall a great buy
  • UV resistant nylon net making the 10 feet basketball hoop eligible to play in all weather.


  • In the SKLZ 50 inch portable hoop instruction manual, there is a chart of nut and bolt sizes available. So, you have to make sure you use correct bolts and not overtighten the bolts. On a few occasions, the delivery has taken a bit of delay.

What Users Also Asked?

I want to place the bottom pole on backwards where the curved part will be facing the base. Is there any problem?

Answer: If you do this, the base will not support the 50-inch basketball hoop from falling.

What size basketball should I use in the hoop?

Answer: A regular size basketball shall fit very nicely in the hoop.

What if someone wants to dunk on it?

Answer: Customers have said so far that they had people who dunk on it, and with springs, the rim does give a little back. Another notable thing as long as you are filling the portable base correctly, there should not be any problem really.

Can anyone tell me about the width the front of the base has got?

Answer: This is approximately 33 inches wide by 49 inches long.

Our Verdict

SKLZ portable basketball system with all these unique, luxurious features is trying to make a statement that you are gonna have the best playing experience by far. It can’t be more satisfying when you have got a genuine feel of professional play- kudos to the shock adsorbent rim and shatter resistant backboard.

The fully height adjustable unit encourages you to try different shots and prove your worth in this thrilling basketball game. With UV resistant nylon net, you shall hardly get any kinds of rusts.

So, a super durable backboard, stable hoop base, and portability are given best- a real indication why you should not take your eyes off from SKLZ 50 portable basketball system.

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